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  1. I don't have anything to say about tea really but I'm just happy my meme found its way here and started more discussion.
  2. Issaries uses Movement and Harmony I thought? At least those are the two runes that make up the Trade rune.
  3. Ah damn, I forgot to add the part where it gives everyone in your family tree Fetches too. And yes it does work on vampires, but the whole thing just ended up breaking the compromise and time stopped!
  4. Fetching Arrows The Fetching Arrows consist of a set of six arrows of extraordinary craftsmanship. The head of each is heart-shaped and made of an unidentified, gold-colored metal. The heads are also carved with intricate yet inexplicable runic designs and embossed with various animals, ranging from ladybugs to falcons. Cults Hostile - any shamanic cults who learn about the arrows will probably have a strong dislike for them and their users. Knowledge Automatic - they can be activated simply by using them as regular arrows and shooting or stabbing someone with them. Few - there are only six known to exist. History These arrow-shaped charms were carved from the remnants of a star that fell from the sky during the gods war and used by the desperate community where it crashed to survive the darkness. With the dawn of time, most the arrows remained hidden in the far north where the star fell, though it is believed that two have made their way south. Procedure None. There is no known way to make more of the arrows. Powers The power of the Fetching Arrows is to awaken an individual's Fetch, regardless of whether or not they possess any shamanic training, immediately and with great trauma. A Fetching Arrow will activate when shot or stabbed into a victim and dealing at least 1 point of damage. Upon activation, the spirit of whoever it damaged will automatically be flung through the spirit world, undergoing extreme trauma in mere seconds as their untrained soul is forced through trials beyond their comprehension. Afterwards, if they survived, the victim will probably be unable to understand or remember fully what happened during their awakening. During their awakening, the victim will lose 3D6 POW to their new fetch; if this brings their POW to 0 or less the victim instantly dies. If they survive this, they next must make a POWx3 roll in place of the Spirit Dance roll a shaman would make, though using the same table. The victim does not face the bad man, and so gains no taboos, but also gains no more gifts other than the one free one. What free gift they receive must be determined by the gamemaster; usually it is Materialize Fetch. Unless they have gone through a shamanic apprenticeship beforehand, the victim will probably be unable to take advantage of the benefits a normal shaman has, due to a lack of knowledge of the spirit world and the unnatural way in which they acquired their Fetch. Value Selling one of the arrows to someone who had no knowledge of their power would probably only fetch a few clacks, maybe more on account of the excellent craftsmanship and beauty of the arrow. To someone who knows of the arrows' properties, though, they could fetch anywhere from 1000 to 2000 Lunars.
  5. At the rate you're adding new cults, we aren't going to get the book until the next edition of RQ comes out!
  6. What types of logistical issues?
  7. So I just bought the sourcebook and the part on the warlocks and the SMU really stood out to me. Now I'm thinking of doing (or probably just planning out) a campaign where the players are warlocks, but considering that an average magician regiment has 30-60 members and the average bodyguard unit 500, it's a tad large for an adventuring party. How would y'all go about having warlock characters or using the SMU in your campaigns?
  8. I wouldn't say there are any that are totally "fake", but there are definitely cults in which the worshippers get little to no return for their investment while the priests secretly use their followers energy for themselves. The EWF in its latter years was a great example of this from what I've heard.
  9. Of course, you can also have comics where the whole length of it is just a combat.
  10. He can still augment with his water rune I think.
  11. Well that's cool. It looks great so far, I can't wait to see the finished product! (but I'm probably gonna have to wait a bit more)
  12. I didn't even know there was a companion! Someday I'm gonna have to buckle down and buy all this old stuff just to see what all I've missed.
  13. 👀 are these actually pages from Questworlds?
  14. It's not RQ, but there was a (semi?) official writeup for HQ1. You may be able to pull some from that. Serdrodosa.pdf
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