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OpenQuest Character Spreadsheet


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I pulled together an OpenQuest character sheet in a spreadsheet format for a game I'm preparing, so I thought I'd share it in the downloads section (here) in case anyone else finds it useful.

It has a very similar layout and format to the standard OpenQuest character sheet, but I've tweaked the structure to more closely follow the character generation process described in the rulebook. It also performs some of the basic calculations (points allocations, base skills, encumbrance, etc.). Hopefully this makes it a bit more player-friendly than the standard sheet.

The version posted is in an Excel file. I also have it as a Google spreadsheet, but the site wouldn't let me upload it in that format.

A word of caution - it was designed primarily for use in an online game, so it therefore probably isn't very printer friendly in its current guise. If you do intend to print from it, you may need to optimise the page layout.

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