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  1. Which can be expressed as a combination between specific aspects of Movement and Harmony. Equal Exchange. RPG isn't saying Issaries doesn't have the Communication rune, it's just breaking it down into its component parts. People in-world can still express Issaries as having Communication, or they can mark him and his followers with Harmony and Movement, or both; it's all the same.
  2. 56% of the total population of Pavis County, so actually yeah that's a good point. I'd forgotten about kids, though I don't know how much of the population they'd be. In any case that means that significantly more of the adult population is going to be initiated than just 56%.
  3. Not sure if this will shed much light on the issue, but I ran the numbers for Pavis County as described in P:GtA and got roughly 56% of the population as initiates. I think that's probably a good amount if we assume that the Sartarites, like the ones back home, have high initiation rates, and among everyone else it's a little scarcer.
  4. I mean, if you initiate to a lot different subcults then that's gonna be a lot of possibly conflicting duties and obligations. Even if they don't conflict, you're gonna have a much larger time commitment than someone in only one or two. Also there's a point to be made that there aren't really that many subcults in RQG; Golden Bow and the two Orlanths are the only ones I recall off the top of my head, nothing like the sprawling mass that we got from HW (in fact, most of those can probably be considered to be individual Rune spells - you pray to a specific name or son or servant or whatever spec
  5. I can't find the exact quote, but I belive it was said elsewhere (probably by jeff), that there's pretty much no PHP left in Pent - the remainder are what we know as the Grazelanders - and Kargzant the Little Sun is the Pentan's primary god. They don't worship Yu-Kargzant/Yelm at all.
  6. One thing you should keep in mind is that there's both Kargzant and Yu-Kargzant. Kargzant is the little sun worshipped in Pent, Yu-Kargzant is Yelm as worshipped by the Pure Horse People (the Yelm described in RQG core). YK is Kargzant after he became the emperor at the dawning, while just Kargzant is still lightfore. As for the differences between Yu-Kargzant and Yelm's cults, they really aren't that different. The Yelm writeup in the Cult Compendium is probably closest to current Gloranthan canon, based on how everything else has seemed to go these past few years, so you may want to look the
  7. Edit: meant to edit my last post not quote it, oops
  8. I think it depends on the type of game you're running. In a game or world where attacking with a spell is no different than attacking with a sword, there's not really any point to restricting the use of either, unless magic is supposed to be especially draining or taxing, in which case using magic may inflict a penalty on future uses for a short while. Which one you use in Questworlds should depend entirely on what is best for the overall narrative. Instead of asking yourself: which should I use to make more effective use of my limited resources, like you would in D&D or Runequest, you sho
  9. The hill of gold is a central part of the little sun regardless of what he's called. They're all cold.
  10. Basically what dumuzid said, though Yelmalio is also sometimes said to have been a captain of the sky who came down in the Darkness to defend the world. In that latter version of where he came from, he also usually wandered the world instead of just hovering over the footstool.
  11. The issue is, while you can boil down the rules to a few oversimplified bullet points which get the idea of the game across well enough, the rulebook itself does a poor job at making things as clear as that. Yes, the rules may be clear once you know them, but the OP is saying that picking the rules out of all the text and fluff is difficult for someone without a lot of prior experience.
  12. Er, sorry if this is common knowledge, but what is the cult of silence? Serious question, I haven't heard of them.
  13. Magisaurs, and other intelligent dinosaurs, are dragonewts who have become dominated by a single emotion, not simply fallen from the path. As for one-use dragonewts in barbarian nests defying the nature of dragonewts... that's the point? They don't have an inhuman king, so they can't resurrect, and so they become erratic (compared to other dragonewts) and fearful of true death.
  14. While the dragons were definitely sad that so many dragonewts died, I don't think they'd willingly produce immature eggs. They'd be much more likely to lay true dragon eggs, I feel, replacing the dragons that could have been, rather than replacing the poor, stunted things that were born before they should have been. If any new dragonewts were born at the dragonrise, they would've been laid by former dragonewts who'd ascended quite recently, and somehow found the feasting ground of the dragonkill a good place to mate.
  15. Since the Green Dragon reportedly only settled down around 1469 or so, it's possible that the aforementioned Lord Green Tongue may have been laid by it if he was born in 1450. Maybe the 19 year gap is a little big, but time probably doesn't matter much to dragons.
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