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    Started off with RQ2 when I was about 14, then became obsessed with the whole hobby. I've GMed a 3-year RQ2 campaign, a few Questworlds one-shots, The One Ring, and a few sessions of RQG, and played The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and FATE Core. I'd like to run or play HQG, Band of Blades, and Pendragon, but there just ain't enough time (and I'm scared of asking for players from the strangers of the internet :P).
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    Playing in a CoC Dreamlands game and a D&D game, the latter mostly to help a friend get his GMing feet under him. I'm also in a Dark Heresy campaign, but we haven't been able to meet for a while and one of our players found out he doesn't like long campaigns, which may not bode well since if he leaves that leaves only two players. My characters are Bashir Al-Arrad, an Arabic refugee with high aspirations in the Dreamlands; Tanner, a battlemaster fighter with a dark destiny and a conspiracy to solve; and Torsta Hed, a mechanicus with a little too much interest in forbidden technology.
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    Plano, TX
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    I like reading, thinking, and claiming I like to write. Currently trying to finish up my college apps and find scholarships. Also looking for some form of income, possibly in the RPG field if I can ever sit my ass down and actually finish one of my ideas/projects. History, lego, music, and general sci-fi/fantasy are other interests.

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  1. Resurrection was renewable iirc, though yeah it's still nice to have a few copies. And no, Sever Spirit was not one-use (though reusable still probably meant 1/adventure unless you had multiple castings).
  2. Yes, afaik. You'd write it as "Spell X3" or similar.
  3. Depends on which kind of Heroquest it is. Pretty much every worship ceremony can be considered a heroquest of sorts, especially for the initiates, and during a this-world heroquest for the benefit of a community you may have the entire group be pulled in as supporters/other characters somehow, intentionally or not. If you play KoDP (non-canon but hits the mark on a lot of things still) you may heroquest about 1-2 times a year outside of sacred time, and the entire clan will be involved in some way. On the proportion of initiates, I believe the only number we've gotten is that about 70-80% of Orlanthi are initiates, which is noted to be abnormally high (sometimes said to be a result of them being a "heroic culture"). I'd expect on average you'd have 30-40% of a population to be initiated in places like Peloria, maybe up to 50% in some places.
  4. Are one use Rune spells really that hard to understand? They seem pretty clear to me: you cast it normally, but permanently lose the RP used, that's it.
  5. Yes, that's how it works. You just permanently loose Rune points.
  6. I highly doubt that they'll be calling out any one interpretation as "correct" either.
  7. I didn't mean that it wasn't an ordeal, mainly I meant that it was probably a religious thing done by the priests and probably wasn't done with our real-world techniques. A specialized tatoo artist just doesn't feel like something that would fit among the Orlanthi, imo.
  8. Considering the point of this is to showcase YGMV, I seriously doubt what's in this book lines up with the Chaosium canon that other RQ products use.
  9. I know a good portion of their tattoos are gained during the initiation heroquest. It's possible that there's some degree of magic involved in future ones too. Perhaps, instead of our tattooing methods, a priest simply draws on your skin and blesses it and that becomes a tattoo?
  10. While in terms of day count this is true, in reality I believe it's been said that they're approximately the same, so a 16 year old on glorantha is about the same as a 16 year old here. I think the explanation was "longer days" or something like that.
  11. I'm pretty sure it only got filled with chaos again after the god learners brought back our favorite unicorn
  12. Yeah, Mastery should cover heroic abilities based on what Jeff's been saying recently.
  13. The problem is that you don't sound like a dumdub! Take your intelligent and reasonable ideas somewhere else 😛
  14. Argrath got illuminated via talking to a dragon iirc
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