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  1. That classic moment! I had a great time too, glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Hmmm, good question... You are taking the "other" route so might be quicker! How do you guys find the pace, it is slower than tabletop, but then again with only 3 players there's not much waiting around? Glad you're enjoying it, same time 2 weeks?
  3. Screenshot of session from my end attached. I believe this thread explains the dice issue.
  4. Server's up, alias - cold castle cowardly turtle I'll not be around much until 1900
  5. I'll be able to start at 1900, however I'll try and have the server up a couple of hours before.
  6. Sorry for not getting back sooner, my laptop died I should be up and running for Saturday, not sure if I can make 1800, 1900 should be OK. I'll let you know in the next couple of days. Phil
  7. So we'll go for next weekend, Saturday's probably best for me.
  8. I could do a midweek early us evening / late uk night at a push. I could probably last until about 0200 UK time. Saw your post on the FG boards as well tedopon, hopefully we'll be able to get something sorted soon. Phil
  9. If you guys let me know when you're available, we'll see when we can run the next session. I don't think I'm going to be available next Saturday. Glad to hear you enjoyed it
  10. OK, log back in and we'll see if we can repeat and find out what happened.
  11. Just come back to the PC and saw FG had crashed again I believe Blackfoot was logged on, was there anything in particular you did just prior to the crash?
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