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  1. I just keep it really simple. Everything on the character sheet is treated the same. So a Keyword is a Keyword is a Keyword, a Breakout is a Breakout is a Breakout. There is no difference, to me, in having a Keyword of Spirit Magic with a Breakout of Bladesharp or a Keyword of Humakt with a Breakout of Truesword. both work in exactly the same way, in my games. Sure, that might confuse people used to "But, Truesword is better than Bladesharp", but that doesn't matter to me.
  2. It all depends on who rolls. Some people get Players to roll for things attacking them, to see of they can defend successfully. Here, Sorala would roll, being the Player/PC, with a 65% chance of resisting the gas. I prefer the attacking force gets to roll, whether that is the Player or the GM. Here, the GM rolls, as the gas, with a 35% chance of overcoming Sorana's CON. In that case, Sorala has tried to resist the gas and has failed, so is affected by the gas. In the second case, if the gas attacked, it would have failed and would only do half damage to Sorala.
  3. Yes, because it was cool is another good reason. In our RQ2/RQ3 campaign, Derak the Dark Troll had become a living lead skeleton, so bound three wraiths to his bones, so they would continually whirl around him, so purely as a cool special effect.
  4. Interesting, I had never thought of it in that way. so, Orlanth went to get Ernalda back and, in doing so, brought Yelm back as well. another unintended consequence of his actions. What Heat-aid have you been drinking??? An accurate one. Orlanth slaying Yelm is completely out of their knowledge/existence. The first they knew about it was when Yelm crashed into Wonderhome, burning legions of UzUz and forcing them to leave for the cruel surface world.
  5. But, you could use the same principles by assigning magical powers to the Germanic/Nordic Runes, to Ogham or to letters of alphabets.
  6. You are in the right place. Yes, you are correct. However, they use the same skills and have the same SR, so it makes sense for them being in unarmed. In much the same way that someone using a pair of knuckledusters would use a Fist rather than having a new skill of Knuckleduster. In real life or in a dream? But, yes, scratching in a fight and scratching with metal claws in a fight would use the same skill.
  7. I simply treat those as a penalty to rolls, depending on the level of fatigue. Simply being a bit tired doesn't matter. So, a penalty of -5, -10 or even -20 might apply. same applies to starvation, thirst, being ill and so on.
  8. QuestWorlds would be perfect for that. Use Runes and Passions a lot. Any Heroic age real world settings would work. Mythic Greece is coming out soon for Mythras, would be a perfect fit. The Dark Ages, Vikings, Celtic Invasions, Germanic Migration Period, all would be great for RQG. Personally, I would use the RQ3 Archetypes for cults, so Ares is a War God, Poseidon is a Sea God, Zeus is a Ruler/Storm God, Hera is a Household/Ruler Goddess, Aphrodite is a Love Goddess, Athena is a Knowledge/warrior/City Goddess and so on. Bear in mind that none of those deitie
  9. Now you have pointed it out. it is obvious, really. Thanks, I have never thought of the Holy Country in that way before.
  10. I can understand that. The best way to get more familiar with HeroQuesting is by doing it, by going on HeroQuests. Sure, some people think that HeroQuesting is for powerful heroes and nobody else should do it, and that it a reasonable point of view. Yes, and that can be a problem. For me, a HeroQuest is a myth overlaid onto reality. Anything more than that is just window-dressing or rules to allow you to do the HeroQuest. What rules are needed on a HeroQuest? None over the normal rules of the games system you are using. I say that, having written a set of rules for
  11. In RQ2 and RQ3 yes, all the while. in RQG, no, because I have only played it a couple of times at conventions. To free the points so they don't need to be stored in mind. To allow other PCs to use the spell. To allow for faster casting of the spell (we played that spells in Matrices went off at SR1, or rather DEX SR+1) For trade, but that was minor as it was easier to trade matrices liberated from the corpses of our foes.
  12. But that was the whole point of the thread, wasn't it? Godlearner asked:
  13. Take a myth, break it down into sections, work out a little scenario for each section. that's about all it really takes. I find it easy, but I have been doing it for a while. Why not? Players might say "Surely there is a myth that covers what we are about to do?", find a myth and then apply it as a HeroQuest. Yes, that takes a lot of work by the GM. Much better to get the players to do it. So what? People create myths all the while. I might have a myth about Orlanth that isn't in the RQ Rules, but it doesn't matter. A myth is just a story about what de
  14. If you wrestle an opponent, use STR vs STR. If you shoulder-barge into an opponent, trying to knock them over, use SIZ vs SIZ. If you try to pick them up and throw them over a wall, use STR vs SIZ. That's how I do it in RQ and I assume the same applies to Magic World.
  15. I do it a lot simpler, as I prefer simpler magic in HeroQuest/QuestWorlds. Generally, all spells are Breakouts. Runespells might be Breakouts of a Rune or of a Cult Keyword; spirit Magic spells are Breakouts of a Tradition, a Shaman Keyword or a Cultural Keyword; Sorcery spells are Breakouts of Grimoires, Religious Keywords or Background Keywords. Some spells might be standalone abilities, but are better off as Breakouts. standalone Abilities, for me, are just Keywords without Breakouts. If a standalone spell gets a couple of Breakouts then it becomes a keyword with those Breakouts a
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