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First edition

Henri du Freiburg

Poor Knight of the Rose and Cross, Knight defender of Freiburg,  Honorary member of the Freiburg city guard, Iron pin swordsman 

Chaser de Marvels 

In Ussura I witnessed a true miracle of Matushka

I have seen the Syrneth map chamber under Charuse 

Somewhere in the Trade sea I was witness to the initiation rituals of the Vesten rune mages, and heard the saga of the living runes recited by a master skjarn and felt the story etched upon my soul

I was among the party who found the Dracheneisen mine beneath Freiburg, helped to end the siege of Freiburg and have been granted a dracheneisen blade by the Nibelung 

I have debated ethics with Nicholas Trauge and not been called the loser


Simple build max starting traits, 3s and 4 panache. 

history is basically a cross between Weasley at the start of Princess Bride and Indigo at the end- "I have trained my whole life as a fighter and adventurer to beat my rival. I just killed my rival in an unquestionably legal duel and am now in Freiburg with a bag of money and nothing to do with my life."

It was a R+C campaign so suddenly he found a purpose and reason and became a hero   




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2nd edition 

"little" Willie - Wilhelm Stein-Heart 

bloodied yet unbroken street brawler, wharf rat sneak, part time monster hunter and former pirate ship stow-away 

Orphan + Ungetumjager , hard to kill and small as advantages after backgrounds Arcana- The Tower: Humble + The drowned man: doomed

the campaign started when we woke up on the beach after the ship wreck. I was woken up by the ships dog licking my face, I spent my first 3 step GM story to buy a signature item=  "Lucky" a Montaigne bulldog. I have made cards using Boogie the Boston Terrier dog emotions pictures so I can choose or random draw what the dog is doing now.


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