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Iron Kingdom


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HI to everybody,

this is my first post and i would like to open a new tread about a conversion of Iron Kingdoms that i think it will work greatly wit BRP.

First i would like to expalin that my main influences on thinking about the conversion comes mostly from the Miniature games WM and Hordes, more than d20 version, of the same game.

So far i've written material on races, and cultural background (yes borrow it from MRQ).... but i'm stuck on Classes (profession) and focus point.

the main reason are that i would like that every profession will have some Special Ability, that make it different from the other (but make at the same time any class fun to play). the point is that i can't figure out what special abilities or knack or grimmic i can give to the classes.

for example: Gunmages... they can cast spell through their gun, or imbuing projectile with some magical qualities. (still working on this mechanic)

i was thinking to prepare something like 15 /16 classes










Arcane Mechanic



Mage Hunter



for some of them i've already ideas that i've borrowed by other games.

Assassins: Assassinate: this ability include, follow the prey, study his routine, and everything should be done to find the right moment, and also to phisically kill the unlucky one. for every 10% on this skill 1 point of damage can be added on a succesful backstab.

THief: they can reverse the outcome of a die in every thievery action previous expenses of a Pow point

Fighter: they read every damage bonus and Hp one line below their actual line

ex if STR + SIZ are 30, it will read 1d6 instead of 1d4....so the same for Hp.

GunSlinger: Gunfighting: they can use a guns in close combat without penalty,

they can quickdraw a gun with a succesful roll on this skill or previous expenses of a POW point

Mage/sorcerer/clerics will have cast spell as special abilty :)

that are just some idea.... can some one Out there Help me out?

Anyway as soon as possible i will post what is already done so u can use it fi u like it.

Thanks to all


Ps: i'm sorry for my poor English, but i'm not a native speaker :)

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