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Mesmerism/Hypnotism in a Swords & Sorcery Setting


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Has anyone seen a good writeup of this type of magick for an S&S game?

An initial stab at it myself was having it be an advanced skill.

Mesmerism: ( Pow + Cha )

Manipulation: For one magic point the Sorcerer can add his Mesmerism skill to his normal Influence or Insight skill for one check, to represent the subtle use of the power in a social setting. This use of the power does not contain the ability to achieve completely unplausable results, yet... the highly unlikely is possible. It allows the Sorcerer, to say the least, to be highly 'persuasive', getting targets to shift their opinions or agree to things they normally wouldn't, or divulge small clues to information they may otherwise desire to keep hidden. This use of the power/skill requires a calm and noncombative setting where social interaction may willingly take place.

Another possible variation of this is allowing the user to add +10% to the skill check in question, per Magic Point spent, up to their rating in Mesmerism.

Entrancement: This use of the skill requires the expenditure of a magic point, and one CA. If the user succeeds in an Opposed Mesmerism/Persistence ( or something on the resistance table if you prefer... ) test with the target, the target becomes Entranced. While Entranced the target loses all CAs, becoming hopelessly and completely fixated on the hypnotic ( pick one: voice/eyes/movements/breasts ) of the skill user. The Mesmerist must maintain this state by spending one CA per round.

Domination: This skill allows the user to give commands or suggestions to targets by clouding their minds with hypnotic power. ( Blah, Yadda, Blah. ) Such a use requires the expenditure of a magic point, and an opposed test of Mesmerism vs. Persistence. Affecting more than one target requires the expenditure of one magic point per target on the action. In a combat situation the target must first be Entranced to be affected. Dominating in combat, post Entrancement, requires one CA.

Actions that are deeply opposed by the target, or suicidal actions especially, should recieve a bonus to resist judged by the GM. ( No more than +20% )

In combat a failed Domination means the target breaks completely free and is no longer even Entranced.

Treatment: If the game uses fear/insanity rules, depending on the structure of those, this skill should be quite useful in treating Psychological problems and/or even restoring Sanity to subjects/patients.

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