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    Got interested in RPGs sometime in 2014, then my dad gave me his old copy of Runequest 2 so I wouldn't kill my wallet buying D&D.
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    A 6 player RQ2/Classic campaign in Glorantha (3rd age Dragon Pass).
    A solo campaign for my brother using D&D 5E in a non-specified generic fantasy setting.
    A TfT game run by my brother with two other players, set in a generic fantasy world again.
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    A bit of a geek, amateur writer, enthusiastic gamer and Gloranthaphile.

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  1. A Drunken RuneQuest

    Any one of these the is a viable contender.
  2. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    It is true that the hit location chart is not entirely accurate, but the truth is that "realistic" combat systems simply take to much time and effort to build and play. Sure, I agree that certain weapons and armor should have different bearings on what's Hit, but in the end it ends up boring the majority of the intended audience and being a hassle for the GM.
  3. Heroquest 2 vs Heroquest Glorantha and SatarKoH

    There's really not much noticable difference. It's just that HQ:G standardized some optional rules. HQ2 will work fine for your non-Gloranthan needs.
  4. QS/Intro ?

    Nope, but there's a lovely little topic on here that serves the same purpose:
  5. Hibernation

    Aha! So there are practical reasons for doing things in Glorantha!
  6. Sky Temple in Nochet

    Some sort of generic sky temple then? Though even if it is really big for a non-solar culture I wouldn't bypass the Yelm idea.
  7. Sky Temple in Nochet

    I would guess either a Yelm temple or someplace for Dayzatar mystics.
  8. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I kind of miss the old RQ2 one with the Runes in it but this new one is looking done, even if it reminds me of the Mongoose one.
  9. Elder Races as PC's?

    I'm not sure if this is in the canonical Gloranthan but in the old Mongoose books the Assume we're said would be perfectly willing to work alongside Takers as long as they did not upset the balance of life and death. Or something like that, I'd have to check.
  10. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

    From reading your HQLite rules (which I assume you are referring to) they seem not to different from the current HQ rules.
  11. Using magic repeatedly

    I would voice my opinion but I also have an aversion to being lynched.
  12. Runequest is for giants

    That's what I was thinking, which would make them 3x1x1 and better fit the shapes described In RQ2.
  13. New RuneQuest Design Note, #17

    On the topic of the design notes, these sound like really good changes that keep the original feel of the game but speed things along nicely. I know that when I tried implementing the original Rune Point rules in my game, some players just straight up ignored their rune spells entirely as it was too much of a chore to look through them all. Probably the only thing in the RQG I'm concerned about is RP recovery rates. If I'm guessing correctly, I believe that Initiates can only get back their RPs on high holy days? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems a bit harsh if most adventurers can only regain RPs once a year. I have one player who, despite everything I tried to discourage him, wanted to play a D&D style Wizard right off the bat. Of course, he was (and still is) pretty ignorant of how RuneQuest works, and after finally letting him have a go at an Irripi Ontor sorcerer he got bored and suicided.
  14. RQG "augmenting" a roll

    This sounds like an awesome way to represent how gods and heroes, through increasing their power, are ultimately subject to losing their free will as their runic affinities take over. I know there were a few heroquesting rules back in the day that incorporated stuff like this, but the new rune system sounds a lot more smooth and intuitive. I'm anxiously waiting for July 1st.
  15. Where can one find stats for a Nightmare?

    Well they're underworld creatures and thus have no boundaries on what magics they can use unlike other otherworld beings. Their masters use sorcery, but the horses can do whatever they like. At least, whatever they like that Jeff approves as canon.