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  1. Richard S.

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    Isn't that basically YGMV ? I have a similar one: don't let canon get in the way of a good time. If your players do something that goes against the lore, roll with it, not over it. Change the world so you can play better, don't change your play so you can better fit the world.
  2. Richard S.

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    I don't know what to name it (the Stevenson principle? ) but here's one of mine: Your players may not know or care about the lore of Glorantha as much as you do. If so, don't try and shove it in their faces, this is a game, not a history lesson. Start small and build upon the world as your players encounter it, not relying on them knowing everything beforehand, and if they're having trouble or not enjoying it tone it down.
  3. Richard S.

    Physics of Runes

    Runes are not something which can be "applied". You don't "use" a rune by drawing a symbol our something, you use them by channeling the powers they represent, whether that's by casting a spell granted to you by the gods of the air, applying your knowledge of the principles of earth to raise a golem, or by making a bargain with a spirit of truth. Perhaps you may draw or sign a rune to help you remember the ultimate power you are drawing from and focus the energy, but the act of signing a rune has no power in and of itself.
  4. Richard S.

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Which pieces in the book are NSFW per say? There's a few that hint at it, but besides the pieces in the cults chapter (the cartoony-looking ones of the gods) that are meant to resemble bronze age artistic styles, there's not any pieces that explicitly show any "parts" IIRC.
  5. Richard S.

    Clanking City Paradox

    "Undone by a lack of faith in the force! And by a ridiculously short extension cord!"
  6. Richard S.

    Clanking City Paradox

    Maybe he just didn't want/need to?
  7. Richard S.

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Someone made a very minimal BRP hack for it. There's a few problems but it could probably run without much trouble: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_Dark_Tower
  8. Richard S.

    Linked Spell Shenanigans

    *Makes a Manifest Arms 10 matrix*
  9. Richard S.

    RQ vs D&D

    The way I view it (and the way I think some of the designers have explained it) is that you're pretty much guaranteed to hit, AC just tests if you actually penetrate the armor. The DEX bonus some lighter armors get could represent the opponent shifting so the blow doesn't hot as vital of a spot. The problem with this idea though is that it doesn't make as much sense when taken into account with damage being rolled separately.
  10. Richard S.

    RQG Birthday Tables

    *Raises hand*
  11. Richard S.

    That Charming Sword...

    I actually liked that book. For some settings and games it's great for adventurers to be able to go out and go toe to toe with the gods themselves, there's lots of examples of it in literature even. If you want more "traditional" gods, you can just ignore the stat blocks and references to specific powers or combat techniques.
  12. Richard S.

    Linked Spell Shenanigans

    I'll do you one better: ignite+flight matrix triggered with "FLAME ON!"
  13. Richard S.

    RQ vs D&D

    I think I misread your original comment and may have responded inappropriately.
  14. Richard S.

    RQ vs D&D

    It was something someone on /tg/ photoshopped. It's a joke.
  15. Richard S.

    RQ vs D&D

    *Tarrasque v. Starships