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    Started Roleplaying in the early eighties with Warhammer, Judge Dredd and some D&D. Moved more into wargaming Historic and Fantasy but recently want to rpg with my kids
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    COC and Magic World...lots of board games: Gloomhaven,
    Conan and Massive Darkness
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    An Irishman living in Canada

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    WoW...this is a huge monster full to the brim with monsters and monsters and more monsters!!! Full of inspiring pictures and illustrations this is an exceptional work! Many many thanks for doing this and sharing it!
  1. Nick, I'd really appreciate you passing that on! From what I understand Elric and MW are very similar so it would convert real easy too! Trollslayer and Fishsinger's Daughter! Great, I will check these out. Thanks again! Unfortunately I probably am Staging it for the kids means my expectations are not that high but it also leads to complexly considerations. If this goes well though I'd probably run a game for my adult COC group too. Another vote for Trollslayer means its probably become my first adventure. Thanks again guys
  2. After recently identifying Magic World as the Fantasy RPG vehicle that will allow my kids to discover the joys and delights of gaming with their imaginations I'm now in that place of where to begin. I enjoy creating the narrative but I'd really like a module as a core inspiration as it just seems daunting to start something from scratch. Any advice as to any good but basic adventures to begin? I'm not too concerned with the compatibility of the system as I'm willing to strip it down and convert. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks John
  3. Nice review. I just bought the PDF and it is very close to COC (I've the 7th edition) I've just skimmed the contents as I'm working (ahem) but it looks like it ticks all the boxes. I think it features a success tier (1/20 and 1/5?) I was kind of surprised the character sheets don't leave room to place these values for convenience as COC does. Im excited to have discovered this place and all the d100 goodness here. Thanks for the help people
  4. Thanks Toadmaster. I'll google them up first. And many thanks to Chris for making the Dawn Monsters available again. Amazing amount of work...
  5. Damn...the Damn Book of Monsters is gone!
  6. Mighty!! Thanks...can't wait to check it out
  7. Thanks Simonh. I'm not sure why exactly but the COC really appeals to me. So I downloaded RuneQuest and the full version of OpenQuest (I really think the authors deserve something for their labor) and am reading through those. Ever since my Judge Dredd RPGing days I'm not a fan of hit locations Too many shots in the foot from point blank range. But the dice for armour sounds just like my thing. I'll have to check out Magic World as I think Nick mentioned it as well.
  8. Hey thank you all for your informative responses. Okay so while it seems there's no direct Fantasy version of COC, the "BRP / D100 family" is probably versatile enough to allow some of my favourite aspects of COC to be inserted into a basic set of preexisting fantasy rules. I suppose a little research is needed. There seems to be a lot of free or cheap pdf's out there that can give me an idea of the various nuances of each. I really appreciate the info
  9. I'm back roleplaying after a long break. I started Keeping a COC game recently and we've been having a blast. It's encouraged me to start a high fantasy game with my kids. So I love d100 and I'm really taken with the COC rules especially elegancy of the 1/2 and 1/5 of skills giving varied levels of success. I basically want a Fantasy game using the COC mechanics. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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