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I made a change to episode 2 Time to Harvest

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OK. In my game I gave the players the chance to speak to Robert Blaine before he was dispatched by Jarvis. In my game the players follow a seemingly intoxicated Blaine back to his room in the boarding house, where they confront him. That way Blaine could give them information to progress the story but in a jumbled rambling way, because he is under the influence of the alien drug. I was also able to withhold information, because in his state he simply couldnt articulate the important information. It was also very fun from a roleplaying angle. Blaine didnt hold back when he told the other characters what he thought of them. I had planned to have Blaine pass out to allow the players to search his apartment for clues, but one of the PCs got ticked off and knocked him unconscious in a single blow.

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