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Gamesfest 4 : 24/10/2009


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GAMESFEST 4 : 24/10/2009

Gamesfest :

A one day convention to showcase the best of Role playing, Wargaming, Boardgaming & Science fiction/Fantasy literature. We want to pull all the strands of Fantasy/Science Fiction together and create a unique experience for the fan/enthusiast in one convention.

Ours is a unique vision and we want to focus on customer satisfaction and a totally enjoyable day dedicated to players and fans alike.

The aim is to:

Enable people to play games in an informal, friendly environment.

Let fans sample the best the gaming industry has to offer through Trade Stands / demo games.

Let fans meet the creators/designers of the games.

Give an opportunity to meet the writers/artists of your favorite Comics and Books

Gamesfest is a Hertfordshire based convention and has been running at the Victoria Hall in Tring for the past 3 years.

Companies that attend Gamesfest

Games Workshop

Pinnacle Entertainment

Leisure Games

Cubicle 7

Project Hydra


Bloody Books (publisher)

Hadesgate (publisher)


We have outgrown our current venue and will be holding Gamesfest 4 at the Watford Colosseum

The new location: Watford Colosseum (Watford town centre)

Facilities include a fully licensed bar, two venue halls, dressing rooms, a large kitchen and ample parking facilities .There is also a large stage with full lighting system. The Colosseum has a seating capacity of 1188 in the main hall and 298 seating space in the gallery.

The main hall is 700 sq M and the smaller hall is 225sq M. This means we have capacity for over 50 exhibitors / traders. The capacity for attendees is over 1000.

The transport links are excellent via Road and rail (the main line station is 10 minutes walk away)

The future of Gamesfest.

We want to build on the success of last year with the right partners that share our vision. GW , Wizzkids , Mongoose publishing , Privateer Press , 2000AD , SFX , Forbidden Planet etc

At present we have two distinct elements to Gamesfest:

Gaming : Incorporating War games , role-playing , board gaming and CCGS.

Literature : Sci fi , Fantasy and Horror – last years guest included Dan Abnett and Stan Nicholls ( see Home for a full list)

This year we want to further include:

Comics and guest writers/artists : Leah Moore has already confirmed her attendance.

Collecting / memorabilia and guests: Forbidden Planet are hoping to attend after sponsoring the goody bags at GF3.

Film : Garry Charles will be screening his debut movie “Straw Man” and Frazer Lee will be showing a selection of short movies.

Computer/Console Games

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Gamesfest 4 News

The Fest is taking shape nicely, currently our line up is:

Companies Attending

Games Workshop

Forge World

Warhammer Historical

The Black Library

Mongoose Publishing

Esvedium Games

Battlefront : Flames of War

Triple Ace Games

Project Hydra

Warlord Games

Chaos City Comics

Calamity Comics

Murky Depths


Wargames Inc

Simple Miniature Games

Definitive games

Otherworld Miniatures

Monarch Books and Miniatures.

Authors Attending

Gav Thorpe

Richard Williams

Joely Black

Derek Gunn

Garry Charles

Dan Abnett

Peter Mark May

Frazer Lee

Raven Dane

Nick Kyme

Simon Scarrow

Robyn Young

Leah Moore

Conrad Williams

Steve Dean

David Devereux

Alessio Cavatore

Steven Savile

Steve Lyons

Bob fishcer

Artist Attending

Kev Walker

David Michael Wright

Tournaments / Demo Games already confirmed:


Warmachine (Mitcham Marauders)

WH40K Demo/participation ( Watford Wargames Fed)

WH40K Doubles tournament

Flames of War Demo ( Wargames Inc)



Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Call of Cthulhu



Savage Worlds

Plus much much more to be confirmed

Extra events

We are also running a miniature painting competition, so remember to bring your brush.

Tickets will be on sale soon at Home

I’m sure you’ll agree this is looking to be the biggest and best Fest ever!

Regards the Gamesfest crew.

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