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BRP Slot at FG-Con 10

Guest Vile Traveller

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Guest Vile Traveller

There's one (only one) BRP slot at FG_Con 10: http://www.fg-con.com/events/blue-planet-surfs-up/


Blue Planet: Surf’s Up

“Welcome to the Inaugural Poseidon Annual Surfing Competition. Contestants should be human either pure strain or biogenetically augmented within published parameters. Cetacean entrants will be welcome to enter our complementary event later this year.”

The boss looks unhappy: Your team looks bemused. You just feel like going back to sleep. The boss starts yakkety yakking :

” Three weeks ago Lilliana Cherry Blossom ,beloved only child  of crime overlord Magnus Creel, dropped out from her obscenely extravagant life and joined a bunch of neo-surf  hippies who we suspect to be associated with an eco-terrorist cell.

Creel has threatened to tear Haven apart to find his daughter. He could do it too - can’t have that. The upcoming Competition is our key ; the surf hippies won’t be able to stay away-we hope. You lot will get yourselves into the surfer community,infiltrate the hippies and ‘extract’ Lilliana from the group that has her.

You have until the closing ceremony to succeed. I shouldn’t  bother coming back without the girl.”

Surf’s Up is a scenario for Blue Planet by Biohazard Games converted to the BRP ruleset. This is a text chat only game-no Teamspeak.


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