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  1. Players in my old RQ group had a Call of Cthulhu campaign where they treated it more as a Pulp campaign. Some of them were veterans of the Great War and knew where to get hold of ex-army ordinance. They used flamethrowers, grenades, tommy guns and depth-charged the Deep Ones. There is no right or wrong way to play Call of Cthulhu.
  2. My map of Volsaxiland

    Except where they can. Trolls visit the Cursing of Kyger Litor on a regular basis. The Nights of Horror happened within Time and had HeroQuestors from other periods interacting with the event. I think that when an event is powerful enough to make a mark on God Time, it can be visited on a HeroQuest, as it is now part of God Time. Even a minor Hero can make a slight mark and his/her followers can HeroQuest to that point, as can enemies.
  3. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    Probably Shadows on the Borderlands, as it links into several other supplements and has the excellent Dyksund cave-crawl. Strangers in Prax is good because it has different people and links with Pavis. Big Rubble and the Coders. Sun County is good because it details the area very well. But Shadows on the Borderlands has better scenarios.
  4. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    The RQ3 Praxian supplements are excellent and can be used with Borderlands and Pavis & Big Rubble very easily. For a massive Praxian campaign, have a look at http://www.soltakss.com/pavis01.html as a guide to what Praxian scenarios are out there.
  5. Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    I often wonder that, myself.
  6. The Praxian Tradition

    Sun Daughter? Is that why Light Sons are forbidden to disguise themselves as women?
  7. A Uz/Kitori lullaby I wrote

    But for trollkin, it is quite normal.
  8. Brithos divided

    I don't necessarily agree that Ancestor Worship is always shamanic in nature. In Prax and among Trolls, it is, perhaps also amongst Pentians. Dara Happan Yelmites who trace their ancestors back to Yelm or other Solar Deities don't worship in shamanic terms, I would see them as having an established Family Tree that they give worship to, or they worship individual ancestors or heroes. The Clan would provide the structure of the cult and together the Ancestral clan would provide magic. Orlanthi have a very strong Clan background and identify with their Clan. It is not too great a stretch to have Orlanthi worshipping the Clan Ancestors as a whole, or as a collective, in a theistic way rather than shamanically.
  9. Mallia before joining the Unholy Trio

    Mallia as a Darkness Spirit doesn't mean that she came to the surface after Yelm's Death. Sure, a lot of Darkness Spirits came to the surface with the trolls after yelm invaded Wonderhome, but Mallia could well have come to the surface before that.
  10. [HeroQuest 1E] Flesh Man Common Religion?

    I have just re-read the Daka Fal entry that refers to Seshneg and it is interesting. We know that the early Seshnegi definitely worshipped their ancestors. The Serpent Kings, with the snake legs, had an ancestor cult due to their descent from Seshnela, as far as I am ware, but cannot remember the references. In fact, I see ancestor worship as taking many different forms: The honouring of heroes as Ancestors Individual Ancestors as Household Gods, important to the clan but not to anyone else Worship of the Clan as a whole and of individual ancestors Fitting cults/worship/whatever to whatever rules system is in use at the moment is a backwards way of doing things, in my opinion. The rules should cope with various forms of worship. So, having Man or Spirit as the core of Ancestor Worship is fine, but what effects this has should depend on how the cults work.
  11. Long spear?

    I have seen enough martial arts films to know that a long spear can be deadly in the right hands. They are even useful for poking in tunnels, but not great for squeezing round very tight bends.
  12. We are in serious danger of getting silly here. I have had a beard, moustache and been clean shaven at various points of my life, all such representations of me are correct and different. There was a spoof Glorantha Digest discussion about "What colour are Uleria's Panties?" and "What colour are Zoran Zoran's eyes?" back in the day, showing that Glorantha fans will argue passionately about anything, even inconsequential things. Nice to see that things haven't changed at all.
  13. Or are by different artists, or depict different aspects of a deity, or are from different cultures, or are from different clans. I don't like the idea that all depictions of Orlanth should be the same, otherwise why have different depictions? Orlanthi depict Orlanth as the Ultimate Chief, or Ultimate Warrior. Yelmites depict Orlanth as a barbarian upstart. Trolls depict Orlanth as a Thief. Westerners depict Orlanth as a Traveller. Which is right? Orlanth wearing Woad will be different to Orlanth the King. Orlanth the Husband of Ernalda will be different to Orlanth the abductor of Nymphs.
  14. Shaman assisting Lanbril Cultists?

    This is where it is fun to make up your own Spirit Societies. I normally play that Thieves often have their own Spirit Societies, with each Thief Clan having access to one or more Societies, some common to several local clans but some being unique. This gives each clan an edge in certain situations. You can make up these Spirit Societies, giving minor magic, without impacting on Glorantha as a whole.
  15. Gloranthan Battles & Warfare

    With two evenly matched, discplined and equipped armies, the artrival of a True Dragon, True Giant or Chaos Demon such as the Crimson Bat will throw all the wargaming out of the window. Mundane Gloranthan combat is about armies, true Gloranthan combat is about Heroes and Mega-Creatures. There is a passage in King of Sartar that describes how someone brought an army and, more importantly, a Hero. Too right, armies are a dime a dozen, Heroes are worth their weight in gold.