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Iaijutsu LotN rules


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I’m trying to put together a Western/ Horror by mish-mashing Aces High and the gold book along with my own house rules. While reading a thread an these boards it was mentioned that the Iaijutsu rules from Land of the Ninja would be good for a Fast Draw resolution.

So, I am wondering, if it's possible, could anyone post these Iaijutsu rules for me?

Thanks so much!

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Iaijutsu (manipulation 5%) allows a character who has not yet drawn a sword (katana, wakizashi, ninjato that is in its scabbard, edge up and in the character's sash) to combine the draw with an attack or parry. A success allows the character to ignore any SR lost to readying the weapon, a special allows the character to treat the weapon as though it had an SR of 1 for that round and a critical allows the character to act on their DEX SR ignoring SIZ and weapon SR modifiers for that round. Failure means that the normal time is taken and a fumble is treated as a normal fumble for that weapon.

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