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  1. soltakss

    Human worshipping Aldrya

    Yes, but on the other hand, terms like Aldryami or Mostali just confuse the issue, as they relate to many different types of creature. So, Aldryami include Sentient Trees, Dryads, Elves, Runners and Pixies, as well as things like Warriors of Wood. Mostali include Dwarves, Jolanti, Nilmergs as well as the True Mostali, from the various castes. Uz include Mistress Race Trolls, Dark Trolls, Great Trolls, Cave Trolls, Trollkin, Hot Trolls and so on. If we are discussing particular races, using terms such as Aldryami or Uz is confusing. Better to use the term for each race.
  2. soltakss

    Cult List

    My Hero Wars Cult Conversion List contains references to where the cults appeared. I don't know how complete it is, but I thought I had stripped everything from the sources listed. The sources were: Barbarian Adventures:Sartar Rising HeroWars Roleplaying in Glorantha Rulebook Imperial Lunar Handbook 1 - The Lunar Empire Legacy of Pavis Tales of the Reaching Moon Thunder Rebels Storm Tribe - The Cults of Sartar In Wintertop's Shadow Imperial Lunar Handbook 2 Blood Over Gold Men of the Sea Champions of the Reaching Moon Orlanth is Dead Barbarian Adventures Sons of Kargzant Gathering Thunder Masters of Luck and Death Thieves' Arm Wintertop Fair Tarsh in Flames Moon Rites
  3. soltakss

