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The dreaming parts of episode 1 and 2

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In my game I made Jarvis's spell send nightmares and John Jeffery's dream telepathy different versions of the same  paranormal ability. I also allowed the players to find a reference to this ability in one of the books in the Miskatonic University library. The very specific caveat I added was that the dream/nightmare had to include actual experiences. So when Jarvis sends the characters nightmares he has to include some real information, which could clue the investigators into what is going on. Jeffery of course is trying to pass accurate information, but it gets muddled in the dream state.

In episode 2 I had Jarvis frame one player character for the possible homicide of Robert Blaine and an attack on the Miskatonic University librarian Victoria Knight. He drove another PC crazy with nightmares. In each of the nightmares Jarvis sends, he appears as an assassin dressed in 17th century clothing (he is 300 years old) and wearing a Venetian mask. The nightmares I gave the players were

  • Jarvis killing Robert Blaine and framing one of the PCs.
  • Jarvis and Clarissa in Clarissa's dorm room waiting for the target investigator to go to sleep. They enter her room and she wakes up screaming.
  • Jarvis dressed as a Victorian era prostitute, killing another prostitute who saw something very peculiar. Jarvis was Jack the Ripper.
  • Jarvis following the librarian Victoria Knight after she helped the party in Miskatonic University's library. Jarvis pulls out his ripper knife as he trails her.
  • Jarvis killing Harold Higgins/Keith Clark while using his ability to disguise himself as the investigator he is framing.

The aftermath of all this was that the framed investigator was detained by the police and FOC's lawyer has to come to his aid. The character who was the primary target of the nightmares goes nuts and opens a portal to the Dreamlands where she flees to. My plan for that character is to have her exist in the Dreamlands but be able to send messages to the player characters via dream telepathy.



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