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So I'm running a Runequest game where the players are members of a Sartarite Clan that for one reason had to Relocate i will Give you the PC's Characters another post for now i will tell you of the Storm Stallions Clan.

The Clan claim descent from the Berenethtelli Tribe from before time and there weaponthanes fight like their mythic ancestor riding into battle as light cavalry.  When time came the clans ancestors helped to waken there patron Orlanth. Despite Orlanth being their clan Patron the Storm Stallions are actually quite reserved and some would say isolationist. The clan priorities lie in the maintaining of harmony and peace within the clan  and to avoid trouble go out on very few cattle raids (Usually Retaliatory) and almost always send out enough warriors to a war effort to show that their lack of war fighting is not from a lack of strength. Historically they were members of the Dundealos Tribe and focused on the herding of their cattle and horses however famine forced the clan to send members to live with extended family or make do by themselves in the constant fighting of the past decade and eventually up and leave the valley they had called home for generations. The clan decided to settle in the Tamerlane hills do to its proximity to Kero Fin and relative seclusion from the tribes of Sartar being depopulated by the lunars decade ago and on the other side of the upland marsh although the famine, journey, and raiding from opportunistic clans has cost the Storm Stallions many cattle and the clan has now earned a reputation of being poor. The clan wyter is Thunderhoof a Horse spirit who inhabits a Pure black Stallion (the spirit turns the eyes, and hooves a golden color) the spirit claims to be old enough to remember the godtime and of Beren and Redaylde, and when he walks a faint echo of thunder is heard hence the name.

Allies: Elves their ancestral allies, Ducks whom they gave refuge to in the duck hunt, and the marshedge clan of the Lismelder tribe whom gave them shelter after they had been raided by the Enjossi Clan and Orleving clans.

Friends: their former tribemembers from the Dundealos tribe. 

Enemies: Dara happans (with the Alkothi in particular being ancestral enemies),  Praxians (they have a particular hatred of the ostrich riders and the Morokanth) and the Lunars

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The Players

just a short description of the pcs   Hrothgar Mountain Toe: a Warrior(light Cavalry) of the clan his parents and all but one of his brothers is dead was at the battle of pennel fordand the sacking of the city of wonders  Gorlo the smith: a bronze smith who comes from a line of crafty men


Ironwall in Runequest

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