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This is the record as told to Hereweald the Chanting Skald of the saga of the Hrothgarsons.

This is my Anglo-Saxon Campaign that will take in some of my own stuff and interweave it with published material from Mythras: Logres and Waterlands. It recounts the sessions played with Wulfhere, Uthric and Dunstan, sons of Hrothgar. They live in Caedering near the Dumnonian border. All the themes and events are real and people and animals got hurt in the making of this as it is after all the Dark Ages. In recording it I have tried to use the style of the Icelandic sagas with a lot of understatement and quite a bit of humour (at least I found it funny). The players are getting into the role of South Saxons which was a bit difficult at first as its almost a default position to play Romano-Celts as opposed to playing the 'baddies' as Saxons. I do have to apologise to the Chroniclers and probably Alfred for stealing their title for the blog

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