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Trying to track down a task resolution house rule

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Y'all know what the internet is like - if you forget to copy something on Monday, by the time it's Tuesday it's gone. (Perhaps a slight exaggeration).

Long ago, I had located someone's RQ site where it had some house rules for task resolution. I recall several pieces of it, but not details:

  • The basic mechanic was that tasks had a difficulty, typically between 1 and 100. I believe the idea was that you take the PC skill rating, subtract the difficulty rating, subtract an additional 100, and add a d100. For example, let's say Joe Average has Swim 50%. He's trying to cross a turbulent lake with difficulty factor 30. 50-30-100 = -80, he adds the result of a d100 to that. A positive result is success, 0 or less is a failure.
  • In some cases there were thresholds that needed to be passed as well. These were treated as armour points. Divide a successful total by 5 (rounding down) and subtract the threshold to see how much progress you make, with a task requiring a certain total to succeed. This was used primarily for extended tasks, such as crafting.

If I recall correctly it also had a similar system for 3d6 based systems.

Does anyone know of anything like that, and if so can you either shove me the document or the URL? I am pretty sure the above is enough to use, if need be, but there were a lot of interesting details in the original that I'd ideally like to review.

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