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  1. Have a look at Robin Laws of Good Games Mastering, full of excellent advice.
  2. If you could apply for patents for rules, then things might be a bit different. However, many rules are rehashes of other rules, so it would be very difficult to do this.
  3. soltakss

    Legend SRD?

    No, I just use the PDFs. I do have a text format of each, which I use for lift and shift, but do not have a formatted one. It would be cool, though. The closest I have is a Legend SciFi adaption that contains a lot of the core rules and some from other supplements, but SciFi not Fantasy.
  4. The ones who don't scrape, dust, sunbathe or shower in the rain buy loads of perfume. Light Sons, however, must buy manly perfume, otherwise they would be disguising themselves as women, which they can't do.
  5. Some Yelmalians scrape their skin with a razor to clean themselves, others use dust baths and others stand bare in the sun to be cleansed.
  6. Tap Dancing is a skill, like everything else. Someone with DEX 21 who learns to tap dance will be better than someone with DEX 8 who learns tap dance, but someone with DEX 8 who has spent years learning how to tap dance would be better than a beginner with DEX 21. You can't just assume that DEX 21 means you are better at everything DEX-related. BRP is a skills-based game, so skills, and learning skills, are important.
  7. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of people who have been around for a long time.
  8. Why not? There are cities in the Sky, full of Angels and other Sky Folk. Why not cities on the Moon? The Red Emperor has a Palace on the Moon. The Lunar Immortals who can be summoned in the Dragon Pass game, sorry having a mind-blank, live on the Moon, The Crater Makers live on the Moon. I would guess that Lunar immortals also live on the Moon. They are all going to need servants, hangers-on, courtiers and so on.
  9. Yes, it is a challenge. It is also incredibly boring to roll, especially when the PCs are wearing reasonable armour. Trollkin using slings doing 1D8 damage need to roll an 8 to get through good armour, unless they critical or impale.I normally hate rolling D100 and damage at the same time, but with 20 Trollkin slinging, I would roll 1D20 and Damage at the same time and just ignore low normal hits. We normally divide targets up according to numbers, so 5 PCs and 20 Trollkin means 4 attacks on each per go, probably twice per round. Assuming you make those parries. Failing to parry might be quite bad. If it realises that you are not attacking, it might attack with another attack and forgo its own parry, so you have 3 attacks to counter.
  10. Is your next Podcast going to cover the BRP OGL?
  11. I agree. I am not sure if the various other OGLs allow the use of more than one OGL. However, people who have already produced things for those systems might be able to reskin them and produce them for BRP, as long as it isn't too close to Spirit Magic/Runemagic.
  12. Some of it is, sure, but a lot of Chthulhu Mythos stuff was written for Call of Cthulhu and isn't. But, that is beside the point. Chaosium have stipulated as part of the BRP OGL that it cannot be used to create games, or presumably supplements, based on Cthulhu Mythos works. That doesn' t mean you can't use Legend OGL , Openquest OGL or Revolution D100 OGL to produce a D100 Cthulhu Mythos work, of course you can, you just can't use the BRP OGL to do this.
  13. Yes, that's what I thought. I still enjoyed it and it gives me something to listen to when stuck in my room, working at my PC.
  14. I know, right? Gygax is clearly a made-up dwarf's name.
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