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  1. The new RuneQuest is looking as though it is very similar to RQ2. One of things I hated about RQ6/Legend/Mythras was the very small skill set, as compared to RQ2's many detailed skills. Now, having seen how revolution D100 uses an even more reduced skill set, with Traits, one of the things I hate about RQ2 compared to Revolution is the bloated skills. I would definitely use the Traits mechanic in future games that I run and in any SRD that I produced.
  2. Which cannot be a bad thing!
  3. Iwouldn't bother with both Swing Swords and Swing Bastard Sword, as skills, to be honest. Sure, have Swing Swords as a skill and Bastard Sword as a Speciality, to give a bonues, but having both is redundant. What happens if I start Swing bastard Sword at 50% and then increase Swing Swords to 60%? Does my Swing Bastard Sword stay at 50%, meaning I am worse with it than other swords, or does it rise to 60%? Sounds like a bookkeeping nightmare to me.
  4. You can play 13th Age in Glorantha with Mythras Classic Fantasy.
  5. Cults Compendium - It has a lot of mythology and God Time background, basically the ones from Cults of Prax, Cults and Terror and bits from Borderlands, Griffin Mountain and Pavis.
  6. A surprising amount of D20 stuff can be ported over to D100 fairly easily. Although D20 is a Class/Level system and D100 is a skill based system, a lot of D20 variants add skill-based things to D20. O haven't seen Big Eyes Small Mouth, but have heard a lot about it. If there are D20 rules then you should be able to port across fairly easily. Character points used to purchase Characteristics, skills and powers works, after all HeroQuest uses a character pool to build characters. That kind of system is self-balancing, to an extent, because emphasis on one area reduces the spend in other areas. That isn't necessarily something I like, but I understand it. Ah, if you are planning to publish it, that makes more sense using OGL material. You can use any OGL material with any other OGL material, as long as you reference it. In any case, I would use HeroQuest for Supers, not a D100 variant. I love D100 games but would not use them for SuperHeroes, having played Superworld for a bit it just didn;t work for me. Super Heroes with HeroQuest just works for me. It isn't crunchy but allows a lot of control over what your powers are and avoids problems with point-buy/point-spend systems.
  7. The beauty of the OGL is that it allows you to take bits from various different SRDs and merge them together, as long as all the content is from an OGL supplement and you list the Intellectual properties used. So, for games designers and publishers, it is very useful. For home brew stuff, it doesn't matter whether something is OGL or not. For my campaign, I can happily pinch bits from HeroQuest, Mythras, RuneQuest or BRP and combine them into a homebrew system with no worries that none of those systems are OGL. If I wanted to publish the rules, I would have to be a bit more careful.
  8. Is this the one with the fantastic artwork? Each character template is one page, with a wonderful picture and the skills and description on the same page? If so, it looked lovely when I saw it online a few months ago.
  9. Must be on the Blue Moon Plateau.
  10. The map looks as though it could be part of the Big Rubble, especially if the wiggly bits at the bottom represent one of the gates.
  11. I have had the pleasure of playing in one of Andrew's games in the past, so I am sure that it will be a fun game to play in. Pity that South Wales is such a long way from Birmingham.
  12. I voted softcover, as I don't really like hardcovers at all.
  13. In my Glorantha, Umath was born from the union of Earth and Sky and did lift the Shy from the Earth. My Glorantha is very mythical in nature and the myths are, more often than not, actual representations of what happened, rather than analogies.
  14. Glorantha Classics, in particular Cults Compendium, also Sartar and Sartar Companion.
  15. I saw a playtest version of RuneQuest at UKGE and it looks pretty good to me. With artwork and a nice cover it should look very good indeed.