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  1. Thank you, makes total sense. Somehow I interpreted the passage in the way that it would be a more direct reference.
  2. Hi! On page 49 in the newest edition of MoN, the Peru chapter mentions the following: “The act of repairing the golden ward on the pyramid has later echoes in the possible reconstruction of the Eye of light and darkness in the main campaign.” I’ve read the whole campaign but can’t find what this references, can anyone help me?
  3. That's some great advice @klecser! I won't be waiting for the starter set, so your reflections and tips are highly illuminating. We are currently playing other systems, so RuneQuest will be some time in the future; until then I will prepare.
  4. I've looked at it and the adventure is nice but the rules don't accomplish what I want: Gradually layering on the mechanics of the system. If you are an experience GM of the system I'm sure that it's no problem to let the players choose pre-gen characters, give them a brief introduction and then help them out along the way. But for me that is new to RQ and Glorantha, the quickstart has a bit too much going on at the same time.
  5. I'll have to look at it closer, but as you are pointing out it won't be feasible to just take the current char gen process and just try to play in the middle of it. Something to what you're proposing sounds much better! Thanks for the great ideas of what those slice-of-life scenes could be. My regular group is myself and 3 players so the downtime isn't quite that much. But I'm thinking that I'll probably do one of two things: 1. Play out the scenes as 1-on-1 sessions between myself and each player. We do this in other games and it works great. 2. Vastly reduce the number
  6. Thank you for the answers! Since ETA of the starter set is unknown I'll probably try to devise something akin to what I wrote in the OP. Just need to read up and work out the details of stuff like social customs and daily life for a suitable clan that my players will belong to.
  7. Hi! Does anyone know if there is a starter set coming out for RQ:G? I'm intigued by the world and like big parts of the system, but as it is now I don't feel comfortable GM:ing for my players. I understand that you can introduce things as you go, but there is still a huge amount of frontloading information for the players. I wish that when the character creation backstory reached the PC:s it would provide som scenes to play out so everybody could gradually get acquainted with the world and the system. Doing things like: Working with your parents, practicing weapon skills and combat, getti
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