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    Grew up hearing stories about D&D, but only started playing with 4ED, which was...not awesome. Love 5th Ed, but am looking forward to using BRP to create he campaign I've been dreaming of.
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  1. Hi all, I just got the Basic Roleplaying PDF and am deep into planning a campaign with it. I have a couple questions about strike ranks, namely with regards to missile weapons. For various historical missile weapons in the "SR" column, it states "1/4MR" or some variation of that. I can't find a reference as to what "MR" means. Is it a typo, was it supposed to be "CR?" Second, I understand that if something is "1/SR" that you can fire it on your Dex rank, reload for 3 SR, then fire again an repeat as able. What does "2/SR", or other variations mean? Third, for weapons like the musket that are "1/2CR", I know that means you can only fire it every 2 combat rounds. Do I assume the player must spend the next combat round after firing reloading? For weapons that are "1/4CR", do they really have to spend 3 turns reloading? I'm pretty sure I get the rest of it, but missile weapons are getting the best of me. EDIT: Another question, while counting strike ranks from 1 to 10, if characters are moving do they move their individual 3m/SR during each SR, or does it just make their attack act on a later SR? I.E Do I make them "move their character" every time I count, then attack when in range? OR, do they "Begin moving" on DSR 2, (assume we use minis), actually move their char 9 m during SR 5, then attack with a 2 SE weapon on SR 7? Thanks for the help, I really can't wait to play with this system!
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