    Great Runequest Campaign

    Have a look at the below, from my website. If you include that with my Hero Wars Timeline, my Pavic Story Arc and my Pavis Story Arc with Griselda, add a lot of interlinking scenarios, then you have the basis of a Hero Wars Campaign. The Super Campaign For several years I ran a High Level campaign set in Glorantha, and before that I ran as part of a multiple GM game and thoroughly enjoyed both. However, I could not help feeling that the campaign had been inherited as it had been running for several years before I started playing/GMing. There were many things which had happened that I would perhaps had handled differently had I been the GM and I would certainly have moved the campaign towards a more Heroic campaign far sooner than I did, had I been in sole charge. Since I started GMing in the mid-eighties, during the Golden Age of RuneQuest, I had access to the best of the Scenarios and Supplements. These, of course, ran out forcing us to create our own campaigns and settings. Then the Resurrection of RuneQuest occurred with new supplements and Packs appearing. This meant that some of our ideas had been superseded and somewhere wrong. However, I adapted the new material and continued regardless. What would it have been like to start a new Campaign from scratch using the best of the RuneQuest supplements, knowing all that had gone before? I started to think of what kind of Campaign I would run if I could start again with a fresh batch of players. It had to begin at low level and had to progress to high level. It would be Gloranthan and would use published sources. It would follow the Gloranthan timeline and would progress beyond the timeline. After much thought, I came up with my "Super Campaign" which sounds as though it would be good fun to run, to play and to detail. Unfortunately, it will never be run by me, but maybe someone else will give it a go. The Start The PCs are Light or Fire/Sky cultists from Pavis, probably Yelmalians but hopefully including a Yelornan, maybe a Yelm cultist, a Lodril cultist, maybe a follower of Polaris, son of a soldier, and perhaps even a nomad or two, worshipper of Sun Hawk or one of the Stars, probably from the Zebra, Ostrich or Pol Joni. The campaign starts in Pavis, just before the Lunars invade the Holy Country. The PCs are associated with the Pavis Street Gangs and run with the Sun County factions, they may even make up a gang of their own. A Lunar Agent tries to take control of the gangs and gain some power in Pavis. The Agent persuades the PCs to liberate a Lunar Artefact from Duke Raus' quarters in Pavis. They are also taken to the Rubble to visit the Yelornan Temple there, possibly by the farther of one of the Yelmalians or maybe even by the Yelornan cultist if one is present. Whilst in the Rubble they will be attacked by Chaos and shown how weak they really are. The Lunar Agent persuades the PCs to attack another gang, one highly connected, or persuades another gang to attack them. The PCs kill one of the gang members, who is linked to an important family in Pavis. As punishment, and to get them out of the way, the PCs are sent upcountry to serve as militia in the Sun County area. The PCs join the Militia squad in Sun County, with Mello Yello, the Ballet dancing Yelmalian from the Garhound Contest and other assorted misfits. They run through the scenarios of Sun County, gaining in skill and prestige until they are seen as competent initiates. Finally, they perform the "Unbearable Lightness of Yelm" scenario which may, or may not, be their first HeroQuest. Having acquitted themselves well, they are released from their service and asked to deliver a message to a cult member in Corflu. On the way, they are drowned and are swept up in the Big Scenario from the River of Cradles pack. This means they advise the Sun Dome Templars, enter the Puzzle canal and fight Trolls when allied with a Sorcerer. At the end, of this HeroQuest, they are Friends of the River and are well-known through Prax. Towards Fame Duke Raus asks them to become mercenaries in his employ. Here they try the scenarios in the Borderlands pack. First they Scout the Land and, being Light cultists friendly to the River, they probably annoy the Morokanth. Then they rescue Jezra from the Tusk Riders. This is a good time for the Garhound Contest (unless it was performed as part of the Sun County episode). When they encounter the Five Eyes Temple they will probably act friendly to the Newtlings and be badly punished for this. If one of the party is a Yelornan who qualifies for Unicorn Rider status, this is a good time to Quest for a Unicorn. Also, they could look at the Thanatar Temple in the Wilds and maybe could even meet the Coders - how would Duke Raus react to a bunch of Lunar Agents on his lands? After the Duke's wife dies, the PCs can try the Muriah's Revenge Scenario. Having climbed Condor Crags they are asked to take the Condor Eggs to Giant Land to be passed to the King of Dykene. At this stage they should be nearing Rune Level, certainly they should have a few Acolytes amongst them. They could well have performed a number of HeroQuests, maybe against Muriah and the Thanatari and would be famous throughout Prax and Pavis. At Gonn Orta's Castle, they would be met by the King of Dykene's man and would be persuaded to join him as mercenaries. As Duke Raus has released them from his service, they should try this as steady employment is always a good thing, especially as they would be taken on as officers and elite. Now, things become interesting. The King of Dykene wishes to expand his territory at the expense of the Kings of Trilius and Elkoi, the Elves and Trolls of the Elder Wilds and even the Hunters of Balazar. However, Dykene could be overthrown by an experienced band of adventurers, especially Fire/Sky cultists of a Heroic bent. Will the PCs free Firshala and HeroQuest to spread her cult? Will they drive Yalaring Monsterslayer from Trilius? Will they help the Elven Yelmalians? Are they politically astute enough to cope with the Lunars of Trilius? Is it possible to complete Balazar's Quest and become King of Balazar? What about the Pentian threat as they attack the Empire? Could the PCs even cross the mountain and attack trolls or find treasures in Snake Pipe Hollow? What about using their Water Connections to sail the Black Barge through the Hollow into the Rainbow Mounds and maybe into The Upland Marsh and link in to the Duck Pond? They could even help Gonn Orta and become Giant Friends, maybe even being able to rebuild Dykene. At some point, Zola Fel asks her friends for help in guarding a Giant Cradle. Gonn Orta's daughter must be helped pass down the River into the Ocean. Will the PCs help her and if so, would they be able to cope with fighting the Lunars, the Coders and their own friends the Sun Domers? What would they do afterwards with their treasure? What Next Where to now? They may be enemies of the Lunars and have to become outlaws. They may be able to shelter under Dykene's Wing or may have their own kingdom by this stage. They could perform the Hill of gold Quest and complete Balazar's Quest, proving their rulership over Balazar. What about their friends in Pavis and Sun County? Will they be drawn back to the Big Rubble or even exiled to the backwoods of Dorastor? Whatever happens, they have exhausted the published scenarios and will have to make their own way in the world. Here, the campaign really starts and moves towards Herodom. If only I could run it!
  4. soltakss

