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Ep 2. Guns needed - Miniadventure

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So I have this idea that when the players are going to look for guns, they will not get it so easily. Especially not the bigger ones.
I'll let a mobster overhear them and he'll be starting a quest. If they deliver a package at some house, he'll sell them whatever they want for a cheap price.
In the package is offcourse a bomb, and they have to deliver it at some enemy maffia safehouse without being seen.
If they don't check what is inside, and they deliver the package, only a few moments later it explodes, killing everyone inside. The players will lose SAN for such an action, but they'll get the guns cheap.
If they decide to look in the package, and throw it away without disabling it, it will blow up somewhere. If unlucky, the police will find out who did it, and their reputation will drop.
If they decide to warn the other mobsters, they won't lose SAN points, they can't get the cheap weapons, but the other gang will sell them some at a higher price.

How does it sound? Any extra ideas?

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