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    Started playing ODnD in 1975. Traveller and Empire of the Petal Throne in 1977. Call of Cthulhu in the early 80s. Took a hiatus from RPGs from the late 80s until 2016. Now play a wide variety of traditional RPGs and indie RPGs.
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    Weekly Call of Cthulhu game currently playing Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. Bi-weekly indie one-shots run via meetup.

    In 2020: Upcoming 6 session game of Polaris: Tragedy of Utmost North. After that maybe Band of Blades. Would love to start a Great Pendragon Campaign.
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    Los Angeles
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    Technical Director on animated TV shows.
  1. Is your entourage available at feasts? e.g. if you have a valet for their Fashion skill and a feast card calls for a Fashion roll, are they present? My current decision is yes, within some limit that we haven't gotten to yet as my group's largest entourage is 1 (not including squires or stewards). Stewards I assume stay at the manor. Similar question with spouses. I'm assuming noble spouses attend with their Knights. Lower ranked spouses maybe? Curious what other people do (or a pointer to the relevant rules section).
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