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London - Dragonmeet 2019

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I am preparing to run a 7th Ed Call of Cthulhu workshop at Dragonmeet. I've done this before at another event, it involves sitting new players down who are interested in the game but want to learn in a more calming and relaxed way. It's worked out quite well and I recommend doing these workshops elsewhere. What I tend to do with them is introduce them to Lovecraft and the games background based upon what knowledge they already know, then work through making a character sheet with them to explain the mechanics as they learn what certain skills and points do etc... At the end I run through a one shot scenario to give them a demo of the game.


My next question is, who else will be going to Dragonmeet, and do we want to meet up at some point? I plan to do my workshop in the morning slot.


Link to Event: https://www.dragonmeet.co.uk/

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Eldritch Cupcakes & RPG's. Join us at hogwartsbynight.com (Eldritch Gods, Potter and a ton of darkness).

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