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Getting Better



The article for Birchbark Chronicles made its way across the Atlantic where Mark Galleotti is going to chop it up and put it through a blender to make it fit with his other articles, so that's one down.

Merrie England is, after a host of rewrites and additions, almost ready to be published. I remember why I prefer to write things for a website rather than for other people - it's a lot, lot easier. Still, I have ideas for a couple of follow-ups for Merrie England and should have them ready for the end of the year, in one form or another.

The Gloranthan Campaign is still going and seems to be back on track as the players have spawned new ideas and taken it into new directions, which is always good.

I have had some ideas about a Sci fi setting, but it might not be very original. I need to work on the SciFi SRD to tidy things up and expand/improve on certain areas. Maybe I'll do something about a setting some time next year.

My website is still stalled. I have lost a lot of interest in Glorantha, mainly because the new Glorantha is heading in a direction that I don't particularly like. For me, the future is with Alternate Earth and that's where I think I'll concentrate.

I've been sent a contributor's copy of Trade Talk 17 for the Unicorn Quest, which also appeared in something else from the Chaos Society, so that's nice. Something for nothing is always good.

Next year we have Continuum and the Eternal Con in Germany and hopefully I'll be able to go to both of those.

All in all, I am feeling a lot more positive about things.

See Ya



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