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Contest types and consequences thereof


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So as far as I can tell...

1.  States of Adversity apply to simple contests.  Thus the Consequences of Defeat and Consequences of Victory tables apply to these contests.

2.  Group simple contests and Extended contests both use Resolution Points and thus the Rising Action Consequence, Climactic Scene Consequence and Climactic Scene Victory Level tables apply to these contests.  

So players are at greater risk when they attempt to overcome obstacles on their own. 

That's my interpretation so far.

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Group Simple Contests, while they do use Resolution Points, do not use the Rising Action or Climactic Scene Consequences.

From page 34 of the HQ 2 core rules, in the Group Simple Contests section, under Consequences and Benefits: "Assign lingering benefits according to the group's victory level, as per the Lingering Benefits table, p. 31. Assign penalties for negative consequences according to the resisting force's victory level, as per the States of Adversity table, p. 30."

Those are the tables under Simple Contests, and so they are used for Group Simple Contests as well. However, there is also the option in a Group Simple Contest to only apply the benefit or consequence to part of the group. From the book, same page as above: "Depending on which approach seems to grow organically from the story, ongoing repercussions from group simple contests may be assigned to the entire group, or to individual members who performed either especially well, or especially poorly. Default to rewarding everyone. Resort to individualized repercussions only when a group reward defies dramatic credibility, or when competition within the group is a pivotal dramatic issue."

Only Extended Contests, both normal and Group, use the Rising Action and Climactic Scene Consequence tables.

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