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    RPGs (duh), history, fantasy, sci-fi, music, lego, a handful of animes, and one open slot that changes every few days.


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    Started off with RQ2 when I was about 14, then became obsessed with the whole hobby. I've GMed a 3-year RQ2 campaign, a few Questworlds one-shots, The One Ring, and a few sessions of RQG, and played The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and FATE Core. I'd like to run or play HQG, Band of Blades, and Pendragon, but there just ain't enough time (and I'm scared of asking for players from the strangers of the internet :P).
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    Playing in a CoC Dreamlands game and a D&D game, the latter mostly to help a friend get his GMing feet under him. I'm also in a Dark Heresy campaign, but we haven't been able to meet for a while and one of our players found out he doesn't like long campaigns, which may not bode well since if he leaves that leaves only two players. My characters are Bashir Al-Arrad, an Arabic refugee with high aspirations in the Dreamlands; Tanner, a battlemaster fighter with a dark destiny and a conspiracy to solve; and Torsta Hed, a mechanicus with a little too much interest in forbidden technology.
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    Plano, TX
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    I like reading, thinking, and claiming I like to write. Currently trying to finish up my college apps and find scholarships. Also looking for some form of income, possibly in the RPG field if I can ever sit my ass down and actually finish one of my ideas/projects. History, lego, music, and general sci-fi/fantasy are other interests.

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  1. Yes, but now that they do exist and are incredibly good, useful, enriching mechanics, it's frustrating that they're locked out of common use simply because they weren't in the BGB. What is the point of preventing creators from putting them into a new game as long as they don't use them to completely clone a Chaosium game, especially since they aren't very tightly bound to their settings.
  2. I wasn't proposing cloning any of Chaosium's games. I am perfectly fine with their IPs staying their own. What I am annoyed about are the restrictions on, specifically, the mechanics for Passions, Augments, and Pushing, three rules that in no way shape or form would threaten Chaosium's IPs by their use in other games and settings and in fact would enrich other games immensely, as they are some of the simplest and most effective narrativist rules for D100 games I have come across, and if I attempted to make something "unique" to fill the gap then it will inevitably be more more convoluted and complex than works for my game. My issues lie solely with the fact that I cannot use those specific three mechanics and publish my system under the BRP OGL, despite the fact that there is nothing else in it that even comes close to infringing on the mechanics of CoC and RQG.
  3. I think the point that Theodis was trying to make was "why make it with the BRP liscense instead of another one that lets me do the exact same thing with less restrictions?" What do I get from BRP that I don't from some other D100 OGL like Openquest or Legend or Lore 100?
  4. Yeah, it would be really cool to have some more information about it. I believe Greg even considered setting the western supplement for RQ2 back then.
  5. This looks well and good enough, though I do have some similar concerns to others about prohibited content, namely Augments and Pushing. Why are these prohibited? They aren't defining features of the games they belong to, and would hugely benefit any BRP game, yet creators who want to do similar things are now forced to come up with less logical, unique ways. This is especially frustrating to me, since I'd already written them into a project I was working on.
  6. Fair enough, I can see your point. I was just speaking from the perspective of a player/GM with a tight income, but there are points to be made on the producer side as well. We want them to stay in business after all!
  7. The price is, honestly, the biggest concern for me, especially if we want to be more inviting to new people. Putting such a useful supplement at such a high price can be a bit of a bar for some people, though it is what it is now. I do wonder whether it would have been better to release smaller "regional" books, such as one for Peloria, one for Dragon Pass, one for Prax, etc. I ain't a business person though so I don't know if that would even be economically feasible.
  8. There are books in the works for the east, west, and south. The reason we're seeing so much for the north central region is because that's what we have the most material on - much of the stuff for other areas has to be pieced together from limited notes or straight up created on the spot. It doesn't help that the team doing Glorantha stuff is extremely small and involved in multiple projects at once, so there's not many resources to go around. It's a little frustration that we have to wait, but we know that it is coming at least. And just think, if they did include all the other regions' pantheons in the book it'd end up a three or four volume set, and many of the cults would be useless without write-ups of the cultures they belong to.
  9. I think the closest you'd come to a separation of church and state would be in the west, where the rulers don't necessarily have to be religious figures as well. Of course it's not total separation, but the church and state don't always work completely together.
  10. If you're thinking of Inora, I believe she was Air and Stasis last I checked.
  11. Damn guess I'm a spirit worshipper now, time to go and get myself some crucifix charms
  12. Sorcery spell inscriptions are described as being done via a ritual enchantment. Does this mean they follow the rules for enchantments, and you can do things like sacrificing POW to let more people than yourself use it?
  13. You say that until the God Learners use their almighty Runequest Sightâ„¢ to prove that the moon rune is just two stasis runes stapled together over a light rune.
  14. It's useful, yes, but incredibly difficult. If you desperately want to resurrect your comrade, just get them to a healer within a week. The lightbringers quest can grant incredible powers beyond simple resurrection - the gods offered Argrath anything in the world, and the cosmos nearly broke when they could not meet his request. Failure is disastrous, bringing chaos into the world and most likely killing the questers - Kallyr's quest severely injured the entirety of Sartar and ended her reign prematurely. You don't undertake it lightly. I don't believe there's been any super detailed step-by-step quests but we know the basic stages and obstacles. I believe either the Book of Heortling Mythology or King of Sartar should have a decent outline which you can flesh out. I'd imagine it would be one of the most variable quests, since it takes place during a time of unparalleled chaos and goes across the whole of the world and underworld.
  15. If they're strong in harmony then I doubt they'd be drawn to Eurmal in the first place. Donadar is the choice for harmonious illusionists already. A strong Harmony affinity in a trickster would have to be something that emerged during play imo.
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