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  1. Got it. Thanks. (coulda done with an index I reckon)
  2. Do any other Gloranthan peoples use runes to mark their bodies other than Orlanthi? Would one expect to see a Praxian nomad or a Lunar soldier marked with runes? What about in other parts of Glorantha? If this practice is exclusive to Orlanthi, how would runes work for non-Orlanthi? I mean, the upcoming RPG rule set uses runes like Pendragon uses traits, so would I ignore this if I was playing as a Lunar for example?
  3. I got the GtG in the hopes of being able to learn more about Pavis, the Zola Fel valley and Prax, but it seems to be absent from both books. Sure, there is plenty of info on Praxians and Sartarites and so on, but nothing on the region itself. Is this deliberate? Is there a 3rd book due out which will detail this?
  4. Gotcha. So there were plenty of civs around before year 0. Hence plenty of ancient ruins. Cool.
  5. Couldn’t find the answer to this in the GtG, so here goes. Am I correct in thinking that the world is only 1600 or so years old (depending on when one sets the campaign)? Did the Orlanthi exist before year 0? Was there any civilisation before year 0? I know that some current civilisations are built atop the ruins of others, but I don’t see how a civilisation could grow from barbarism, develop a civilisation of their own, collapse and then the whole cycle repeat in just 1600 years. Human civilisation on Earth took thousands of years to develop from Stone Age Hunter-gatherers. If
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