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Tomorrow only: 20% off all Brutal Games books


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On Friday 3rd of February our printers are offering a 20% discount off all orders. Visit the shop at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/BrutalGames and enter the code CHERUBUK

In case you don't know what we do, I have included a short background for our lines: Corporation and Stickmen. If you would like details of individual books you can find them on the website above.


Five hundred years in the future, the social, economic and political landscape is dominated by five corporations whose power and influence stretch across most of the world. They exist in a fragile balance, competing with each other for technology,

wealth and control. The only check on their behaviour comes from the United International Government, formed in the aftermath of the corporate wars of the 23rd century when the power of the corporations was at its lowest ebb. Aided by the

Archons, extraterrestrial artificial intelligences discovered during the colonisation of Venus, the UIG maintain a level of independent authority which allows them to curb at least the public actions of the corporations.

Below the five major corporations are a number of smaller ones fulfilling niche demands and stubbornly resisting takeover, and beneath these are citizens, outcasts and criminals, getting on with the tricky business of living in the violent, unpredictable place that the world has become.

You are not one of these people.

You have sold your body, soul and loyalty to one of the corporations and in return, have been physically augmented and given access to weapons, technology, rank and privileges; whatever it takes to get the job done.

As an Agent you will be expected to undertake various missions, from conducting business negotiations, improving public relations and making money for your employers, to corporate espionage, assassination and causing the destabilisation of

competitors and possibly the UIG.


There is a war that nobody speaks of. There is a war that nobody knows about. It is conducted in only two dimensions and every time someone puts pen to paper in a meaningless scrawl or draws a stick figure to illustrate something, they are creating soldiers in the battle. Stickmen struggle valiantly to hold back the almost overwhelming tide of tainted Doodles whose lust for chaos and destruction threatens to overrun, defile and destroy their homes and way of life.

Stickmen is a roleplaying game with a twist, where you can draw the action as it happens (although this is not strictly necessary). It has a simple rules system using six sided dice. Players gain one to three dice for a roll based on their description of the action they are about to perform and this is then modified by any appropriate positive or negative traits their character possesses. Bonuses may also be awarded based on how humorous your depiction is.

The system is very flexible and can cater to any genre of game, and characters can be as serious or as silly as you want to make them. The book contains sections for character generation, the game system, equipment and an explanation of the magic system (Scribblemancy). There is also a mini adventure in the back of the book to get players started.

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