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Stupid Question (tm)

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Another Stupid Question:

So, I have both Elric! and Stormbringer 4th edition but I don't have Stormbringer 5th edition. Are changes from Elric! to 5th edition monumental? Also I gather that 5th edition has stats for Half-Melniboneans and somewhat downscales full Melniboneans. How? Can someone give me a brief rundown of these changes and stats for half-melniboneans? I am thinking of trying all half-melnibonean party campaign but I am simply lacking in info.

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Elric! and SB5 are almost identical. The Melniboneans are slightly

"detuned", basically some of the stat rolls are diminished.

So, for completeness:

SB5 Melniboneans with Elric! changes in parens, and half Melniboneans

in braces:

Str 2d8+2 (2d8+4) {2d8+2}

Con 2d8+2 (2d8+4) {2d8+2}

Siz 2d8+4 (2d8+4) {2d8+3}

Int 2d8+8 (3d8+8) {2d8+5}

Pow 2d8+8 (3d8+8) {2d8+5}

Dex 2d8+4 (2d8+4) {2d8+3}

App 2d8+8 (2d8+8) {2d8+5}

In Elric!, Melniboneans with POW >= 16starts with INT number of spells and with a successful Luck roll, 1d3 bound demons. In SB5, it is INT/2 spells and

a Luck roll yields 1d3 demons. Elric! Melniboneans also started with 35%

Wrestle, as opposed to SB5 where they got 15%. INT Limit for Elric! is twice

humans, in SB5 it is equal to humans. Also, in SB5, there are rules for a

Melnibonean starting with either an addiction or a psychological disorder.

In Elric!, start with Melnibonean Plate, SB5 it is half plate. The rest is the


Half Melniboneans get 20 skill points for 3 different Arts, Evaluate, Million

Spheres, Natural World, Navigate, Oratory, Physik, Potions, Ride, Scribe and

one weapon class. The remaining base percentages are the same as humans.

Witch Sight as an innate skill at 20%. POW >= 16 yields INT/2 spells

and 1d3 demons with a successfulLuck roll. INT limit is the same as humans.

Start with Melnibonean Half Plate.

That's it in a nutshell. Oh, the Myyrrnh are also slightly detuned statwise.


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