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  1. I feel like I should probably expand on a few things in my original post. Starting with the "distance, time, target" stuff, all that's supposed to be is general guidelines for determining what's credible for a spell to do. It's just an in-world thing to consider for the credibility test, not a new mechanic. I'm not trying to add a whole new complex subsystem for spell parameters and magic power and stuff like that, just trying to put in some boundaries for effects for the sake of players who don't feel comfortable creating magical abilities with few to no guidelines or understanding of what th
  2. Here's some notes I made for how I'd probably handle Gloranthan magic in Questworlds, attempting to hybridize HQG's magic with how RQG treats it and some things Ian has mentioned. They're rather incomplete, and I get that several people prefer HQG's systems already, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out here and maybe start some discussion on how other people have/will be handling Gloranthan games under the new rules, if they're not just using HQG still. General Magic Adulthood initiation serves to awaken your dominant rune affinities. For most people this is only one, the elemen
  3. Oh sure a Yelmite could definitely be pulled in to the role of Yelm. Them trying to mess with what Orlanth tries to do though is such a horrifyingly chaotic thought I shudder at what the consequences would be. The point of the LBQ is that Orlanth and Yelm resolved their differences and allied to create a world where everyone could live. Either side disrupting that means a violation in the foundation of the Great Compromise, and nobody but the most insane, evil illuminates would want that.
  4. Yelm is tied to illumination somewhat, both due to his authority over both life and death and because Nysalor is often seen as a piece of Yelm. Based on what Jeff's said elsewhere, it looks like it's intended that Illuminates are the only ones who can use Yelm's powers to their fullest. Mastery in RQG represents "heroism" more than "authority", which is why Orlanth has it while Yelm does not. They're both sovereigns, but that power is accessed through their other runes. The runes are far more than just fancy powers, they have a profound impact on a character's personality and o
  5. Dara Happan Yelm in RQG won't have Stasis. If you have the cult compendium, it'll probably be closest to how he's presented in there. Basically it's the same general structure and magic as the Grazer cult, but without Golden Bow and adding the Imperator subcult, which gives access to certain important spells like Resurrection and Command Griffin, to name a few. He also gets far more associate cults in Dara Happa, which is to say basically the entire solar pantheon plus a good chunk of earth gods and maybe a water or two.
  6. Part of the point that me and I believe kr0p0s are trying to make is that those Horali would not know Enhance STR, and even if they did they could not manipulate it. Learning sorcerous spells is the domain of sorcerers who have trained for years to master runes and techniques. There are limited exceptions in the form of cult secrets like Open Seas, but, because it can be cast without knowing runes and techniques, that can't even be manipulated unless the caster is a sorcerer. It's been established that non-Zzaburi use Rune and/or spirit magic, and any sorcery they need is cast by Zzaburi who h
  7. They're mostly Kethaelan/Kerofinelan I'd wager if we're talking the Praxian temple, since they came from the EWF (assuming I didn't fail my history check). Maybe a few Pelorians, but they're probably so mixed in it doesn't matter. Yelmalio and Ernalda seem to be their dominant gods, and the structure of Sun County society doesn't really lend itself to Lodrili villages anyways.
  8. You said "in Runequest, all magic is of one of three types". I was responding to that part by stating things which don't fall into any of those three categories. I wasn't trying to say they were types of caste magic, just that they were neither sorcery, spirit, nor rune magic. That's not handwaving, that's how the designers have said it's being treated. Dormal's cult teaches Open Seas to all initiates, which is a sorcery spell but can be cast without knowledge of runes and techniques for 9mp, with no manipulation allowed unless the caster actually is a sorcerer who knows its runes and
  9. Open seas is a cult secret of the Dormal cult, and the fact that non-sorcerers can even learn it has been said to be a unique accomplishment of his iirc. What is Dragon Magic? Illumination? The innate abilities of certain magical creatures? Are they sorcery, spirit, or rune? There is a ton of magic outside the sorcery/spirit/rune division. What reason do you have to believe that it's sorcery though? The other three castes already use rune and spirit magic, why can't it be based on those if it has to be based on one of the three? And why can't it be something entirely unique?
  10. The current approach seems to be that sorcery is the domain of the Zzaburi alone, since with the exception of Dormal's Open Seas spell you need knowledge of runes and techniques to cast any, and those are only taught to wizards. From the two examples we've gotten hints towards (the Zzaburi and Talar), I think it's more likely they're just passive abilities whose power varies based on Rightness. The Zzaburi probably can store MP up to their Rightness, and I wouldn't be surprised if it increased their Free INT some as well (which I think would account for the abilities of an NPC sorcerer we've s
  11. How extensive will the rules booklet be? I'm assuming it'll at least be as extensive as the quickstart, but will it have anything on things like experience, or regaining Rune points?
  12. You'll probably be able to use the maps, handouts, and adventures at least, and maybe the rules booklet will be good as a quick reference for some things.
  13. Eurmal is a god of disorder, not change. He didn't create new things (though he did discover death), he just broke things. It can be argued that that's a form of change, but only a limited form, as Movement is change for the better as well as for the worse, or change for neither. Orlanth is the Orlanthi god of change, not Eurmal.
  14. I don't think he had Issaries connections, but he was a Larnsting so he was very closely connected to Movement.
  15. >Shargash >Not a martial cult I beg your pardon?
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