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  1. Maybe the thing to do is to use the starting value for Sword, Axe, or Mace, and allow players to use that for all those skills at the beginning of the game (as a sort of default level); but as their characters gain experience using each weapon individually, they will improve separately.
  2. By RAW, 0. The more I think about it, the more I think perhaps using the Berserk rules is a decent option. While you get a +10 modifier (albeit to a zero-level skill), you have to let the enemy attack you first, unopposed; and if he hits, he can damage you, knock you out, or kill you before you got to strike. I suppose that could represent the lack of nuance in fighting with an unfamiliar weapon. If your character survives the encounter, I'd think that would be a noteworthy success (surviving a lethal encounter fighting with an unfamiliar weapon) and he'd get an experience check. Rolling higher than zero gets that character to a "1" in that particular skill; therefore, he's no longer unskilled. Seems like a workable solution.
  3. But what skill would the Uncontrolled (Berserk?) attack be based on?
  4. Hello, Let's say there's a knight who gets into a fight. Doesn't really matter with whom. This knight is a reasonably accomplished swordsman (Sword skill 16), but for some reason he doesn't have his sword with him. There is an axe nearby, but our knight unfortunately has no Axe skill. Can he use the axe as a weapon, even if he doesn't have the Axe skill? Is there a/what is the rule that addresses situations such as these? Thanks, WP6
  5. Hello again, In keeping with the question of other uses for the Pendragon system, does anyone have any experiences, positive or negative, with the Saxons! or the Land of Giants sourcebooks? (I figured that since these sourcebooks were actually designed for Pendragon, this question deserved its own topic. There are other similar sourcebooks; these are just the ones with which I'm familiar.) Anything particular good or bad about them? Do they work well within the system, or do they strain it to the point of breaking? Thanks, WP6
  6. How about more simple, "traditional" dungeon crawl-type adventures in the Pendragon system? Any examples of those?
  7. This is tangential, but the idea of having a magic system where individual spells are used as skills is pretty clever. How did you limit amount of uses per spell?
  8. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. Good info and I've started looking at Dragons of Britain, the Great Book of Pendragon Treasures, and Pendragon Pass for starters and for inspiration. Searching elsewhere, I found a thread on RPG.net of interest: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/alternate-semi-mythical-eras-for-pendragon.793237/ Some good ideas there, too, like putting the game in Dark Ages or Medieval Germany (Nibelungenlied/Volsungasaga, or the time of Henry the Fowler/Otto the Great and/or Frederick Barbarossa/Frederick II). Don't know if anyone's actually done any work on those settings.
  9. Hello, First time posting here. Been a fan of Greg Stafford's KAP RPG, mostly as a reader. The system seems very simple, elegant, and lethal, qualities I appreciate in a game. My question has to do with whether or not other games have been created from the KAP system. For example, the Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne game seems like a very close copy. Are there any others? As a derivative question, has anyone used the Pendragon system for their own "home-brew"/"hack"? Lastly, are there any examples of modules or adventures written for the Pendragon system, aside from the published "core" works? For example, the only one I've seen is a short adventure from White Dwarf issue 83 called "The Black Knight" which, interestingly, was an adventure written for Pendragon, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, and AD&D. If these questions have already been asked, apologies in advance. Cheers, WP6
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