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    You don't say what gamed you have played previously, but there is sometimes a shift in how you run things when playing and GMing RuneQuest. Combat can be lethal, just because it's RuneQuest. There are ways around this. Some people prefer minimal combat, in fact my last Gloranthan campaign had little in the way of combat. If your players prefer going into combat then make Healing available - Let them have Healing magic, have a Chalana Arroy Temple nearby for the PCs to be healed, use Healing Potions, allow Resurrection for PCs who have died. Let the Players learn tactics and use them, although this takes time. Use "stupid" NPCs who don't always over-optimise everything, let NPCs use poor tactics, forget about all their abilities and so on, not everything needs to be a Total Party Kill. PCs will use Experience Rolls to quickly increase skills. As it is in RQG, you are likely to get a party that is skilled in the same sort of things, especially if they all try the same skills in each scenario. I use Experience Points, rather than Experience Ticks, so I give out a number of XPs at the end of a scenario and the players can spend them on gaining experience for a fixed number of skills, this gets them to specialise and only increase the skills they care about. Some people don't have this as a problem and, really, it only manifests when you have been playing for a long time. Introduce things slowly. Don't read five chapters of background to the players at the start of the campaign. Maybe, introduce one Non-Human race, cult or type of people per scenario, unless an NPC crosses multiple categories. So, you could introduce Bison Riders or Lunars in one scenario, Yelmalians in another and an Elf Yelornan Unicorn Rider in a third. Introducing too many things at one tends to swamp players with information. Use Cheat Sheets - RQG has a lot of tables, so put some of the tables onto sheets for the Players to use. The GM Screen is good for this kind of thing. Put the tables that you will need to use in one place, to save leafing through the rulebook. Use lookups where possible, rather than calculations. While I can do Special and Critical calculations in my head at a game, some of my Players can't, so it makes things easy for them. Don't bother working out Specials or Criticals before you roll - If you have a skill of 80% and roll 70, you know it isn't going to be a Special or Critical, so what's the point of working it out? If you have Magical Items in your campaign, then be aware that PCs will accumulate them very quickly. If you have a 20 scenario campaign and each scenario give out 1 Magic Item, then a party of 5 will have 4 Magic Items each. I don't mind that, as I like having loads of Magic Items, but some people have a problem with it. Allow things to get gross and stupid. If you have a spell that doubles damage and an ability that doubles damage, then allow them to stack to quadruple damage. So, if the PCs are fighting a troll and have an Iron sword, then that doubles damage, if they cast Truesword, that also doubles damage, if they have a Gift of "Double Penetrating Damage against Trolls" then that could double the eventual damage. So, a 1D8+1+1D4 sword with Bladesharp and Truesword could eventually do 28 points of damage, if you double penetrating damage as well, hitting something with 10 armour points could do 36 points of damage. Players love that kind of thing. I love that kind of thing, it's cool. Welcome aboard. It looks as though you have a good plan for your campaign already. That makes sense. I normally run about a third of a campaign from modules, a third from scenarios that I have written and a third from things the PCs want to do. As you run out of modules, you will run your own stuff, out of necessity, assuming you are running a long campaign. I don't know much about the RQG Scenarios, to be honest, as I haven't looked into them. From what I have heard at Conventions, there should be a number of interlinked modules that would work as a campaign. Scenarios from earlier editions of RQ should work with RQG, RQ2 works best, then RQ3, RQ4-6 would require more adapting as they use different mechanics for things like Strike Ranks. However, many of the older scenarios don't fit with RQG, simply because the dynamic has changed. Pavis & Big Rubble and Borderlands, for example, have Lunars as a big part of the campaigns, but Lunars have been kicked out of Pavis and Prax in RQG. You could always start the campaign a few years earlier and do the Big Campaign, I suppose.
  5. soltakss

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Orlanth Amourous, now there's a thought ...
  6. soltakss


    They descend from Kolat, in the same way that Darkness Elementals descend from Dehor or Subere.
  7. soltakss

