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  1. I received my copy of this last week. So far, I like it a lot. It's very cooperative in nature: before you can make up characters, all the players jointly create the game world (or at least the home area) and then their characters' clan. It's heavily inspired by northern Europe towards the end of the Roman period, but it looks very flexible if you'd prefer a different background. I regret not going for any of the add-ons in the crowdfunder.
  2. Thanks very much for your suggestions, zomben!
  3. How many pages do you expect the finished book to have?
  4. Thanks for all your help and suggestions! I'll definitely check "One-Page Dungeon" out, that sounds like a good idea. Just now we're having fun making up characters. Last night he rolled up a space trooper using the BRP Quickstart rules. Incredibly enough, he managed to roll INT 18 again!
  5. I bought Magic World about a week ago and my 9-year old son took one look at it and insisted on making up a character (his first ever). I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a starting scenario that would be appropriate for a 9-year old newbie to tackle on his own? I don't mind making up an NPC or two to give him a hand, but the scenario itself should hopefully be fairly straightforward to convert so that we can start gaming without further ado. He rolled 3D6 straight up and got 18 INT (!), so I'll be able to give him plenty of hints via Idea rolls if he gets stuck. I don't think he realises how incredibly lucky that was! Anyway, any and all suggestions will be gratefully received.
  6. I saw this post yesterday afternoon, not long after you posted it, went home, and found my preordered copy of the book waiting for me. And it certainly does look gorgeous! I'm very impressed by how rapidly these books have been delivered, too.
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