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  1. Richard S.

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    Okay. That must've been added in 3 cuz I don't see it in the spell description in 2. My bad, carry on.
  2. Richard S.

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    Going from the RQ2 rules at least (never had or read RQ3) you do have to be able to see the focus to cast the spell without an SR penalty, and other people can use it considering all it is is a little symbol that helps focus your mind,you butu're right on everything else. It's matrixes that have spells implanted in them, but those don't have limits on who can use them or where they can be either.
  3. Richard S.

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    Are you taking about spell foci? The only benefit they gave was that if you didn't have one on hand for the spell you were casting it took an extra 5 SR to cast.
  4. Well I'm sorry but there's not much anyone can do about that and complaining about it definitely ain't gonna change the facts.
  5. The quickstart is designed to introduce people into the game via the introductory adventure and premade adventurers, not to be a complete ruleset, and is in fact perfectly usable for what it was intended for, which is playing the adventure within. The release date has been kept vague on purpose as they actually don't know exactly when they'll be ready to release it. Last year they said it would be released first by Gen Con and then by Christmas, both of which never happened and caused a lot of upset, a situation Chaosium wants to avoid so they aren't telling us exactly when it will release.
  6. Richard S.

    Has there ever been a Collected History of...

    Well there was the whole Yelmalio/Elmal controversy.
  7. Judging from some of the terminology I'd assume it's only for D&D stuff but I actually think some of this could be fun in RQ.
  8. Richard S.

    Battle magic

    If you're looking for more battle magic I'd suggest checking out the cult compendium. It has cult write-ups for all those cults you just mentioned.
  9. Richard S.

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Maybe they were just added on to by the EWF?
  10. Richard S.

    Other Runes

    Maybe you could provide pictures as I don't have that don't installed so can't see the runes. I'd assume they're probably HW or HQ1 runes.
  11. Richard S.

    Reversed runes

    Nah. I believe @Jeff said in another thread that rune direction doesn't matter.
  12. Quick question: how often and how soon will we be getting some of the early access art and stuff?
  13. Richard S.

    Runequest 1978

    Ah, okay. I was going by what I've heard and my own assumptions. Thanks for clearing that up.