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Question about Dueling in Avalon


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Hi everyone!

First of all, I´m a spanish GM, so sorry about my poor english, I´ll do my best 😏

I have a doubt about the Skatha´s Cleasa published in the Avalon chapter in Nations of Théah vol. 1. That fighting style don´t estates that you have to wield any kind of weapon to perform the style bonus.

Does it means that I can pick that "dueling style"  (and receive all the maneuvers and the style bonus) with any kind of weapon, perhaps even  with Brawling? I think that would be very cool, I was a little disappointed when I saw that the Finnegan´s school was lost (a great option for the bare-handed fighters), but with this fighting style that will be fixed IMO.

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The special Maneuver only uses Athletics so could be used unarmed 

The normal Maneuvers would still be based on Weaponry not Brawl so you would still need a weapon, but they don't care how big your weapon is as long as you do extreme Celtic outdoor fitness training    

There is an Ussuran school that uses metal forearm guards to use Brawl with maneuvers 

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