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So Much to Do, So Little Time ...



Hiya All

I'm looking at what I want to do RPG-wise and I know I haven't time to do anywhere near as much as I'd like.

Close to home, I have a RQ Campaign set in Third Age Pavis/Prax that is in danger of stalling unless I can find something to inspire me.

I am working on an article for the Birchbark Chronicles for Mythic Russia that I haven't looked at for a couple of months.

A long-term project is the mapping of Prax/The Holy Country/Dagori Inkarth for an extended game of Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods that is going nowhere.

The RQ-SciFi SRD has reaced a point where it is just about complete but wants tidying up and smoothing out, but I haven't the will to look at it.

Based on the RQ SciFi SRD, I wanted to produce a small PDF that could act as a setting for a RQ SciFi/Space Fantasy game, but I keep stalling when I try to look at the big picture. I have ideas about races and cultures, about the background of humanity and where it is going, but I am finding everything else really difficult.

I've done some background work on a Medieval England RQ Setting called Merrie England and set during the reigns of Kings Henry II, Richard I and John I. I have a fair bit of background, rules to fit in and religions almost complete but it is just parts at the moment and fitting it together into a whole PDF is proving difficult.

Some old friends are talking about resurrecting an old campaign as a PBEM or occasional meet and play compaign, but I don't have a lot of time to devote to this and it is even more to do.

Add to that my website which has completely stalled and you can see that I have so much that I want to do but have so little that is likely to be completed in the near future.

Ah well, I supose I'll be able to get siomething done sooner or later, but it is slow going at the moment. I feel as though I am swimming through treacle.

See Ya



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