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"Lost River" - a RoL casefile

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Hi everyone, I’m pleased to share a RoL casefile with you called “Lost River”.
Description: ‘Someone’s started burning wicker men in Battersea park. The first slid neatly into HOLMES 2 as “public vandalism, minor”, as 10 square feet of Battersea turf is not what police careers are made of. But after last night’s burning it is now Operation Letterbox and possibly a career maker. Three corpses have been found in the ashes, thus the new characterisation of the incident as “murder, possibly cult/sectarian” requires a full Falcon Assessment. Your team is called on to investigate this crime, and its wider implications for the powerscape of the Thames River Valley.’
Download the PDF here: https://cutt.ly/mw60lzOy
Edited by Peter John
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