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    Plano, Tx
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    RPGs (duh), history, fantasy, sci-fi, music, lego, a handful of animes, and one open slot that changes every few days.


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    Started off with RQ2 when I was about 14, then became obsessed with the whole hobby. I've GMed a 3-year RQ2 campaign, a few Questworlds one-shots, The One Ring, and a few sessions of RQG, and played The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and FATE Core. Currently preparing to introduce my D&D group to Runequest next month and seeing how they handle it. I'd like to run HQG, Band of Blades, and Pendragon, but there just ain't enough time (and I'm scared of asking for players from the strangers of the internet :P).
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    Playing in a CoC Dreamlands game and a D&D game, the latter mostly to help a friend get his GMing feet under him. I'm also in a Dark Heresy campaign, but we haven't been able to meet for a while and one of our players found out he doesn't like long campaigns, which may not bode well since if he leaves that leaves only two players. My characters are Bashir Al-Arrad, an Arabic refugee with high aspirations in the Dreamlands; Tanner, a battlemaster fighter with a dark destiny and a conspiracy to solve; and Torsta Hed, a mechanicus with a little too much interest in forbidden technology.
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    Plano, TX
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    I like reading, thinking, and claiming I like to write. Currently trying to finish up my college apps and find scholarships. Also looking for some form of income, possibly in the RPG field if I can ever sit my ass down and actually finish one of my ideas/projects. History, lego, music, and general sci-fi/fantasy are other interests.

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  1. Richard S.


    Hm. If you had an Elmali, a Yelmalion, a Kargzanti, and an Antirian all together, what would they think of each other? I'd imagine the Yelmalion would either try to convince them they really worshiped Yelmalio or just be quietly assured of it himself, but how would the others feel about worshippers of the other forms of Lightfore?
  2. Richard S.


    Even if it's not really canon, Elmal Guards the Stead has got me thinking. We know that, for a little bit, probably directly after the dawn before they had met the Pelorians, Elmal was the primary sun god of the Heortlings. Perhaps back then he had some disease fighting powers similar to Yelm's, won from the foes he fought while guarding the stead, and after Yelm was encountered and identified as the sun those powers were gradually forgotten and the myth changed to emphasize Elmal as Loyal Thane. I'm tempted to give a "secret" association between Yelm and Elmal that grants Fight Disease, perhaps requiring some unorthodox questing through that myth. Not sure if I'd allow the same opportunity to Yelmalions though.
  3. Richard S.


    Viva la Ehilm, all your suns are the same! I'll God Learner who and what I please you ignorant barbarians!
  4. Richard S.


    Technically speaking Yelmalio is no more legitimate a name than Elmal or Antirius or Kargzant. They're all just different approaches towards the same thing: Lightfore.
  5. Richard S.


    Where are you reading that it's a condition? AFAIK it's always been interpreted as a heatless subelement of sky/fire.
  6. R20 might work, but honestly if it was me I'd try and avoid maps altogether. I ran RQ for years without a single map irl, though we did modify the system a little too be looser and more friendly towards theatre of the mind. I'll see if I can find my notes again.
  7. Richard S.


    After being up in the mountains, I think I understand why Y/Elmal/io was worshiped more for light than heat. Even with the sun out it can be pretty cold up there, Yelm 's heat doesn't make a huge difference. The light is pretty useful for not falling off stuff though.
  8. Richard S.


    I think Elmal Guards the Stead is supposed to be a story about his loyalty and purity, not a story about fighting disease. Perhaps that's what it was at one time, and the first three does certainly seem like diseases, but in the current era I feel it makes more sense that it is told to emphasize his steadfastness, especially since all the disease fighting is the domain of Chalana. Maybe Elmal, back when he was the primary sun of the Orlanthi, had disease fighting powers, but as his and Yelmalio's cults began to associate and Yelm was revealed as the sun he lost those. Teller of Lies may have also been added into the myth to emphasize that the story was now about loyalty and light, not disease fighting.
  9. Richard S.


    Why is it unspoken that it was flaming? There's nothing in there to suggest that the spear represented fire powers. Everything Elmal uses is called out for its light and brightness, there's nothing about heat. Yelmalio uses a spear too, but you don't see him burning things with it.
  10. Richard S.


    Okay, so I just read the myth as presented in the BoHM, and there are only two mentions of burning. The first one is when Elmal throws Eater of Skin into the sky, where it burns up. The second one is when he burns up Maker of Bad Growth's remains with his brightness. Neither of these require him to have fire: in the first one the burning is done by the sky, and in the second it could easily be assumed that Maker of Bad Growth has some darkness connection and therefore was destroyed by sheer light.
  11. Richard S.


    This leads into another question: are KoDP and 6A even considered canon? I know many of us use and reference the myths given in them, such as this one, but I don't believe I've ever seen an official statement as to whether those myths are even canon.
  12. Dragonewts who stray too far from the path can be reborn as dinosaurs, usually by being overcome with a single emotion (or power rune perhaps?) that determines the type of dino they become. This has been an established part of canon. These "new" dinosaurs can breed with others of their species, but are intelligent and carnivorous despite what their species norm is. Any children will be normal dinosaurs, however.
  13. Richard S.


    Finally, some useful magic!
  14. Discord definitely would work (I may already be building a server for a potential PbP of mine), but I wouldn't like to try it on Google docs - there's too much of a risk of players editing things they shouldn't.
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