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    RPGs (duh), history, fantasy, sci-fi, music, lego, a handful of animes, and one open slot that changes every few days.


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    Started off with RQ2 when I was about 14, then became obsessed with the whole hobby. I've GMed a 3-year RQ2 campaign, a few Questworlds one-shots, The One Ring, and a few sessions of RQG, and played The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and FATE Core. I'd like to run or play HQG, Band of Blades, and Pendragon, but there just ain't enough time (and I'm scared of asking for players from the strangers of the internet :P).
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    Playing in a CoC Dreamlands game and a D&D game, the latter mostly to help a friend get his GMing feet under him. I'm also in a Dark Heresy campaign, but we haven't been able to meet for a while and one of our players found out he doesn't like long campaigns, which may not bode well since if he leaves that leaves only two players. My characters are Bashir Al-Arrad, an Arabic refugee with high aspirations in the Dreamlands; Tanner, a battlemaster fighter with a dark destiny and a conspiracy to solve; and Torsta Hed, a mechanicus with a little too much interest in forbidden technology.
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    Plano, TX
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    I like reading, thinking, and claiming I like to write. Currently trying to finish up my college apps and find scholarships. Also looking for some form of income, possibly in the RPG field if I can ever sit my ass down and actually finish one of my ideas/projects. History, lego, music, and general sci-fi/fantasy are other interests.

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  1. Ah, sorry if I came off as rude. I spelled and said Nysalor as Nyaslor for years so I was legitimately worried I was wrong about Horali too.
  2. Wait, shouldn't that be Horali? Or have I just been misspelling it all this time?
  3. A campaign set in the wake of the Hero Wars, where the players have to deal with the problems of a new age and help the other survivors recover, a la the Theyalan missionaries.
  4. Argath (well, one of them) is basically confirmed to be a reincarnation of Arkat, especially following Belintar and Sedenya/Jar-Eel's conversation in Prince of Sartar. It's possible that he, or someone acting in his name, is one of the Arkats of Ralios.
  5. inb4 they release the Red Book and it's just a stack of notecards with spell descriptions written on them
  6. I saw the thread name and I was like "ooh is someone trying to put together a Gloranthan movie watching night?" and now I'm sad. All the suggestions are cool though, I've only seen Bahubali part 1 but I'll check the others out.
  7. That's the dwarves who go into battle in full unenchanted iron. The west has a lot of iron compared to central Genertela, sure, but not even close to enough to armor up every Horali with it. Remember that literally every soldier, from city guards to tax collectors, are Horali. I do imagine the Zzaburi spell them up before battle, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they have no magic of their own. Even if they don't have sorcery, we know in Seshnela at least most of them are part of warrior animal societies which are basically thinly veiled Hsunchen cults
  8. So am I right in assuming that this will be covering not just the modern warfare of the west but its history as well? There's a lot of sketches dated pretty early on at least.
  9. The Third-Eye Blue clan teaches their sorcery orally I believe. In cases like that each song is probably a grimoire, with separate sections being the specific spells. It's also possible to learn sorcery spells individually without a grimoire, which is harder but probably doesn't always need a book either. And yes, each caste is supposed to know some sorcery appropriate to their work I believe, though the Zzaburi are the only ones who fully understand the principles behind it and who can do anything more than small blessings and cantrips. I'd also imagine that outside of the ur-western society that is Brithos most non-Zzaburi would also use Rune and spirit magic, perhaps even moreso than sorcery, as it's much easier to learn and use, and in the case of farmers especially it's valuable to have an actual working relationship with the land (aka its spirits and gods), rather than simply bending it to your will.
  10. Well, there must be some unfortunate reason for the "never bathe" geas
  11. I've seen them fairly often. Any system with a bunch of disparate abilities can benefit from them, since they mean you don't have to go flipping through the book every minute or so to remember what something does. Even just a sheet of paper with spell effects summarized on it is nice, but for systems with a whole lot of spells a deck can sometimes both look and feel nicer to use.
  12. Richard S.

    Gods of stone

    This brings up another question I've been wondering: where are the mines? Maybe it's talked about in the guide and I just missed it, but where does all the metal come from and who mines it?
  13. Richard S.

    Gods of stone

    Mostal is called the god of stone by most people. I don't know if he's actually worshipped by humans, but that's his title among them. You do make a point though, save for nonhuman cults like Flintnail or Mostal there's not many gods of mining or masonry. I think at least one of Lodril's sons is associated with building cities - in fact I'd say the whole solar pantheon is to a degree - but you'd think there'd be someone doing that job in Dragon Pass too.
  14. Air, beast, chaos, disorder, earth, fertility, cold, harmony, infinity. Man, luck, law, mastery, dragonewt, light, plant, moon, magic. Spirit, communication, stasis, fire/sky, water, dragon, truth, undeath/hunger, death. Movement, undeath/hunger, metal, illusion, shadow, heat, fate, darkness. I labled two of them undeath/hunger because I'm not sure which is which, though the first one is now used for both (hunger is like a vampire's desire for blood or a ghoul's desire for flesh, not just a rumbling stomach). Metal and the second undeath/hunger are both unused, I'm pretty sure they were leftovers from MRQ or HQ1 when that font was made.
  15. I think the only picture we have of them is from Anaxial's Roster. Personally I think they'd be a little more human, without as much fins and scales, but probably still pretty hairless and with webbed digits.
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