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  1. My take on the Oasis Folk is a little different to David's. For me, the oasis folk are the shattered remnants of Tada's People, the original Earth Folk of Genert's Garden. They follow Genert's Ways, but Genert was destroyed in the Gods War, so their traditions are shattered and weak. I have them as having some Ernalda worship, but only as just another Earth Spirit. For me, they follow the Genert Path rather than the Ernalda Path. As they were shattered, their beliefs and powers were shattered. This means that each oasis has its own powers, spirit cults and traditions. Each Oasis provides its people with enough to eat and drink and enough for nomads to take. This makes them look lazy, as they don't really do any farming, or if they do it is extra to what they need. if they stay true to their traditions, they will be protected and fed by their Oasis. If they do not, their Oasis will abandon them and they will become the slaves of Nomads or will be lost. Oasis Folk almost never travel, as they have all they need at their Oasis. They are seldom taken as slaves, as they are seen as lazy and are not much use outside their own Oasis. If one of the Oasis Folk gets to visit another Oasis, they will find that the other Oasis has slightly different ways of doing what they do. The myths will be slightly different, some myths are shared, some are not known at the other Oasis and the other oasis has some myths which their own Oasis does not. The names of the Spirits contacted at each Oasis might be different, but they are essentially the same beings. A well-travelled Oasis Person who visits many oases will come to know that each Oasis knows a fraction of a whole and there is more to find out. When Tada was put to sleep, like Bagpuss his people went to sleep. that is why the Oasis Folk seem lazy, as they are half asleep. The people of Prax and Pavis are affected by a sleeping disease that makes them lethargic and can put them in a coma. The oasis folk are not affected by this. If someone tries to cure the Oasis Folk of their Sleeping Disease, it instead wakes them up form their slumber. No longer lazy and lethargic, no longer fogged and slow of mind, they are now active and bright and can begin to learn the secrets of the Oases. That is my take on them, anyway.
  2. Ah, Gloranthan Adventures, not Barbarian Adventures. 😳🙄 Not a pedantic idiot at all. Looks as though I answered the wrong question. Now, on to Gloranthan Adventures ... I have not played these, using HQ or RQG. However, I can see how the scenarios would work with either system. There are some Extended Contests that might need some handwaving in RQG, but should be OK. You might need some way of keeping track of points scored in the Extended Contests. some of the combat scenes will take longer in RQG than HQ and might be deadlier.
  3. Yes. Missiles have always been underpowered. In RQ2/3, even Trueshot only works for one missile. Yelorna had a spell that was cast on the bow, not the arrows, so that was better, and Aldrya's Arrow Trance was cast on the archer, not the bow or the arrows.
  4. They are cast on a single arrow. I agree that they are not super-powerful, but adding a few points of damage might be enough to disable an opponent.
  5. Hmmm ... Great! Perhaps we can avoid sniffy little comments from writers about back material not being considered canon. I assume that everything published is canon and then resolve differences myself. It's a lot easier.
  6. You can give the elephant a mace as well, it swings it using its trunk. Its tusks can be tipped with a metal casing, meaning they do extra damage and have armour. I've seen pictures of elephants wearing chain headdresses and over the body, but not over the legs, however, I assume they can have plate armour tied to their legs. War elephants used to be fed bucketfuls of strong beer, to get them drunk, so they go into combat enraged, although these wouldn't have had a howdah on their backs, probably.
  7. Thanks, I only have draft version as a PDF, so have resisted going into it in depth, as the final version might change.
  8. It sounds as though you were very persistent. Glad to welcome you aboard. If you have any questions, please ask. We are a friendly bunch and you should get quick answers.
  9. Bread would probably be part of the ration anyway, as it is easy to make. My mother remembers taking the Sunday Dinner down to the Bakehouse on Sunday mornings and fetching it back home when it was cooked. she would pick her father up from the pub on the way back. That would have been in the 40s/early 50s. So, I would expect every area to have a Bakehouse cooking of meals etc. In Birmingham, we have Baltis, which are said to have derived from inns in Pakistan that cooked food in large iron pots, called Baltis, where people came along to eat the stew with a chunk of naan bread (Or bread bread, as it can be translated). If used in a city, that would be the same thing, a communal cooking area, where everyone comes in and eats.
  10. Would "I made it up" or "I did it in the fly" help? Normally, I don't stat up NPCs until I need them, and even then they are very rough. They might get APs, HPs, Damage Bonus, Rough Skills and that's about it. That makes things a lot easier to convert. The scenarios just run as they are, as a scenario is a scenario is a scenario. Where things need to be resolved, I just used RQ-style resolution rather than HQ-style resolution. Benefits were gained as skills, magic items or abilities. I tended to use Abilities as Keywords in RQ, so they could be used more flexibly. So, not much use really. Because the PCs were River Voices were PCs based in Prax, they didn't care about Sartar. They didn't worship Orlanth, so didn't care that he was dead. That meant that I had to adapt the scenarios, move the locations, use bits and pieces in different scenarios and basically butcher the campaign to help it fit into my own. I've wrapped everything else in spoilers, in case people haven't seen the scenario packs.
  11. Indeed it did. I loved the Cults of Prax/Terror long cult format, but also loved the sheer number of spells and information in the short Format of Gods of Glorantha. From what have seen, Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha has the breadth of Gods of Glorantha combined with the depth of Cults of Prax/Terror, so we should all be pleased. Until, of course, we get threads about "Why was this God/Goddess not included?", "Why does this cult no longer get this spell?", "Why has this spell been changed?", "This cult doesn't match fan versions" and so on.
  12. Technically, only maybe. Werecreatures are those born with the natural ability to change shape, or given the ability on a HeroQuest or Curse. Hsunchen use magic to change, Werecreatures have it as a natural ability. Some Werecreatures are born to Hsunchen, some are not. Those that are not born to Hsunchen have a difficult relationship with Hsunchen, as they are often seen as outsiders or as having stolen their powers.
  13. I'd never thought of that. He might have taken Chaos Features and become a Broo. Interesting, If so, I wonder what he was beforehand. I seem to remember that the Wild healer of the Rockwoods is not Illuminated, but I might be mistaken.
  14. Yes, I was going to make the same point. The Trollkin Curse made this a lot easier, especially with the multiple births. It might have meant that relatives of Karrg's Sons made themselves scarce at the end of every season. It could also mean that the requirement came in after the Trollkin Curse, perhaps to get rid of Trollkin?
  15. I am sure that the unfree and semifree can become free and rise in the ranks of society, after all, Orlanthi society is all about Change. However, there will be a certain amount of snobbery, at least in some quarters, that the person was born unfree or semifree. You get the situation where dirt-poor free people look down their noses at rich unfree-born or semifree-born people.
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