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Aging and the 7th edition Player Character


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When building a character of advanced years, the instructions are clear on what penalties to apply to Characteristics and Move Rate.

It also seems that there's a double whammy in the build for older characters: the move rate gets clobbered twice, once by the age factor and once by potential reductions in DEX and STR.

However, when aging in-game, do the same rules apply?



I have to say that this process seems excessively ageist to this long-time GM, especially given the typical age of the players I'm seeing in NY. Did the playtests take place only on college campuses? 😀😄😀


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Yep, that's what it says.

If that is the case, then that is a rule I'm deep sixing. The extreme reductions in STR or DEX likely nobble move rate before the other penalty is applied, and I'm against double-dipping on either side of the GM screen.

I hate having to toss rules I've paid for. Oh well.

Thanks for replying.

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