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More Gloranthan publications at auction


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Another batch of bundled publications has gone on to eBay:

- Tales of the Reaching Moon #14 & #15 (both of the Prax & Wastes specials together)

- The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm from 1995

- Rare copies of La Toile d’Arachne Solara #1 & #2, the short-lived French-language pro-zine (bundle)

- Shadows on the Borderland, the Avalon Hill Praxian scenario pack, alongside the Oriflam French edition of the same (as a bundle)

- The Rough Guide to Boldhome & the 1992 edition of King of Sartar (as a bundle). 

Here’s a link to one of them (find the other items from there, including some Tekumel):







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