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  1. Yeah that's been the vibe I got from them for a while too, but the revelation to me that cults are present in Malkioni lands and are where many non-Zzaburi get their personal magic shook that perception up a little, so I'm no longer sure.
  2. So does this mean Rokari-dominated areas actively suppress cults?
  3. Well let's look at his geases: vegetarianism, no armor, love horses and earth, celibate, etc... Yeah, I think it checks out.
  4. It did have CoC stuff too, yeah, and the hero wars stuff shouldn't have been affected. If it was intentional I hope they give us a reason soon. I already bought most of the books I wanted from it but it'd be unfortunate for it to be gone for good. I hope it was just a mistake of some sort, though the fact that things like the ILH are harder to find on DTRPG now makes me worried (you can still find them with a search, but they're no longer in the Heroquest category on Chaosium's page).
  5. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/greg-sez/aldryas-own-story/ This at least lists them as children of Halamdrya, distinct from Aldrya's children.
  6. I thought the white elves were children of the elven sun god?
  7. AFAIK all the stuff he cut out he claimed was additions by the God Learners and not part of the original. And to be fair, he does have a little bit of a point, since the abiding book was really just put together by a bunch of wizards handpicking the stories that fit their beliefs. "Mundane Explanation The Abiding Book was put together by the early God Learners, and was indicative of the work they would later do on a larger scale. Admittedly, they were probably under the divine guidance of Malkion, but they selected the stories that most illustrated their monotheistic revelations
  8. Hm. Alright. Forgive me if I'm missing something incredibly obvious, but how exactly is Seshnela an oppressive, evil, unplayable place comparable to the Galactic Empire? I haven't delved too much into it, to be fair, but from what I've read in the guide and heard on Malkioni society in general from Jeff (mostly from the latest impromptu con), it seems to me that it's no worse than, say, the Lunar Empire (and people are more than willing to adventure in and be involved with the politics of that empire's heartlands). I suppose you could read the castes themselves as a form of oppression, yet as
  9. ...I don't suppose anyone would mind doing a TLDR? I feel like I really like this thread, but I can't say for certain until my brain manages to decode the arcane script y'all are speaking.
  10. Well it's good to see I already know all the dialogue I'll need for the Jonstown guards 😛 "My cousin's out fighting Lunars and what do I get? Guard duty."
  11. If we want to get deeper into mountain = law territory, when True Dragons sleep mountains often form around/above them. Sleeping/dead dragons forming the basis of a lawful universe? Maybe dragons become singular laws which are runes as they sleep, explaining their elemental associations.
  12. Even if they can't be a Rune priest they can at least be a God-Talker. Less cult support and no allied spirit (usually, maybe your player could be an exception), but they get the rest of the benefits of priesthood. Unfortunately there's not many male earth gods in general, and even less martial ones (it's likely most of them followed Genert to his death). I seem to remember something about one of them being rediscovered in Sartar quite recently, a minor earth god devoted to chaos fighting, but I don't recall his name. Currently, I think your only other option is actually Aldrya. It's a bit of
  13. Speaking as someone who's been obsessed with dragonewts since I first found Glorantha, Magisaurs don't really scratch the same "I wanna play a dragon man" itch. I get that dragonewts are difficult to use as anything but NPCs, but it would be nice if there were options for crested or beaked newts who had just lost the path and become mortal while still retaining their form, rather than just saying "play a dinosaur instead", or even some way to play orthodox dragonewts.
  14. Yeah. Generally, Kabajor is seen as the "entropic" side of the Devil/Chaos while Wakboth is the "moral" side. Of course, these aren't hard lines, and honestly they're probably just different names/forms of the same thing, but it's a common way of looking at things.
  15. I feel like I should probably expand on a few things in my original post. Starting with the "distance, time, target" stuff, all that's supposed to be is general guidelines for determining what's credible for a spell to do. It's just an in-world thing to consider for the credibility test, not a new mechanic. I'm not trying to add a whole new complex subsystem for spell parameters and magic power and stuff like that, just trying to put in some boundaries for effects for the sake of players who don't feel comfortable creating magical abilities with few to no guidelines or understanding of what th
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