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Does QuestWorlds encourages, discourages, or is neutral towards sandbox campaigns with random encounters?

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I've recently pivoted my campaign to HeroQuest - Glorantha and I've been loving it. I've picked up the Sartar Companion and noticed that not only it includes a very detailed random encounters table, it also features travel times and a rumours table.

This is very interesting to me because these are things that narrative games usually avoid or fully abstract. I don't remember the last narrative-oriented game that provided me with travel times; even though it's something I appreciate and enjoy because I like to keep track of time.

So, has anyone run a straight up sandbox game with the whole kit and caboodle? How does the game behave? I imagine it can be a bit strange to receive a full on +9 bonus on a complete victory just because you bodied a couple of bandits a bit harder than you probably should've. But then again, if you and your buddies really did finish off a bunch of bandits while strolling casually through the woods then yeah, maybe that does warrant a status boost after all.

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