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Question about handouts in Episode 1

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Hello fellow keepers!


Im new at this thing. I have bought everything me and my friends need to start playing, they are reading their investigators handbooks and i have almost prepared myself fully for episode 1 of A Time to Harvest.

Im stoked!!!!

A few questions: Handouts in episode 1..... Theres a few i cannot seem to find the purpose for? The maps and the dreams that some of the investigators will have are obvious, and the blurry picture of the Mi-Go that the reporter will perhaps pass off to the investigators, but i cant seem to find a purpose for the drawing of the dark youngs (Handout 1),  The drawing (Handout 3a) and the letter (Handout 3b)?


Also, i think theres some information in episode one that doesnt make any sense at this point.

What am i suppose to do with the info for Pasquallium Ore and Mythos Tome ? Is it just because its presentet now for later episodes?



Thanks for any help!

Cthulhu Ftagn



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Thanks for your answer.

I understand that Handouts wont allways be relevant duo to investigators not following leads etc. However, even if they where, i have no idea how they would ever get to see handout 1  + 3a + 3b... Which NPC are in possession of those or where are they placed? I cant find anything regarding that.

Hope you can help me out. :)

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