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This is another rpg we are making, but its another main author, Bjørn Eirik.

Nightmare - Teaser

Have you ever had a dream, where everything, joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain, seems so real that it could not possibly be "just" a dream? But then you wake up, and want to crawl under the sheets and feel the wonderful feelings again, back to dreamland. Maybe you dream that you finally have a family you can call your own, a wife and children who love you, or to be a millionaire thanks to something as simple as a small scratch card? Or maybe you'd rather dream that you see your family writhing in pain while being tortured by a psychopath, or one day you will be so filled with anger that you kill and destroy everything you love, just because of one single drop that filled the cup? You just want to wake up from nightmares, the pain is so bad, and the sadness so real that you almost want to just die then and there.

Nightmare is an RPG about a dream world that is both true and false, wonderful and terrible, fantastical and horrible at the same time. Creatures, known as the "dream-men", haunt your dreams and steal you away to their nightmare world, for many reasons. Some will just kill you right away, others would like to play with your guts, while others will hunt and chase you until you are exhausted, and even a little bit more. You rarely can escape from a dream man, and the few who do almost always ends up insane and shipped to a mental hospital or worse.

Nightmare is a dark psychological role-playing game that is about both fighting your own demons, and the odds are stacked so hard against you it almost feel futile. Every person has a personal dream-man who plan nightmares in your head, but some want more than just to scare the daylight out of you. Someone wants you, both body and soul, and these moves you into a parallel world they rule over, a world they control. There are people who have defeated their dream-man, without being committed to a mental hospital, mostly because they are able to suppress the madness they were confronted with in the parallel world. As a "dreamer" must be ready to destroy this dream-man, before "he" consumes you in one way or another, and even then you'll forever be changed and see the nightmares in others...


More to come here, but rest assure, its a very hardcore horror setting and not for the light hearted.

Tea and Madness

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