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  1. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    I like the idea of the Dragonewt Gap in their Personality Traits and use it in my games. So, whereas a human might have Brave 01-70/71-100 Cowardly, a Dragonewt might have Brave 01-69/70-71/72-100 Cowardly, thus introducing a gap. If the Dragonewt rolls against Brave/Cowardly and rolls inside the gap, then it has behaved correctly, according to Right Action, and can choose whethwer to be Brave/Cowardly/Neither, otherwise the Dragonewt is forced to be Brave or Cowardly and should do something later to correct actions. As a Dragonewt gains experience, the gap can increase, meaning it has more control over emotions. In my Glorantha, each Stage much challenge and master a number of pairs of emotions, in other words having a gap of 90 or more. Once those emotions are mastered it can progress to the next stage where it must challenge and master another group of pairs. A Ruler/Full Priest Dragonewt has mastered most pairs, an Inhuman King/Dragonet has mastered all pairs, so almost always follows Right Action (01 or 100 still counts as failing in this situation).
  2. Dragonrise Aftermath in Sartar

    Yes, but Tarkalor and several others also entered the Contest to marry the FHQ and lost to Mello, so mythically they were trumped. At the moment, the River Voices have put a Harmony spell over Prax and Dragon Pass, binding them all into a single unit of Harmony. All the clans agreed to join, when the River Voices kicked the Lunars out of Prax, Dragon Pass and The Holy Country, then established Harmony across the region through a number of HeroQuests and Rituals. They have installed mythic rulers of the areas, Tada for Prax, Sartar for Sartar, the Only Old One for the Holy Country and so on, but they are all subservient to the River Voices, as they brought those demigods back. Yes, he won the contest to marry the FHQ, ably assisted by his Companions. He was, of course, helped by the fact that Yelm adopted him as a son, allowing beast men following the Mello Yello cult to join Solar cults such as Yelmalio, in essence Mello Yello became a subcult of various Solar cults, Beast men would join the Mello Yello subcult and be part of the main cult.
  3. It is advertising and showcasing that people outside our little workd like the games. Nothing wrong with that. I read it and move on.
  4. Aldryami vs uz

    For me, Elves are as much influenced by the Man Rune as the Plant Rune, as they are the combination of Man and Plant, so I am not overkeen on very woody/planty elves. Runners, for me, would look like the images shown above, as they are based on the Plant Rune. Dryads would also be the same, as they are Plant based without any Man Rune Influence, but I still have the sneaking suspicion that the naked dryad bursting from a tree is how I will always perceive dryads. Pixes are just made from leftover magic and were made to make Aldrya laugh, so are not really planty at all.
  5. I was introduced to Pushing rolls at a convention and we tried and liked it. However, when we started using Hero Points, pushing became redundant and we don't use it any more.
  6. Unification vs individuality?

    It makes perfect sense to me. There are almost certainly other things at play, for example "Nobody can make me do anything", "Violence is always an option" and so on, reflecting the Orlanthi disrupting any Empire they find, but Unification vs Individuality makes a lot of sense.
  7. [RQ3] How does a Shaman travel in the mundane world?

    I see a shaman's fetch as his Spirit Self, so not a separate entity, but that part of the shaman on the Spirit Plane. So, a shaman moving on the mundane plane normally drags his fetch along, in the same way as dragging his head along. As he can see on the Mundane Plane, he can see on the Spriit Plane using his Fetch's eyes. Spirits who see the fetch could attack, in the same way that a PC wandering through trolltown could always be attacked by trolls. However, I just treat this as the Shaman seeing what spirits are nearby and interacting with them. In a town, do the PCs talk to everyone they meet? Does everything they meet interact with them? No. In the same way, most spirits will ignore a shaman walking through the spirit plane, or will treat the shaman as just another spirit.
  8. Dragonrise Aftermath in Sartar

    In our current campaign, the PCs brought back the Dragon, having freed it from the Chaos Void within the Crismon Bat. They also brought back Sartar and Tarkalor, installing them as King and Warlord of Sartar, but Mello yello is currently King of Dragon Pass, so I doubt this will be even close to canon. Basically the PCs have installed puppet kings in the Dragon Pass area and give them a good kicking if they interfere with the Harmony that they are creating in the region. I would expect the pro-Lunar clans to suddenly decide that being pro-Lunar is a bad idea, so they would chuck out their Lunar symapthisers, or those pro-Lunar clansmen would have a change of heart and say they were always Orlanthi but were trying to infiltrate the Lunars to undermine them and look how well they succeeded. When the Lunars come back, they will say how well they infiltrated the Orlanthi ...
  9. So....

    This year ...
  10. I recently realised that I only have this in Spanish, but if you want a Spanish copy then PM me your email address.
  11. Pentan religion

    I never really accepted the Three Otherworlds approach as it just didn't feel right. My take has always been that the deities are what they are and that people interact with them in whatever way they understand, so sorcerers dominate or revere them, theists worship them, animist get spirits from them and so on. The worst thing you can do in HeroQuest, in my opinion, is to have a rule that says "[Someone] cannot do [Something]", for example "Shamans cannot use Sorcery". HeroQuest is all about being flexible and doing that is just plain wrong. Troll shamans can use sorcery, Arkati can certainly use Sorcery and some troll Arkati could be shamans. Now, for Pent, some of them follow the Kargzant Tradition, which makes them animists, but I have always given animists access to Divine and Common Magic for no other reason that it makes sense to me.
  12. Aldryami Babester gori

    Yes, the Axe was an earth weapon before Zorak Zoran used it to cut down Flamal, so some Elves could use them, especially if they foreswear fertility.
  13. Aldryami vs uz

    Well, it's called the Stinking Forest because of the number of trolls there, at least it used to be.
  14. Gloranthan Art

    For some bizarre reason, "Simon Bray in a freeform" immediately sprang to mind! Sorry Simon!