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    Got interested in RPGs sometime in 2014, then my dad gave me his old copy of Runequest 2 so I wouldn't kill my wallet buying D&D.
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  1. This sounds like an awesome way to represent how gods and heroes, through increasing their power, are ultimately subject to losing their free will as their runic affinities take over. I know there were a few heroquesting rules back in the day that incorporated stuff like this, but the new rune system sounds a lot more smooth and intuitive. I'm anxiously waiting for July 1st.
  2. Well they're underworld creatures and thus have no boundaries on what magics they can use unlike other otherworld beings. Their masters use sorcery, but the horses can do whatever they like. At least, whatever they like that Jeff approves as canon.
  3. I asked about this before, and no, none of the core rulebooks for HW/HQ1 are available as pdfs (at least legally), and Chaosium has not shown interest in making them available for purchase.
  4. "Trollpack" is HQG "Trollpak" is RQ
  5. Skills like housekeeping and farming are probably not basic adventuring skills, and probably are more like optional skills (a la Mythras' professional skills), or they're taking a leaf from RQ2 and implementing the "if a skill isn't here, you can make it up" rule.
  6. "Initiate of [Deity]" is not an ability, you just write it down next to the rune which you've initiated to the god with, and use that rune as an "Initiate of [Deity]" type keyword when it's needed. Abilities and Breakouts cost 1 Hero Point each when bought. If a keyword seems to imply a certain characteristic then you can treat it like a breakout if you want. If the player thinks that sneaking around would be something that a hunter would do and that this is one of the things which their character did as a hunter than by all means use it as a breakout. In the core HQ2 rulebook (Not HQ:G), there are guidelines for how to adjust difficulty based on how many consecutive victories/defeats the PCs have had, I suggest you look into those if you haven't already.
  7. Players begin with one elemental rune of their choice. Orlanthi males will most often have the storm rune, and women earth, but it's not mandatory.
  8. I must ask: why a dragonewt cult? (sorry for killing the joke but I'm actually confusticated on this one).
  9. I'd do it, but I'm both out of town and ineligible for the Cult. Darn.
  10. Well these aren't quite warships, they're basically giant Altoids tins with a motor. They're probably used mainly by peasants who wouldn't have access to elemental-summoning magic, but would have access to plenty of wood to burn.
  11. They're both from the mongoose era. Left is communication, right is metal.
  12. As a Lego enthusiast, this, though probably impossible, would be incredible for Glorantha.
  13. Sure, that's fine. @soltakss
  14. Version 1.0.0


    For archive and reference purposes I have taken the liberty of making all (or at least most) of the free to download material for Hero Wars and Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha available here. Feel free to use it for inspiration in your own games or just look at it in curiosity and/or hatred. And the site apparently doesn't like file or .zip uploads. Ah well...