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  1. The last I heard, the next three Pendragon projects in the works including the GM Screen and Resource Pack, Codex Mirabilis and Knights and Ladies Adventurous. Can you provide an updated status on all of these projects?
  2. That's very cool! Please pass on my kudos for his work.
  3. Has anyone read the Dracula vs King Arthur comic? I just found it this weekend and found it quite interesting. It is essentially an alternate history, encompassing the Quail quest, death of Arthur, betrayal by Lancelot, and more. The ideas certainly could be used for a more unusual KAP campaign, or a one-shot.
  4. Does anyone own any issues of "Beaumains: The Arthurian Magazine for Gamers?" There were 6 issues of this British magazine, during the 1990s, and much of it was about Pendragon. It seems to be quite rare, but the table of contents I've seen are intriguing.
  5. Does anyone know what new book(s) might be out next for KAP?
  6. Has anyone adapted/used any of the adventures for Paladin in KAP?
  7. On p.8 of The Book of Feasts, it states: "There are five activities to choose from: Draw Cards (unless disallowed — see below), Gossip, Indulge, Flirt, or Game." Later on that same page, it states: "Thus, characters seated Above the Salt cannot draw Feast Cards, but must choose from among Gossip, Indulge, and Flirt, whose results are more staid and predictable." Does that mean if you are seated Above the Salt, you also cannot choose the Game activity? Or was the omission of Game an error? The same page also states, "If the Feast Deck runs out of cards...then players can choose only Gossip, Indulge, and Flirt for the remainder of the feast." That also seems to omit Game as an activity, contradicting the first line about the 5 permitted activities. Is that an omission error?
  8. Atgxtg, As I mentioned above, in the GPC (p.284), there is a battle between Lancelot and Tristam, where both are said to have Lance and Sword skills of 40 each, which differs from some of the other Lancelot stats in other books. Their battle ends in a tie as neither can hit the other.
  9. Thanks very much! Plenty looks to be helpful.
  10. In the rare instance where two battling knights each have Sword skill: 40, how do you handle it? In the GPC (p.284), during a battle between Lancelot and Tristam, it states, "This is truly the Battle of Heroes. The two knights quickly shiver their lances, and then engage in a furious sword fight that smashes armor and nicks blades, yet neither can win because both are perfect. (Both have Lance and Sword skills of 40 each.) The battle continues and both eventually tire, but keep fighting. Finally, as light is failing, the two combatants agree to a truce." Do you follow this example, so such battles are always a tie? Or do you introduce a house rule that would allow one side to somehow win?
  11. I certainly took liberties with the source materials, and in my prior campaign, the idea worked out well, with Ganieda being a long-term villain. We completed the entire GPC, with the Uther expansion, 80+ campaign years. I'm starting to look now to running a new campaign, so will work on creating a new villain for the Infamous Feast. For more information on the Ganieda legends, check out this journal article: https://www.jstor.org/stable/2917618?seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents
  12. Definitely good for people to know! There are a number of cool articles and adventures in those magazines.
  13. Thanks Morien, I have read it before. I have the four copies of that magazine.
  14. It began with a question: The Infamous Feast: Who's The Villain? Though a number of possibilities are given in the Uther Expansion to the GPC, I wanted something different. After doing some Arthurian research, I was fascinated by the fragmentary information about Ganieda, Merlin's twin sister. So, using some of the info I found, and creating some of my own background, I created Ganieda to be a grand villain for my Pendragon campaign, responsible for the poisoning at the Infamous Feast, as well as the earlier poisoning of Ambrosius. Here is an origin tale for Ganieda: Born to a British Christian father and a Pagan mother, Blaise was raised to become a priest, though his mother taught him secret pagan ways, which intrigued him immensely. After retiring, he then spent a number of years traveling, learning all he could, including about the ways of magic. He acquired some minor powers yet never surrendered his Christian beliefs, basically fusing his different beliefs. He was well respected for his knowledge and piousness. As well as he wasn’t judgmental. Aldan was a devout nun, spending much of her time praying at the convent. When she wasn’t praying, she worked in the convent garden, tending to the vegetables. One evening, while she was sleeping in her tiny room, she was visited by an incubus, a seductive devil, who Aldan tried to resist, but failed, to her shame. She did not tell anyone about the visitation but eventually the others noticed her pregnancy. She was ousted from the convent, chastised for being unchaste. She knew of Blaise and they shared distant relatives so she sought him out, hoping he might be able to help her. None of her close family was still alive. She had no other refuge. She told Blaise what happened to her, including the visitation by the incubus, and he took her in, tending to her for the rest of her pregnancy. The incubus, and other devils, kept an eye on Aldan, as she was integral to their nefarious plans. They wanted to bring forth a being of great evil, someone who could balance all of the good brought by Jesus. An anti-Christ. Think Rosemary’s Baby in Arthurian times. Blaise suspected they had a diabolical purpose and he intended to thwart their plans. When Aldan finally gave birth, Merlin arrived, who never cried when he was born, rather looking almost contemplative. Upon his birth, Blaise immediately took the infant Merlin outside the house and to the chapel nearby, a hallowed area, and rushed to baptize Merlin, to protect him from the devils who sought to claim Merlin. The devils brought a terrible storm, with loud thunder, lots of lightning, and torrential rains. They surrounded the chapel but couldn’t get inside. Blaise figured Merlin was now safe, but waited within the chapel for the storm to die off and the devils to leave. He felt Aldan would be safe as the devils wanted Merlin, not her. However, Blaise didn’t know that Aldan had twins, and she gave birth alone, a girl she quickly named Ganieda. Some of the devils kept Blaise distracted within the chapel while other devils came and claimed Ganieda. Aldan could not stop them from taking her daughter, and the devil’s didn’t harm her, knowing she would live in despair. Aldan’s screams could not be heard by Blaise because of the loud storm, and the cacophony of devils surrounding the chapel. Once the devils had Ganieda, the storm died off soon after. Blaise waited a short time longer and then returned to his home, and was devastated by what he found. Blaise partially blamed himself for what happened, though he realized he hadn’t known she had twins. Aldan was devastated, and never psychologically recovered from the experience. She remained in bed for most of the time, and would die a few years later. Blaise realized that Merlin possessed mystical powers and Blaise helped him to develop those powers, and teach him all that he knew.
  15. And one more resource: The Chaosium adventure, Red Eye of Azathoth, has five scenarios, including a Western one called "And Madness Shall Rise To Devour The West." The adventure contains a small town and one of the regenerated characters is Doc Holliday.
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