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    Got interested in RPGs sometime around sixth grade, then my dad gave me his old copy of Runequest 2 so I wouldn't kill my wallet buying D&D.
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  1. Richard S.


    Speaking as a resident of both, they're not the most active communities, but we're pretty good about answering anyone's questions and then somehow turning that into an hour long debate!
  2. Here's some ideas for spells maybe: Kill: separate-life-man Civilise: separate-beast-man Dispel Rain: separate-air-water Break Earth: seperate-stasis-earth Hm. Y'know most spells that use power runes can be made using either seperate or combine, just switch out the rune.
  3. I honestly thought it was a sock puppet for years until I took a good look at it
  4. I smell the work of a god learner, trying to prove that you're both the same god!
  5. Yeah, but I don't really want to invest in a hardcover for a game I may never play.
  6. Is there anything new on this? I've been reading the comic for a while and wanted to check out the game, but when I went to the site I discovered it was down.
  7. Honestly I think cons are your best bet to get into a Glorantha game. There's not many open ones in the web out there from what I've seen, or even people with the time to run them.
  8. We aren't too active, but we try to be very newbie friendly!
  9. So wait, are you saying that the ritual riddling contests between Wind Lords and Sun Lords can lead to illumination? Iirc, Nyaslorian riddles are quite different.
  10. Whatever you go with, it'd probably be good to add a disclaimer that none of the myths and stories are completely canonical.
  11. Just a thought I had while skimming this thread through: instead of a floor, how about physical and social skills having a cap equal to DEX or APP x2 or x1.5 or something? It wouldn't be a huge disadvantage for people with average attributes, but if you want to get really good at certain skills then you have an incentive to build up those attributes.
  12. How would y'all go about adding a more high fantasy magic system a la D&D to Pendragon? I know KAP4 already had a magic system, but since I don't own that, and have heard it's rather slow and costly even if very thematic, I'm not too interested in using it. I was thinking that maybe magic users could have another attribute like Magic or Power or something to determine their talent and capacity for magic, which would also help avoid muscle wizards, and then also giving them different skills for different schools of magic.
  13. I don't have anything to say about tea really but I'm just happy my meme found its way here and started more discussion.
  14. Issaries uses Movement and Harmony I thought? At least those are the two runes that make up the Trade rune.
  15. Ah damn, I forgot to add the part where it gives everyone in your family tree Fetches too. And yes it does work on vampires, but the whole thing just ended up breaking the compromise and time stopped!
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