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  1. Although I am not Chris and I am the author of the Book of Doom, I would say that it is as useful as you make it. On the one hand, the spells are not in the same format as in Magic World and don't follow the same structure, so they are not very useful. On the other hand, if you ignore that they are Spirit/Rune/Sorcery Magic and look at the content of the spells then you could easily work with Magic World. I don't play Magic World so I am not sure how balanced they would be, but they weren't designed to be balanced for RQ either, except in my normal "thinking about spells" balancing.
  2. Every Initiate of Aldrya has an elf bow. There is a difference, not all Aldryami are Initiates of Aldrya. Many Runners and Pixies are Lay Members. Presumably an Intelligent Tree has an Elf Bow secreted in its branches.
  3. Another 5* Review for the Book of Doom, this time by Taliesin a. C. (Shiningbrow) - See, even legendary poets are buying the Book of Doom, presumably for spells such as Uplifting Anthem or Wounding Tongue. Although it says the review is not 5* it seems to be 5* on DTRPG, so I am taking it as 5* even if that is an error. Oh, and only 4 more copies to being a silver seller! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/343046/Book-of-Doom?affiliate_id=66807 Awesome book that I strongly urge every GM (and player) to purchase and use! It's a great resource not only in its own right, but also
  4. Welcome and I hope that you enjoy it. Welcome to our world ... There have been pages and pages of debate about this in various forums. Some people rigidly stick to "We can only have Bronze Age technology" Some people prefer "We have ancient technology that can be Bronze age, iron Age or early Greek technology" Some people prefer having medieval technology All I can say is that Glorantha has iron weapons for the elite, gunpowder, canons and flying machines. What I would recommend is to think of Glorantha as having a broadly Iron/Bronze Age technology with
  5. I have added this. It just fits with the formatting, so don't want to amend it much more.
  6. Looks like an interesting concept. The Red Book of Magic has Become (Other), so you could use that to change someone into a pig, using Become (Pig). In the rules it is self but you could have a version cast on someone else. You could have a new Rune spell that makes a spell's effects permanent.
  7. But it might be possible to move beyond Judaism or to use Kabbalistic mysticism in a Christian or Muslim setting. Sure, it wouldn't be Judaic Kabbalist thought but it would be part of the same thing. This is important. Achieving a deeper level of understanding or enlightenment might mean bringing back a school of thought that differs so much from the original that it is not accepted by your peers and you effectively have to start a new movement.
  8. The Snow King's Bride SoloQuest used skiing, I seem to remember, but I am not sure if that was Gloranthan. Yes, so most people hunt in groups. The lone hunter braving the cold is either foolish or heroic. Generally, if you wear the right clothing and have somewhere to hole up then cold is fairly easy to handle. I have been out in -20C and barely felt it. -30C burnt my face a bit, but a scarf or balaclava fixed that. People regularly work outside in -40C (and -40F) as long as they can get back to shelter and hot drinks/meals. I am not sure about -50C and so on, but they han
  9. I want troll gluttons who achieve inner mastery by eating as much as they can as fast as they can, to bring themselves closer to Gorakiki, or Ulerian mystics who exhaust themselves to try to see into the Void at the point of climax, or storm mystics who concentrate on feeling the air move around and within themselves. Yeah, I don't understand why everyone assumes that the only mysticism in Glorantha revolves around Illumination. They are one form of mysticism, sure, but there are others. They might. It isn't the only outcome and is a rare one, but that is possible.
  10. You should get good advice here. Whaaaaahaaaagh! True, but I don't do it that way. What I do in that situation is to move the figures simultaneously, one strike Rank at a time. Hex grids help with this, if you use them. If you don't use them then I get them to move 1 or 2 hexes per Strike Rank. So, in the Statement of Intent the Players would state that they move or that they intercept a movement. In the combat phase, I would count up the Strike Ranks and let people move their figures on each Strike Rank. If they can intercept then great, if they can't then tough.
  11. This might be of interest, although it doesn't list what the scenarios contain.
  12. can I say, if they are alive they are in deep doodah ? Of course. Cattle raiding is so full of potential doodah that it is amazing how it happens. But, it happens a lot, so people either don't care or are prepared to take the risk of deep doodah.
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