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  1. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    You should try it ...
  2. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    Going Berserk is fine, unless you need to Parry ...
  3. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    No "Addicted to Alcolohol" is not a good Motivation. "Will go to any lengths to get a drink" could be. In any case, why should it be a good Motivation? if I had "Addicted to Alcohol" as a Motivation, then I would argue that it suits the character, whether the rules say it is a good choice or not. Rules are guidelines, nothing more, nothing less. If I have something that the rules say shouldn;t happen and yet it makes sense, then I ignore the rules. So, "Search for Aztec Treasure" is a good Motivation, yet "Search for next drink" isn't? Semantically, they are exactly the same. "When a Motivation is active, the player has voluntarily flagged it as a theme that he or she would like to place in the spotlight for that game session. ", so if I had "Can hardly resist alcohol" as a Motivation and I activated it, then I would either go and try and find a drink or I would do anything to get a drink, or possibly try to resist having a drink. What would the game effects be? If my PC had met a group of barbarians, then I could challenge them to a drinking contest and use my Motivation in that contest. If my PC is meeting a lord and saw a bottle of drink on the table, then I might try and take a swig, perhaps offending the lord. Motivations need not be good things.
  4. Our Last RQ Session

    Aye - Unfortunately, I couldn't make the convention, can't remember why, but Andrew and Stuart came back and told us about it in great detail. I would have loved to have been able to join them and taken part.It sounded like exactly the sort of thing I would have revelled in.
  5. If they had archers, do they have towers for the archers to sit in? Medieval ships seem to have gone through various changes, from low ships to long ships, then long ships with small towers for archers, then filling bits in between the towers, then bulking them out.
  6. Deities of Beer and Wine

    One of the daughrters of Eiritha might have found the secret of ferminting herd beast milk, in the same way as Eurasian people make Koumiss from mare's milk. Pentians probably do the same to make their own Koumiss. Agreed that oasis folk probably make their own string drinks from fermenting the fruits of the oases. In Peloria and Kralorela, rice wine is probably made, but would they be made by cultsts of the same deity or would each area have its own rice wine deity?
  7. Deities of Beer and Wine

    Eurmal changed blood into beer to sate Babeester Gor's rampage through Healer valley, so Eurmali can make Blood Beer that calms Babeester Gor cultists. I seem to remember someone who could make Mead who was associated with honey, but cannot remember who it was.
  8. Our Last RQ Session

    They lightning bolted Ralzakark's genitals, or what was left of them, as a parting shot and flew away. Then they spent the rest of the session planning what they would do in future. That is the nature of our current campaign - Three or four sessions of careful planning, then a session of stunning action, rinse and repeat.
  9. Prince of Sartar. Comic

    My interpretation goes something like this: Nysalor cursed the Dragonewts, but a True Dragon woke up and swallowed the curse, however the dragonewts were Nysalor's mercenaries for most of the Gbaji Wars. In the Second Age, the Golden Dragon became Emperor of Dara Happa. In the Third Age, the Red Emperor became Dara Happan Emperor and has a relationship with dragonewts both through being Emperor of Dara Happa and a manifestation of Nysalor.
  10. Stats for NPCS: Starbrow, Fazzur, Argrath, etc

    Wasn't Fazzur written up somehwhere? I vaguely remember a writeup in Wyrms Footnotes, maybe.
  11. How to stat a scorpionfolk Queen?

    A Scorpion Queen is a Priestess of Bagog, leader of her clan. So, she should have some Bagog Divine Magic, probably some Battle/Spirit/Common Magic, maybe an allied spirit and probably some chaos features. If the Queen was reborn using the Ritual of rebirth, then she would retain the weapon skills that she had before the Rebirth, so could have any weapons. If she was born a Scorpionman then she would have rudimentary weaopns, meybe a club, spear or sword. Bagogi can use their magic to transform their arms into spears or claws, so she might not need other weapons. They all have a scorpion sting, so are deadly in combat. They would have as much armour as they can get, normally through killing enemies. Scorpionmen don;t have a high level of technology, so wouldn't make their own weapons and armour. I suppose a transformed scorpionman who was originally a smith could make weapons and armour.
  12. whip as melee weapon

    A whip can still be used to strangle, at close range, or to entangle, or to trip. Someone with a whip might be able to maintain distance, by whirling it around, thuis giving opponents no opportunity to close.
  13. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    A Motivation is something that drives you. "Wants to get a fix" is a valid Motivation and is certainly not positive. "Can hardly resist a [temptation]" is a good Motivation, as it motivates the PC. If the PC sees what can hardly be resisted, then the PC will try and do/get it. The Motivation can be used in an Opposed Contest, with a RP against WIL, as the PC tries to resist the temptation. Consequences could happen as a result of the Contest. A permanent consequence would work, but a permanent consequence could well end up as a Motivation, so is a means to the same end, almost an intermediary step.
  14. Our Last RQ Session

    Well, they left a Storm Bull army in Hellwood, so they might get to find out what happened to it. At some point, Ralzakark will send people after them, but they might find unlikely allies amongst the people of Dorastor.
  15. Our Last RQ Session

    That's what I thought.