    Human worshipping Aldrya

    For me, Trolls, Elves, Mermen, Ducks, Baboons, and, perhaps, Clay Mostali, are all descended from Grandfather Mortal and all share many characteristics. So, they are not alien, as they have a common "Humanity". Living Trees, Dryads, Dragonewts, Dehori, Jolanti, Unicorns, Minotaurs, many Nymphs and so on are not descended from Grandfather Mortal, so are alien in nature. So, for example, I could not even begin to understand how an Alrdyami Great Tree thinks. It is stationary, lives for millennia, is connected to the entire Great Forest, reproduces in an alien way and so on. Elves, on the other hand, are much easier for me to understand. Some types of Elf do not have females and reproduce with Dryads. Others have females and reproduce through mating as normal, but produce a seed. I don't see why they would be any less attached to their offspring than, say, a creature that lays eggs. Once the seed germinates or the egg hatches, the offspring can be cared for and raised like many other creatures. Maybe Elves are raised by the Great Forest, due to their connection with it, that makes some sense, so perhaps they have a more communal upbringing.
  8. soltakss

    Acid explanation

    Cast Shield 10 and bathe in acid.
  9. soltakss

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    Very relevant. Orlanth Aquarius is one of the ways that waves are made. There are a lot of nymphs who were Orlanth's lovers and daughters. Wave-nymphs are just one kind. Orlanth got around and shared his love.
  10. soltakss


    That is a shame, as he is one of my favourite deities. He blusters, makes a lot of noise but is basically a bit useless. He might have a big club and can fly with it, Captain Caveman-style, but he became a Husband-Protector or Ernalda and then gave her up when Orlanth returned. He's a bit of a loser, really.
  11. soltakss


    I don't think so, as Umath was not around for that long. Didn't he push Earth and Sky apart, move in a great spiral to the edges of Glorantha and then get killed by Shargash? Obviously, this was before Death, but he doesn't seem to have done much else, except father a host of deities on many different mothers. Molanni is a bad Air Goddess, the stultifying Still Air, who chokes and smothers people. Brastalos is a good Air Goddess, the Eye of the Storm, the Stillness within Movement, the Centre, whose breath calms the mightiest of storms and whose stillness enables movement around her. Gargarth the Wild Hunter is a son, or grandson, of Vadrus and is powerful in Pent, Prax and the Wastes. He is the whirlwind or tornado, the destructive storm, and is worshipped by bandits and outlaws. Urox, or Storm Bull, is the father of the Minotaurs and Sky Bulls. As you mentioned, he is also the father of many of the Founders and protectoresses of the Nomad tribes. Waha is the Cuklture Hero, but Storm Bull is the Founder. Mammals are definitely associated with Air/Storm. I am not sure who Mother Mammal descends from, though.
  12. soltakss


    In my Glorantha, Entekos was created when Umath rubbed against the Shy Dome and became a buffer between Air and Sky, keeping Umath from polluting the Sky Dome. So, she was created from Umath and Aether Primolt. Doburdan is, I think, Entekos' son, or grandson. Shargash took some Storm Powers when he killed Umath, I think he took Lightning Bolts from Umath's brain. I am not sure what he did with them, but Lightning Boy seems to have been the result, a Storm Spirit raised in the Sky.
  13. soltakss

    Acid explanation

    Our RQ2 Players prayed for criticals when being sprayed with acid, just so it would ignore their nice shiny iron armour and just burn their flesh a bit.
  14. soltakss

    Human worshipping Aldrya

    If it's one plant, then a single Warrior of Wood spell should be enough!
  15. soltakss

    best cults for Alchemists

    Chalana Arroy used to have the Preserve Herbs spell, very useful to herbalists and maybe alchemists, and the Recognise Healing Plants, or something similar, to enable them to gather healing plants as ingredients. They should certainly be able to make healing potions, poison antidotes, curatives against disease and so on. Quicksilver Mostal is obviously the best cult for Alchemists, as it had a lot of nifty spells. It is only available to Mostali, though. Lhankor Mhy is the best choice, I would think. Does anyone have any idea where the Alchemy rules will appear and how compatible they are with RQ2 Alchemy?