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Use of imagary in promotoing sessions

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Hi All,

Now that I finally have the physical copies of the the game (woo hoo :)), I am starting a group at my local games café to run through A Time to Harvest. I want to create a little flyer to promote the session and was wondering if using the existing imagary for this purpose is ok.

Also, has anyone else done this?



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I've used the Call of C'thulhu and Chaosium logos, as well as imagery from the A Time to Harvest signs Chaosium has sent out.  That seems fair game since I'm advertising that I'm running this scenario.

Until someone from Chaosium speaks up saying it's OK, I'd be cautious in how much you use from the books.  Fair Use in part comes down to substantiality of work used, and even if it's a small image or two I'd include a copyright statement along the lines of "Some images (c) Chaosium Games" as respectful credit where credit is due.

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