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a small dungeon, formally an Eurmal temple


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I wrote most up quick, and ad-libbed what I hadn't finished during play (the triangle room's direction was one) of a simple dungeon for the PCs to find some sort of healing staff (found in the Fertility room).  The other loot came about during play.  The ruins, deep in an elven forest, had only been found by the elves and generally refused anyone to search there.  But politics change and the PCs were allowed to search on the behalf of their clan.  The elves didn't mention the large bear guarding the entrance to the place, the greeting room that leads to the two doors (the horns) that enter the Chaos room had been exposed to the elements and the bear used it as his lair.  But a Befuddle spell got them past the bear.


The Ruins of Eurmali  (temple ruins of a long gone Eurmal cult)

The rooms of this temple are shaped like runes, with one exception.

Entry room (Chaos rune) has this poem on a wall:
The Destiny Disk,
  comes with a risk.
Rotate the wheel,
  Tired you shall feel.
Point to the door,
  open, explore.
Spend mana must,
  or door stays trussed.
Death may await,
  and riches great.

Chaos room (round with two curved hallways which leads to exit/entrance)
In the middle sits a round horizontal solid wheel with seven spokes (a turnstile), 
which can line up with the other seven doors spread equally around the room. The Magic 
rune is carved into the top of the wheel turnstile but stylized somewhat like an 
arrow.  Turning the wheel is how to open any door with
a particular rune inscribed on it if the turnstile's Magic rune points to the door.
    Turning the wheel requires a opposed/resistance roll, total the Brawn of all 
helping to turn the wheel vs. 150 (or about 30 per individual in the room), 
each Mana (MP) spent adds 10% to Brawn skill. All contributors suffer a Fatigue level, 
unless critical success (01-05), and another Mana (magic point) must be spent 
(charges the Light spell to light up that particular room and hallway, or
the Darkness spell for the Death room).

Each door opens to a hallway
Each hallway is 10 meters long, 2 m. wide, 3 m. tall, with a door at other 
end. Each hallway as a 5 degree slope downward from the central room 
(formible Perception check to spot the slope).
Only one of the doors can be open at any one time.

Rooms (the rooms are opposite based on the runes, i.e., Truth is opposite Illusion)
Truth: library
The walls are covered in groups of text etched into the stone, magical detection can
see the text is magical. Reading one group of text will give a free Experience Roll for 
any INT-based non-magical skill.  This could open up a new skill if desired.  
Add an additional 20 to the Experience Roll to determine success.  Only one group 
can be read, after which all the texts will disappear for that individual.

Disorder (the one room shaped as a square, Eurmal is quite ironic)
The hallway has a trap.  A large round boulder sits on the other end.  A hole
in the ceiling at this end with rusted hinges and rubble on the floor seems to
indicate the trap had been sprung or broke.  Instead, the floor is a seesaw, 
focal point near the boulder. Anyone stepping on the floor will cause the floor
to sink suddenly causing the boulder to roll down onto the person.  A successful
Athletics check can avoid the 1D6 damage to 3 adjacent hit locations, choose whether
leaping over the boulder at -20% or backwards out of the hallway.  The boulder
does not fit through either door.
  The room has a small oak chest, bound with bronze, that has an easy lock (+20%
to open).  Inside are 5D100 copper coins, a simple gold necklace worth 500 copper,
a longsword with Fireblade spell, and a long blue dress that can cause a man to look 
like a woman (it's a magical disguise; perhaps a favorite of Eurmal?).

Fertility: garden
A small lit sun-light orb is against the ceiling in the center.  The room
is filled with plants, the largest are tree-like shrubs.
Plants of note, only one of each fruit will have an effect:
Blue smooth round berry bush, 2D6 berries, each berry restores 1D3 MP.
Red oblong berry bush, 2D8 berries: restories 1 HP of a random location.
Purple peach tree, 2D10 fruit: removes all fatigue.
Tan string beans, 2D10 plants: removes one disease, can be kept for 1 week.
Green onions, 2D10 plants: neutralizes one poison, can be kept for 1 week.

(note: a "Staff of Healing" is this room, standing upright with a foot of space about

it free of plants)

The triangle-shaped room has the point at the door, 4 inches wide, door height. 
Vast treasure can be seen: piles of various mostly-gold coins, open chests full 
of jewelry and gems, gleaming swords, armor, and shields.  It is an illusion.  
Nothing is in the room, not even air so anyone that actually gets in the room 
cannot breathe. A magical spell at the opening keeps any airflow from going through.
(Eurmal and Law do not get along)

(The PCs summoned a water elemental to go into the room and found out about the illusion)

Shaped like a 3-leaf clover, each leaf has a stone statue fountain spewing 
water onto a small pool around the statue.  The water seems to glow to each
individual until that individual takes a drink.  A person may only receive
one benefit in this room.  Roll randomly to determine which:
01-46: first option,
47-92: second option,
93-00: -2 POW, receive Illusion spell for one use, 
    automatically cast when desired, 1/3 POW Magnitude & Intensity.
-Pelican with fish in mouth, fish spewing: +1 STR or +1 INT
-Alynx with leg up over a small bush: +1 DEX or +1 POW
-Faerie bending a tulip to allow a bird to drink: +1 CHA or +1 CON

Perfectly round domed room, stone floor is soft, but still stone. No markings.
Anyone in the room feels at ease, and seems to hear soft music.  Anyone
staying in the room for 10 minutes or more has all fatigue levels removed,
and one HP per location will heal.  Then make a Willpower check to avoid 
falling into a deep sleep for 8D6 hours.  Only a dispel magic vs 300 skill
can cause the sleeper to awaken before then.

No hallway as the rune itself forms sort of a hallway.  Completely dark
(Darkness spell but at double intensity), no 
light will shine in here, but any spell that detects magic will.
A Death Spirit resides in here, attacks a random person.
Death Spirit Lucath (the last cultist who refused to leave)
INT 12, POW 12, CHA 12, (I rolled dice, all came up 12)
Discorporation 74%, Spectral Combat 74%, Willpower 74%
In the room is two joined crystal matrices, each matrix can hold 3 MP.
(note: the other end of the room was broken into by burrowing rubble runners,
after killing many Lucath gave up and ignores them now, thus crunching
of small bones can be felt and heard when walking in the dark room).
(note 2: how this long lost temple can be found: tracking rubble runners from elsewhere)

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