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  1. Thanks for these. It is always interesting to see how people use BRP/d100/RQ for SciFi games.
  2. 1. Yes, Earth priestesses are nothing if not pragmatic 2. Yes, of course,the Tarshite Earth temple worships Ernalda, as well as other deities such as Dendara, so they have common ground 3. Yes, Sartar and Tarsh are still alike in many ways. Although Tarsh has taken on a lot of Lunar ways, some Tarshites still have clan connections with northern Sartarites. There are still Orlanthi ideas amongst the clans of tarsh, although some have moved to Lunar ways. The problem is, in Tarsh the Earth Temple does not rule. Tarsh has a governor and a King, I think, neither of whom are friendly to the Sartarites. Orders come from above, from the Red Emperor, who is definitely not keen on Sartarite rebels. Also, making advances to the Tarsh Earth Temple will also really annoy the Tarsh Rebels on Wintertop. They have earth powers of their own and would gladly stomp all over the PCs in order to stop such an alliance.
  3. No, I don't use relationship maps. I toyed with them for a bit but they don;t help me much. One of our players loves them, though. so I sometimes sketch one to help him out, but that is a very quick map and not used for anything else. So, I suppose I do and I don't ... As a game aid, to work out the relationships between PCs and NPCs. I draw some, players draw some and we mash them together. No idea! My experiences with relationship maps is as a pretty picture than can be useful in mapping relationships. Beyond that, I am lost. I have heard of them. They are useful to a certain extent, but only as a game aid. I definitely don't understand how to use them in play to drive play. Can they be used that way? Absolutely, yes. The more advice/examples of different techniques we have help us to learn new techniques that can be used in games. Not just HeroQuest, either, they should be usable with RuneQuest and other systems as well. The relationships between NPCs and PCs are not rules specific, or am I missing something?
  4. It shouldn't matter which system you are using for the rules. If you travel through the Lunar Empire, why should the rules matter? RQ spells and HeroQuest Abilities work in essentially the same, way, at least I have always thought so. Sure, HQ allows things to be used more often, but Detect Enemy is Detect Enemy, a clan wyter is a clan wyter and so on.
  5. We houseruled this to allow multiple attacks against the same person - A high skill should mean that a master should have the advantage over a less-skilled person.
  6. See the little Elf Lord sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G
  7. This just means that dragons are not creatures ...
  8. I have noticed that these forums have become less polite recently.
  9. Is Alanthore the Bronze Sword Prophet who was mentioned in the Gloranthan Encyclopedia?
  10. We changed from Penalties to Consequences halfway through, as Penalties seemed too harsh. Obviously I didn't change it everywhere. The French line in the table should have a Penalty for Occitan. Please mention them. If they have Page xx then they are clearly wrong and we have missed them. When writing them, I use a word processor without illustrations and page numbers will not match the final document, which is why I normally don't use Page xx. I think this might have been introduced in an editing phase and wasn't caught in the proofreading. Probably best to remove ", and even if the", as I cannot remember what I was going to put there. My document has the half sentence. I probably meant to have a Consequence or Penalty to the wound, but that might be overkill.
  11. Thanks. Is Occitan so close to French as to only have a consequence? I thought it was a bit further removed than that. I hate page references in RPG books. I much prefer referring to sections or chapters.
  12. Is that a Dark Troll and a Great Troll?
  13. In my Glorantha, Bullpen is the second largest Storm Bull place, after the Block. It is a temple complex and acts as a garrison. It guards against the chaos that erupts from the Footprint. Every generation or so, some Storm Khan gets the Storm Bullers fired up and they march off to the Footprint to purge it of chaos, with varying results. Interestingly, the Storm Bullers of Oxhead also get fired up once a generation and march off to fight a crusade against Chaos in Dorastor, but they very rarely come back and, even then, don't come back the same. Queen Jab is not really connected to the Lunars, I think. Sure, they try to ally her and she could probably be persuaded to help the Lunars, but she has no loyalty or allegiance to them. At some point, chaos erupts from the Footprint and Snakepipe Hollow to assist the Lunars, but how much is through allegiance and how much is merely the manipulation of Primal Chais, I don't know.
  14. Get them to jump on a boat. They can travel along the Black Eel River, from Balazar, up to the Oslir River to Alkoth, then down the Erinflarth to Dorastor. If they pay enough, they might even be able to get a small ship that is enclosed. Dress in robes and wear masks for religious reasons, seclude themselves for some ritual and that gets around being seen. It might not be the most exciting adventure, though ...