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  1. Can Warding be abused this way?

    I saw Warding being used around a U-Bend once, there was a tunnel that sloped steeply down, then flattened slowly and then sloped steeply up again, with the Warding placed just above the flat bit, so you went through and out of the Warding to get down and through and out of the Warding again to get back up, so double the fun.
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Oh no, not again! I'd hate this thread to be another ten-pager on why longbows are/aren't the best medieval weapon ever. Nobody mention slings, either!
  3. Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Just noticed that this has successfully funded. Congratulations, Paolo, I know that a hardback is a bit of a gamble at the start, due to the cost, Revolution d100 deserves a hardback edition. My better half has forbidden me to buy more roleplaying books, so all my purchases are PDFs, otherwise I would have pledged.
  4. Merrie England:Robyn Hode - Still relevant in the 21st Century!
  5. 1652 Great Flood

    Chop, chop!
  6. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    If it harmonises you with a glance, it doesn't matter what the head looks like. Original jack o'lanterns were made from turnips or mangelwurzels. It would be difficult to carve a cabbage.
  7. Character Creation - Figuring Skill Caps

    To be honest, in BRP it doesn't matter that one PC has a weapon skill of 60% and another 40%. They will both miss often enough to be happy when they hit and the 40% PC will soon gain experience to reach near parity with the 60% PC. In my experience, BRP PCs usually end up with similar skills anyway, due to the tick-chase of ticking experience points, so the fact that there are differences at the start of the game is probably a good thing. If you use RQ magic, then Bladesharp 4 increases the 40% PC to the same as the 60% PC anyway, so the problem goes away, of course if the 60% PC uses Bladesharp 4 then gets 80%, making the problem worse. Although, in theory, a BRP Wizard could get a bigger damage bonus and combat skill than a fighter, in practice it rarely happens. OK, raw skill comes into it, giving a higher Characteristic Bonus, but then the player needs to put points into skills, if the Wizard's player puts enough points into combat skills then the PC becomes a fighting wizard, in effect crossing over the boundaries. Again, this is a good thing. Wait until you see RQ trolls - In Glorantha, an Arkati Troll Wizard could well have a 3D6 Damage bonus and still be casting Wizardry spells.
  8. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    Replied to the wrong post ...
  9. What was Belintar up to?

    I missed that, thanks. I need to check out KoS again, as it has been too long since I last read it. The Flood is definitely going to happen in my campaign, unless the River Voices find a way to stop it ...
  10. Looks interesting, thanks, have copied to my Google Drive so that I can have a play around with it. Will be useful for some future projects, hopefully.
  11. Merrie England:Robyn Hode for Revolution d100 has a number of real life diseases, notable for being able to die from diarrhoea. What I did for those was to take a disease, break it down to its symptoms and then map them back to the RD100 rules. It seemed to work well. The same approach could be used with pretty much any disease, although you might need to add some new symptoms.
  12. What was Belintar up to?

    I think that a flood of the magnitude hinted at in the Hero Wars would be of the order of the floods in the God Time, those that reduced the mountains of Dragon pass to islands. A wall won;t stop that, or will delay it until it goes over the top. I agree, these floods would be catastrophic in nature and only stopped by Heroes. I don't think Orlanth's Quests would help against the blockage, rather they would help by blowing the waters back. The Thunder Brothers stopped the waters when combatting Worcha, for example, so that might allow Orlanthi heroes to temporarily stop the Flood from covering some lands. Stopping the blockage would be the best way of stopping the Flood permanantly. Breaking the ice up, perhaps by sending True Giants against it, Firebergs would work, using Kalikos might work, putting a huge object on one side to tip it over might work as well. However, when the block if ice goes into Magasta's Pool, would it reappear again, in the same manner as the Firebergs?
  13. Wind Child PC

    I'd allow it as it shouldn't be a problem. They can fly, but that is never a game-breaker. If you follow the Wind Children from the Vikings pack, they are claustrophobic, which might be a problem playability-wise. They can control sylphs, but that is only a problem if you have storm-wielders as enemies. So, no problems for me. My players have never wanted to play one, though.
  14. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Pamaltela Kralorela The West (Although Arkat keeps dragging me back) The East Isles