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    Got interested in RPGs sometime in 2014, then my dad gave me his old copy of Runequest 2 so I wouldn't kill my wallet buying D&D.
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    A 6 player RQ2/Classic campaign in Glorantha (3rd age Dragon Pass).
    A solo campaign for my brother using D&D 5E in a non-specified generic fantasy setting.
    A TfT game run by my brother with two other players, set in a generic fantasy world again.
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    A bit of a geek, amateur writer, enthusiastic gamer and Gloranthaphile.

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  1. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    But it was still a pretty powerful weapon, able to shoot an are far farther and more accurately than a crossbow. However, you needed biceps of steel in order to draw it properly.
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Any child in their right mind would be absolutely horrified.
  3. 1652 Great Flood

    Both they and the Triolini they're allies with want more food.
  4. New RQ Designer Notes - Part 4

    Yeah, basically exorcism.
  5. Can Warding be abused this way?

    Behold: the hamster wheel of doom.
  6. Can Warding be abused this way?

    Warding is secretly the nuke of Glorantha: just get a bunch of high-level priests to pump it full of magic points for huge size and power, the fly it over a city.
  7. A Magical Economy

    Does it have to be? Glorantha is, before all else, a world for having fun and gaming in. You may not be satisfied with a vague, handwavey, "It's magic so it works" approach, but YGMV so all power to you in your own headcanon. What is presented to the general public doesn't have to be logical and scientific, it just has to provide something that's fun and entertaining. So, please, let's get this back on topic shall we?
  8. A Magical Economy

    I think what he's trying to say is that our laws of physics and science don't apply in Glorantha in the "canon". Now YGMV, true, but we're discussing this in the context of the world presented in the GtG.
  9. A Magical Economy

    I agree, but remember how expensive these spells are. If we look at the RQ spell list most spells average around 1000-1500 Lunars to learn even at a basic level. Considering how much money the average peasant makes, it's unlikely they'll be running around with access to more than the most minor of spells, and certainly not anything close to our average adventurer's arsenal.
  10. The Metals of Acos, or What Bertalor Knew

    What document is all this referring to?
  11. My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Lovely gaming aids you got there but... well, I don't speak French.
  12. Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

    This is a very thought provoking topic. I feel that I agree with Joerg, that fresh water is water that was separated from the ocean, and therefore hungry, and ocean water is satiated and filled with salt. Of course, this gives us another elemental triplet, though the uses of the subrunes are up to debate. This raises another question for me, are the other elements a "triplet" as well?
  13. Stats for NPCS: Starbrow, Fazzur, Argrath, etc

    And how is this bad?
  14. Dungeons & HeroQuest

    I'd think that for running a D&D styled HQ campaign it would make sense to switch to the older way where HQ resistance were representative of how skilled the character was.
  15. Troll wind Lord.

    Or it's even simpler than that cuz you're playing RQ2, where the cult is open to all beings who breathe air