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  1. I don't think I've even heard of it. What all makes it unique from the two other big D100 systems (BRP & Warhammer)?
  2. Amazing! You did a fantastic job with this and it shows!
  3. Question: I've seen a few people bring up problems with shields in this thread; what exactly are those? I haven't played using the straight BGB, and in my RQ campaigns no one used a shield, so I don't have any personal experience. Just from the quick read over I've done they seem to be alright on paper.
  4. Richard S.


    I remember back when I first started playing RQ2 one of my players wanted to play a Naga from WoW. The result was an incredible busted (statewise) earth/beast race of snake people.
  5. You forgot to mention how it was made by this site's own @Cgeist7!
  6. There are always exceptions, unusually circumstances, and just plain hand waves all throughout the lore. Nothing is completely off the table. Also, your ancestors do play a large part in what runes you get, especially in terms of elements, which is why Heortlings are generally attuned to Storm, Esrolians to Earth, Pelorians to Fire, etc. A kitori being the source of someone's darkness wouldn't be that strange.
  7. Honestly this is probably a good way to come up with sorcery spells; taking rune magic of the same rune and reducing the effect. It's even thematically appropriate since one of the goals of many sorcerers has been to prove that the gods are worthless.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly! I just started playing recently and think that it's my favourite incarnation of BRP; the simplification of combat, the normal/hard/extreme system, pushing rolls, 0-100 stats, etc. Plus, what it does leave out can be easily hacked in from other systems. After buying some of the supplements like the grimoire and through the ages, I'm actually considering using it instead of Runequest for play in Glorantha (obviously removing sanity and changing the skill and spell lists a bit though).
  9. It arrives the day before my birthday, how about that! I know what game I'm getting next now!
  10. Gods whenever I finally think this topic is dead for good y'all come right back at it a few weeks later
  11. Richard S.


    Speaking as a resident of both, they're not the most active communities, but we're pretty good about answering anyone's questions and then somehow turning that into an hour long debate!
  12. Here's some ideas for spells maybe: Kill: separate-life-man Civilise: separate-beast-man Dispel Rain: separate-air-water Break Earth: seperate-stasis-earth Hm. Y'know most spells that use power runes can be made using either seperate or combine, just switch out the rune.
  13. I honestly thought it was a sock puppet for years until I took a good look at it
  14. I smell the work of a god learner, trying to prove that you're both the same god!
  15. Yeah, but I don't really want to invest in a hardcover for a game I may never play.
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