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Edryon - Fantasy Book


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Hello ! It is already disponible in Kindle Store the fantasy book "Edryon" ! Check out the synopsis !

"For two hundred years, during the time when the world was going through terrible attacks of dragons, the druids of Hanneris's city, known for their wild magic of nature, fought bravely against their enemies, the necromancers of Kordius, the sorcerer of the elementals. But they did not support the numerous invasions and thus, after many of them had suffered defeats in their villages, they have lost their magic and were enslaved. Edryon, the most powerful dragon hunter, famous for his combat skills, was summoned to protect the world of Fynge against a mysterious plague that has spread through the mountains, causing the humans to become weak and sick. Being an elf gray and his body is also more resistant to diseases, Edryon was not affected by the plague. But much time has passed since the day that the elf had faced, high in the mountains of North, Tharonnak, the legendary Hell's Dragon. The ancient creature that has always been a terror and suffering in many realms, had managed to escape with his life, and since then he's trying to find Edryon for a reckoning. In a heroic journey, dangerous journeys through strange and exotic places, Edryon will have to make the right decisions, because Thelron, his older brother, became one of the necromancers, in a tireless search for forbidden powers. The world of Fynge is an extraordinary experience, with fascinating characters, which reveal a complex and fantastic medieval history."

Read now the first chapters for free on Kindle Store, and if you liked it, buy the book :-)


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