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  1. RQG does not have Structure Points, yet. However, the Book of Doom covers Structure Points, but they are a little less than the RQ3 values. On that scale, maybe Alda Chur might have 20 point walls.
  2. Also, have a look at http://www.soltakss.com/gmap01.jpg for a map of Central Genertela
  3. Hereditas Novae Angliae domui cum domatis: What to do if you inherit a New England house with an attic.
  4. Does she get on with Rhondabarbaraannannette?
  5. Revenants are basically the same as Mummies. The RQ2 Gateway Bestiary had stats for Mummies. They are similar to RQG Revenants but have slightly less natural armour and move a bit slower, of and they have 1D6+12 POW.
  6. Muriah is written up somewhere. I am sure I have seen stats, maybe in Heroes or another supplement.
  7. Are other kinds of abuse OK? Could we list the acceptable kinds of abuse, to save time pussyfooting around what might be gratuitous? 😀
  8. Obliged to heal is an odd context. There are people that my PC just will not heal, so don't bother asking him. I would say that the bare minimum is enough. In my opinion, no. What if someone had used Shapechange Rabbit to Rock first? But, other Healers might say that it is fine. The Healer Handbook probably doesn't include it.
  9. Probably not very tasty, but Ok to eat. People in Cults have established ways of working and would be taught what they can and cannot eat. The odd worshipper who constantly questions the rules, pushes them and always looks for loopholes either makes for a very bad cultists who won't last long in the cult, or a very good one who founds their own Subcult.
  10. Oh, I know I am doing it wrong, in many ways, sometimes quite deliberately so. I just don't care.
  11. I already Hate several groups of people, form my Family History, for killing Chalana Arroy Healers. So, I have an idea of which groups of people cannot be trusted and will happily tell people that. Same with people who do not respect my role as a Healer. Their names go in the book. "Hey, you can't eat bacon, you are a Healer!" "Are you a worshipper of Chalana Arroy? have you sworn her sacred oaths? Do you answer to her High Healers? Do you know her sacred doctrine? No? Then how can you tell me what I should and should not do? Anyway, it is mock-bacon, leaves from the Little Pigglee Tree".
  12. "The deities trapped The Devil and Arachne Solara ate it, giving birth to Time". "But, who was the Devil?" "The Devil was the Devil". "But, was it Kajabor or Wakboth?" "Yes".
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