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I'm not entirely sure I understand Breakout Abilities. Why not just invest in the main keyword?

Hellhound Havoc

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Hello! I've been reading HeroQuest - Glorantha and planning on pivoting my game to it, but I'm not sure I understand why Breakout Abilities exist.

So, if I understood correctly, suppose my occupational keyword is Noble 17. I can use that to do a lot of things, let's say reading and writing is one of them. When a challenge comes up that can be solved through reading and writing, I can roll up my Noble 17 and that's that.

But I can also have a Breakout Ability of "Reading and Writing +3", so instead of rolling Noble 17, I'd roll Noble 20 for challenges involving that.

What's the benefit, then, of having the Breakout Ability instead of simply investing those points in the main keyword to have a broader skill? Is it just so you can customize your character or are there any advantages?


EDIT: Nevermind, I got it reading ahead.

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I read ahead again in the book and my doubt was solved
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