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  1. Aldryami vs uz

    I think having the man rune just means you're descended from grandfather mortal.
  2. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    It's not that they don't have runes, it's that they're trying to suppress them so they are no longer tied to the world. However, any interaction with the world encourages the development of runic connections, including the use of magic. Maybe once they achieve transcendence they lose their connection to the runes entirely until their minds descend from Ouroboros to animate the illusory byproduct of their achievement, which is their dragon body. It is these bodies which are tied to the runes, not the true draconic consciousness which dwells beyond the world.
  3. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    You're the guy who has a dragon magic system for rq3 on your site, right? I really like this idea too, though the reason I went with my approach was partly because there's not a middle space between the rune pairs where I could put right action percentiles. And if the RQ runes do function like Pendragon personality pairs then 50/50 does imply pretty solid control over your emotions.
  4. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Well dragon magic isn't quite rune magic. As the entire point is to seperate from reality I would think that the ability to use it an entirely seperate skill. Any imbalance between powers both impairs the ability to cast and increases the risk of devolution, providing even more motivation to act extremely in an attempt to balance. That's an interesting paradox: to become balanced one must be Imbalanced.
  5. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Now I know that for posting this I'm probably going to be instantly shot down by people far more educated about Glorantha than me, as that is the nature of this community, but considering barely anyone seems willing to try and write anything about Dragonewts I figured my theory was worth a shot. So in the new RQ, we have a power rune tree similar to the personality pairs of Pendragon, correct? And if I'm remembering the Quickstart correctly, invoking a rune entails a potential bonus to it, correct? So, my theory is, based on the new RQ rules and a few articles on Dragonewts from the old Issaries site, that one -note I say one reason, not the only reason - of the reasons they behave so erratic and strangely is because every time one of their power runes is used and increases they are obligated by their religion to do everything in their power to rebalance it, to perform Right Action. And because dragonewts without spiritual balance are constantly trying to invoke runes their personality actually tend to be much more extreme than your average human's, resulting in extremely self-contradictory actions and unpredictable behavior patterns.
  6. So....

    Q2 of 2018 is when it's coming out as of their latest statement I believe.
  7. Pentan religion

    I wrote some stuff for dragon magic a while ago, maybe this will help?
  8. Pentan religion

    Would the Waertagi count? Considering they practice sorcery but have also adopted various water traditions and cults. Or do you mean combined as in combined in one cult/school?
  9. Unification vs individuality?

    I've seen patterns like this between the ages and used it to develop my ideas for the fourth age, making it a mirror if the second age like the third one is a mirror of the first.
  10. Pentan religion

    I think what @Ufnal is trying to say is that in world there is a distinct difference between having a spirit bound in a charm who you must keep appeased if you want to use their powers, and having your soul attuned to your god giving you power directly from them, rather than through a lesser entity. Regardless of how similar or not game mechanics are, the two types of magic are most likely going to feel at least slightly different in-world.
  11. Aldryami Babester gori

    I liked that take on the elves and was sorely disappointed when I learned it wasn't canon. Same for the other Mongoose books. They were the most in-depth and comprehensive guides to the philosophies and cultures of the elder races to this day, yet they were eradicated from canon in one fell penstroke.
  12. i see what you did there... ---------------- Anyways, to add my own two cents, to anyone complaining about "game balance" just keep in mind that I'm a simulationist game like RQ, there are going to be certain ways of doing things, certain life choices, and certain abilities that are just better than others, just like in real life.
  13. Which rules set is this referring to? In RQ2, even though bows shot on Dex SR, it took 5 SR to draw another arrow, meaning that even with only 1 DSR (the minimum) an Archer could only pull off two shots in the 12 SR a round.
  14. Aldryami vs uz

    The MRQ Aldryami book was quite good from what I remember, though I'm not sure how much it said about their forest defences besides that elves inside their forest could use whatever runes their great tree had integrated as if they had integrated them themselves.
  15. What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    Well I actually ran RQ2 RAW for like two or three years. My players weren't that adventurous and a lot of the time we just hand waved something or other because we didn't want to find/create rules for it.