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  1. They can still use all the other archery spirit magic though, so losing one spell isn't a huge blow. I don't see a problem with that. The geas on Yelmalians is just that they can't learn spells like that.
  2. Y'all are getting way too worked up about this. You're all making assumptions based on a single piece of art and an out of the way comment, in a document that's probably not even in its final form, for a ruleset that won't be out for months. Chill out, geez. It's not the end of the world regardless of what happens. Also, this has really gone far beyond the supposed topic of this thread...
  3. This all looks really cool! Could someone more familiar with the system give a rundown as to what looks different in this edition? Off the top of my head it looks like the skill list is smaller and passion bonuses are smaller, but I'm not the most well versed with Pendragon so I'm probably missing some stuff.
  4. This reminds me of how I've heard Ringworld worked, with a broad skill that you can train up to a certain percentage and then have to branch out into specializations of. This has a lot more branches though. It looks interesting, and if your players are cool with it I think it'd be a neat experiment to use, but I also can't help but think that it seems a dreadful lot to remember.
  5. Man and Beast start at 50% too, in a pair like the power runes. But really, it's best not to try and infer Gloranthan reality from one set of game rules.
  6. Most people would have Fertility 50%, I would think. Sure it ain't high, but it ain't low either.
  7. Isn't he the source of Kallyr's star brow though? Or at least the star gives her some connection to the pole star.
  8. If I've previously bought the HQG pdf, can I still get the price of that off of the discounted hardcover?
  9. There may be some deep mythological connection that I haven't pieced together yet, but personally I think the connection is simply because they both look serpentine. Shapes have power in Glorantha, as demonstrated by the Runes, and so when two things both tend to have long slender bodies with wide heads and some teeth the cosmos is bound to say "ooh there's a connection", even if there's nothing relating them beyond said similarity of form (at least nothing that isn't also shared by most other animals).
  10. >Last post was from 2008 This isn't just normal thread necromancy, this is a full LBQ resurrection
  11. To be completely fair, KoS doesn't explicitly say that the connection is completely severed. Sure, several gods get killed in an LBQ (but is it a true death or can they get better?) and "the way that the gods and mortals communicated was altered", but the idea that the gods are just not a thing in the fourth age is, in my opinion, a rather unfounded assumption.
  12. Keep in mind you can train skills as well, which is more reliable than learning by experience at lower level. So yes, while a new spell would have a very low starting percentage, the expectation is that you'd spend a while practicing and training it.
  13. Earth Witch and Kolat are spirit cults in RQG so you could be an initiate of both Kolat and Orlanth, or a priest of Orlanth and an initiate of Kolat. It doesn't look like priests of spirits can be initiates of gods though.
  14. Does Dara Happa acknowledge/have the Golden Bow subcult of Yelm?
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