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Chaos 6010 A.D. "Pray for Dawn" Module


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Anyone interested in playing a sci-fi, post apocalyptic, horror and psychological thriller. Game takes place on Saturdays. Next game is August 22nd at 10 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time. We play on a virtual tabletop called Screen Monkey. It is a text based chat, the program allows you to chat, choose and manipulate miniatures on the sceen and battlemap. It also allows you to roll dice.

You can go to the chaos website to create a character from scratch or choose a premade template Chaos 6010 A.D.

When you are ready you may contact us in the forums under Chaos 6010 A.D. Online. All you need to play is a character ready. Good luck in your struggles! Contact me here or on the site if you have any questions, thanks.



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