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Gamesfest 3 : 04/10/2008 Tring UK


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Dear All ,

Here is the latest information on Gamesfest 3: 4th October 2008 at the Victoria Hall Tring Hertfordshire.

Hope to see you there !!!!

Tickets will be on sale soon at GAMESFEST 3

We are looking for GMs currently for C of C etc - let us know if you are willing and able !

Regards Mark

Gamesfest 3


01442 822605 /07976 629378

Email : mark@gamesfest.co.uk

What is Gamesfest?

A convention to showcase the best of Role-playing, Wargaming , Boardgaming and Science Fiction/Fantasy literature into a one day convention.

We want to pull all the strands of Fantasy/Science Fiction together and create a unique experience for the fan/enthusiast in one convention.

Hopefully ours is a unique vision and we want to focus on customer satisfaction and a totally enjoyable day dedicated to players and fans alike.

The aim is to

1) Enable people to play games in an informal, friendly environment

2) Let fans sample the best the gaming industry has to offer through Trade Stands / demo games.

3) Let fans meet the creators/designers of the games

4) Give an opportunity to meet the writers/artists of your favourite Comics and Books.

5) Provide a unique shopping experience for the comic book/book fan.


Wargames : WH40K , Warmachine , Memoir 44 , Battlelore , Wargods

RPGs : WH40K RPG , Warhammer role play , D&D , Call of Cthulhu , Deadlands , Savage Worlds

CCGS : Magic , World of Warcraft , UFS

Boardgames: Talisman , Memoir44/Battlelore and Crash Tackle

Plus much more

Companies booked so far Games Workshop, Pinnacle Entertainment, Esdevium Games, Wizards of the coast, Project Hydra . House Atredies Cards and Games Bazaar .

Also hopefully , Wizz kids and Upper Deck entertainment.


Stan Nicholls: has been a full-time writer since 1981. He is the author of many novels and short stories but is best known for the internationally acclaimed orcs first blood series. In 2007, he was awarded the Le'Fantastique Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Literature at the Trolls & Legendes Festival in Belgium

Dan Abnett : is well known for his comic work, he has written everything from the Mr Men to the X-Men. His prolific work for the Games Workshops Black Library includes the popular strips Lone Wolves, Titan and Darkblade, the best-selling Gaunt’s Ghosts novels, and the acclaimed Inquisitor Eisenhorn trilogy.

Graham McNeil: noted Games Workshop games developer and author. Graham is the author of numerous novels set Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy universes, including Fulgrim, part of the best-selling Horus Heresy series

Mark Chadbourn: is a British fantasy, science fiction and horror author with eleven novels (and one non-fiction book) published around the world. Six of his novels have been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Society's August Derleth Award for Best Novel, and he has won the British Fantasy Award twice, for his novella The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke(2005), and for his short story Whisper Lane(2007).

David J Rodger: David’s first Novel “God Seed” is a Cyber thriller that follows the journey of a documentary film maker , Adam Kyle as he covers a group of Corporate Mercenaries . Kyle is propelled into a Web of lies , treachery and murder involving fascist extremists , Islamic Terrorists , corrupt government officials an a religion as old as Mankind. He has taken influences from writers such as William Gibson , Robert Ludlum and H.P Lovecraft . He has also created a role-playing game on his fictional world entitled Yellow Dawn

Juliet E. McKenna: is a professional writer of fantasy novels and short stories, with the occasional foray into science-fiction and dark fantasy. Her first novel, was published in 1999, first of The Tales of Einarinn. Her second series, The Aldabreshin Compass concluded with Eastern Tide in 2006 she is now working on a new trilogy charting the course of The Lescari Revolution. The first volume, Straws in the Wind (working title, so that may change.), will be published in the UK and the US by Solaris in the spring of 2009.

Deborah Miller (a.k.a. Miller Lau) has been writing fiction all her life, mainly fantasy but also some science fiction and horror. In 1993 she was short listed for the Ian St James award, reaching the top fifty from a record entry of 8,000 for her short story 'Dinosaur.' Since that date she has worked on novel length fiction although also working full-time as a Technical Editor. In 1999, after reaching agreement with Simon and Schuster's Earthlight for the sale of her first novel Talisker she decided to dedicate herself to her writing full-time.

When , Where etc


The convention is spread out across 3 halls!

We have Hot/Cold food all day.

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