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    Started with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - essentially. Pique my interest in the RPG genre. Realised Pen and Paper RPGs were a thing and tried out DnD 3.5 - followed by 5e, Star Wars Saga Edition, Fantasy Flight Star Wars, Dark Heresy, Only War, King Arthur Pendragon, Genesys. I try to play or at least sample as many different systems that interest my friends and I.
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    King Arthur Pendragon, Star Wars Age of Rebellion, DnD 5e
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    Big ol' Australian Nerd.

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  1. Went to pull up the new childbirth tables during my latest session and noticed that the gspendragon website is down. Anyone know who took over the hosting/archived the content on the website? It'd be a dang shame to see her go.
  2. Haven't checked this in a while - a lot to read an unpack haha. Yeah In my game the way I've been running it has a huge emphasis on Courtly Process and Battles - adventuring isn't a huge part of how we've been playing - it's been mainly the party being separate in their own lands until they're all united at Courts or any Musters that they're required to come to. I've got Six Players now - It's all their first time playing this system but they're all really enjoying the way i've been running it. I've found the book and all the supplements can be a bit overhwelming and dense at times - so I've been slowly adding in additional rules as we play - rather than having my players bone up on all the books prior to starting our campaign. I started them off with Estates worth 50 - based on the starting 10 librum manors - Woodford, Tisbury etc and I have it kinda done in a way where Roderick commands the largest personal portion of all his eschilles - and the rest is commanded by a few of the player knights (a few were awarded with the title of banneret by King Uther for capturing King Octa) Sir Hywel, Sir Elad and Sir Amig. They're basically my games 'Council of Knight Lords' who have heavy political swing at court when it comes to decisions of Salisbury. Roderick ofc, makes all the decisions at the end of the day - and I'm using this as sort of a tutorial for my players so that when the anarchy hits they'll be more political and leadership focused to help fill the gap. I'm expecting a full player wipe when the big ol' poison-fest kicks in(couple sessions away now) - and following that I've written a few fun ideas where their lands are in heavy dispute - between their Heir character, and Jealous Knights who want to seize their power in this time of weakness.
  3. I've got 5 PKs. But I started the game with only two PKs. And when I started I gave the first two £50 Estates instead of the Standard £10 Manor. Kinda followed suit with the additional party members. 4 of them had excellent marriages and how have two estates totaling around £100. Two of them included enfeoffed manors who swore allegiance to the knights as well. I really like the idea of my Players being the backbone to Roderick's Army - Like a sizeable enough chunk of it to definitely have him wanting to keep them all on his good side. But only if they all band together.
  4. I just realised that combined, my player Knights command 5.5 eschilles (roughly). Is that 5.5 Eschilles part of Earl Roderick's 14 Eschilles (Book of the Warlord pg. 38) as they are his vassal Knights. OR does Roderick command 14 Eschilles AND whatever Vassals he has. A couple of my players er on the side of mischievous and calculating and would like to know if they have enough army to stage a coup at some point even though it is not the honourable thing to do. But our Pendragon session follows a weird Game of Thrones-y style political tone at times, contrasted with the world's emphasis on honour and loyalty to your Lords at all cost.
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