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EWF Cult Thoughts

Just some very rough homebrew inspired by some of the recent talk on the Glorantha board, and the fact that I had nothing else to do today. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome too. Orlanth Dragonfriend Arangorf the Inner Dragon When Orlanth slew the Mover of Heaven, he gained the Dragon Power of his left hand. This power was, or brought forth, Arangorf the Inner Dragon, who danced with Orlanth and taught him the speech of dragons. Obduran learned this secret and sacrificed to Orlanth Dragonfriend,

Richard S.

Richard S. in Homebrew

Just a very short Hero Wars-y thing idk

I came up from the water in iron panoply of war, and the dragon-that-is-bound surged up behind the burning of my left eye, in which the Storm-of-Man my King had set the dragon-rune. Behind me marched my twelve fists of warriors whose prayer-wrought swords left gouts of cold emptiness in the bitter red air, for we were come to the lands where men breathed demon light from the moon and gnashed their teeth at true Breath. Then the sea lords drank back up their spirit, which had carried us with grea

Richard S.

Richard S. in Writing

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