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  1. Maran Gor before Death

    Do you mean Babeester Gor? Maran Gor is Earth & Disorder. Babeester was Earth & Death since her birth as Ernalda's avenger.
  2. Ah, I was pretty sure it came out before, my bad. T&T's magic system was strength-point based, which is functionally the same as magic points.
  3. Valid points, but me being a stickler for accuracy I'm going to point out that organic character development, damage reduced by armor, and (technically) mp based magic were originally introduced by Melee and Tunnels & Trolls. Still, RQ certainly helped promote those ideas.
  4. Yellow elfes (Embely)

    I thought they reproduced via exploding and sending spores everywhere? Of course that little tidbit is from the Mongoose books so it's probably not canon.
  5. Yellow elfes (Embely)

    I think they're the red elves, also known as goblins.
  6. Yellow elfes (Embely)

    Tropical plants, like palm trees. They had a big empire in Pamaltela for a while until all the second age empires got screwed over. In the Godtime they covered most of the slopes of the Spike, with white being at the peak and green/brown around the base.
  7. [HeroQuest 1E] Flesh Man Common Religion?

    I think the man rune is one of the more ambiguous concepts in Glorantha. It can stand for mortality, the human body, ancestors, and/or civilization depending on how you look at it, but in RQ2 it says that some races/cultures use it to refer to "slave" or "food" as well an I know that in P:GtA Pavis' Man Rune affinity represents unity and harmony as it allows his cultists to foster unity between, crossbreed, and control to a degree the man-rune races within Pavis. Personally IMG, I like the idea of it standing for sapience, considering all intelligent creatures (besides the draconic races) seem to possess the human shape, at least partially. And while there are sapient beasts out there, I believe it's said in Anaxial's roster that such animals are around one in a million. That knowledge/intelligence aspect also plays into the ancestor portion as well, considering one of the main reasons (in my understanding) that ancestors are contacted is so they can pass on what they knew to their descendants.
  8. Actual I'm pretty sure it's been said that Gloranthan lightning is orangish rather than blue, as orange is the color of storm. Blue represents rain and/or storm's victory over water I believe, and white is the color of clouds and silver, the metal of the middle air.
  9. I think the halos may have something to do with illumination, although I haven't seen the sourcebook yet so I'm not sure.
  10. Griffin Mountain returns for RuneQuest Classic

    What exactly are the differences between this and the Glorantha classic version?
  11. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    My softcover has the lines
  12. Gloranthan Battles & Warfare

    And this is why my homebrew Glorantha wargame isn't done yet.
  13. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    So what you're saying is that they only use their left brain? Interesting.
  14. Perpetual Spirit Magic

    If you were a shaman with a lenient GM I would say you could make a matrix and then have several spirits powering it, enough so that one would have time to recover MP's while the others keep the matrix running. Of course, that would require a butt load of spirits and there are probably more efficient, practical, and broken ways of doing it that I don't know about.
  15. Bronze Chainmail

    Well Gloranthan bronze isn't actually real bronze anyways, that's just an easy way to identity it.