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  1. Richard S.

    What Were Stafford's Main Influences on Glorantha?

    I don't know any specific inspirations besides our general "bronze age", especially India and the Mediterranean, but probably drugs played at least a small part too if we're being honest...
  2. Richard S.

    RQiG chargen summary?

    If you mean something like RQ2s reference sheet with all the skill bonuses and stuff, no it doesn't look like there is at the moment, sadly. I'd be happy to work on one, though for obvious reasons I don't think I'd be able to fit the family history on it.
  3. Richard S.

    Greetings from Glorantha

    These sound like NPC greetings from an Elder Scrolls game.
  4. Richard S.

    Dragonspeaker Cult (First Draft)

    Thanks! You make lots of good points, especially about the lack of a really "mystical" feel. I was basing this largely off of how the Dragonspeakers were presented in MRQ1, which was mostly just a standard cult structure with slightly different magic, so probably very similar to the PoIM (which is probably itself just a glorified Hsunchen tradition). Any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I like shape shifting and all but that's not the only thing I want for my character. For starting out I was thinking that you just won't want to put any extra points into your elements, and assuming you've joined the cult you can just pump 40 of your starting points into it. Maybe I could go with replacing one of your element choices with it, I dunno. As for the power of the magic, size ≠ power all the time, just look at societies like the Puppeteers or the Larnstings, though it's true that a lot of really powerful cults will attract a lot of followers. My view was that the Dragonwalkers, while small, still have access to a great many EWF secrets which are pretty powerful, though spell balance was definitely one of my biggest challenges. Maybe I could change Dragon's Form to actually turn the character into a Dream Dragon, randomly rolled (probably putting a lot of restrictions on time extensions and stuff)? As for the Dragon's Breath point, I was trying to base it on the Lightning spell but I must've missed the Pow v. Pow roll, oops. On your Power Runes idea I did include them in earlier ideas of mine for dragon magic, either as a prerequisite for advancement or as something that actually restricts your development. Basically the goal was to balance them, with the advancement ides requiring you to have balanced a certain number of pairs to advance, and the restriction idea being that the total of your powers' differences and your elemental runes penalized your casting skill. Illumination could definitely play a part in this, as one of its functions in RQG is removing the "must add to 100%" restriction from your powers, according to the guy who summarized the rules from Nyaslor's cult in the preview GoG he got. That's a great idea! Awaken was kind of a last minute though for me, so I didn't give it as much consideration as the other spells. Thank you for the suggestion! Like I said to Joerg this is heavily based on MRQ's rules for Dragonspeakers, which heavily used transformative magics, though I do want to look into more mystical, interesting options for spells or even the type of magic, maybe something other than traditional Rune magic. How you're running it seems similar to my original idea of having the mystic advance through different "stages" reminiscent of Dragonewt castes, gaining similar powers as they do so, though later I had a theory that maybe human dragon magic was just fancily re-skinned Rune magic and scrapped the idea. Now I may want to return that idea to the drawing board, looking at all the suggestions on this thread. Anyways, thank you all for taking a look and giving suggestions, your feedback is tremendously helpful 😃. I was also looking at a homebrew cult for some Pavis-based dragon magic (https://web.archive.org/web/20010117041300/http://home.primus.com.au/arkat/estangtang.html) and it looks like it has some good ideas I may steal too.
  5. Richard S.

    Dragonspeaker Cult (First Draft)

    Hey all. I'm playing in an RQG campaign soon and got permission to have a dragon mystic character. This is my attempt at writing up a cult based on the EWF's Dragonspeaker cult, though I've made the decision of making it a regular Rune cult as opposed to making a new dragon magic system for human PCs (well I technically did that already but it was way too complicated). I'd like some feedback on the cult from people who know the game better than I do, and maybe some of your thoughts on just draconic mysticism in general too. We're not starting for a few days I don't think so I have time to edit the cult if this thread provides some good ideas. Here's the link to the doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zBNZWAq-1mRuysMhbA9TfE4UNxsD7crvsOjiAM0VOwY/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Richard S.

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    In RQG Issaries rune has been replaced by Movement and Harmony (which are its composite runes anyways) so that you only need the runes on your character sheet.
  7. Richard S.

    Spell Matrix Question

    Narl's question is about Matrices I believe, not storage crystals.
  8. Richard S.

    Specific Sorcery Spells

    This actually fits with what I know of sorcery pretty well. It's very specific, situational magic for the most part and relies on preparation and knowledge of your enemy to use effectively.
  9. Richard S.

    Spell Matrix Question

    I'd probably require casting analyze magic to know for sure, though if they knew it was a matrix they could also just try casting it. Whatever runes or other decorations are on it could give a clue too.
  10. Richard S.

    What are these runes...

    Mostal, Cold, and the Invisible God are their official designations I believe.
  11. Richard S.

    Vostor's Fire Elementals

    The spell's from the Seven Mothers right? Easy, he just uses Moon. Summon Elemental is a common rune spell IIRC.
  12. Richard S.

    Hero Wars?

    Don't worry about the timeline, KoS is probably just a bunch of documents specifically selected and edited by the Harshax's cronies to fit his vision of history anyways. YGMV, your players will drive the Hero Wars where they will and wherever that goes will be amazing. Edit: In fact it would be kinda interesting if you could keep us updated on their directions, seeing things through the eyes of a group new to the setting would be interesting and I really want to see how your dragonewt and pyromancer players work out
  13. Richard S.

    battlemat scale

    One movement unit is typically 3m². Your average human can move up to 8 units or 24m in a round.
  14. Richard S.


    I think a proper regiment of magicians would have very few non-rune levels in it. You may need to rethink your strategy
  15. Richard S.


    I'd assume small strike teams of not quite hero level assassins, but they're still experienced enough to be assigned national level missions, so probably Rune Lords. If they're part of an organized cult they're probably provided by it with special equipment and/or spells to help finish the job. You don't need a lot, they just need to be smart and resourceful.