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    Articles in Tales of the Reaching Moon, Tradetalk and The Birchbark Chronicles fanzines.
    Merrie England:Age of Eleanor for MRQ1
    Merrie England: Age of Chivalry for BRP
    Merrie England: Robyn Hode for Renaissance
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  1. soltakss

    Sun Domers back up weapon

    Bah, you and your proof! Thanks for the reminder.
  2. Not keen on the rules and not keen on the "Chivalric Medieval Knights in the Dark Ages" vibe. I know that people rave about it, but I can't see myself running it.
  3. soltakss

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    Ah, the new guy! Welcome aboard. I didn't think that Loz had done it.
  4. There is a prize draw, or so I am led to believe. All players (Except for players who are Rune Masters) will be entered into a draw, which will be drawn at the Closing Ceremony. Darren did tell me what the prize was, but I can't remember what it was. Chaosium have been very supportive of the RuneMasters.
  5. soltakss

    Sun Domers back up weapon

    I have a real distrust of Yelmalians using short swords as a backup, as he mythically uses spears, he has never beaten up a storm god so wouldn't have taken swords from them. I'd prefer something like the Zulu stabbing spear (iklwa), as it is better mythically.
  6. soltakss

    Odayla in the Underworld

    I wouldn't. Sure, the "normal" way would be for the Odaylan to HeroQuest back to life, but that wouldn't be a HeroQuest, just an ability. By going on a HeroQuest, the Odaylan PC is helping the other PC, guiding him through the Underworld and helping him to return. As a Narrator/GM, my role isn't always to come up with ideas as to why something won't work, as players do that quite happily. Instead, it is to say that something would be difficult and assign an appropriate rating. If the players roll well, then all is good in the world, if they roll badly then they have problems. However, as it's a HeroQuest, which by definition is "Achieving the Impossible", why would I block it from the start? Instead, I'd just make the Impossible a bit harder.
  7. soltakss

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    Look at you with all this new-fangled technology. Did your son set it up for you?
  8. soltakss

    Legend, Open Content, how to continue.

    Many thanks for this. I'll have to look at the videos.
  9. soltakss

    A mask for Issaries or Donandar

    The beauty of HeroQuests is that you don't have to match exactly. In fact, sometimes you barely have to match at all. Bituran varosh was forced to play Orlanth in the Three Strikes of Anger HeroQuest in Cults of Prax, but he was an Issaries worshipper, so just being a Lightbringer was enough to step in. HeroQuesting, in my opinion, is far more about what you do than what you should be. I know that people say that you are emulating your deity and that you need to follow the HeroQuest exactly, otherwise bad things will happen, but I've been running and playing HeroQuesting for over 30 years and nothing bad has happened to me. Lacking the Movement Rune is not great for a Carting deity, but fine for a Trading deity. use another rune instead, look at what runes the PC has and use them in creative ways. HeroQuests should be dynamic, flexible things, not robotic railroads.
  10. soltakss

    Legend, its engine, and Open Content.

    IANAL and Jeff IAL, but I don't think Jeff was trying to shut down the discussion or to shut down people from producing OGL supplements. As long as d100 rules are published under the OGL and the OGL has not been successfully challenged in court, you should be OK to produce supplements or even rulesets. I certainly intend to do so and I am sure other people will. Just don't call them RuneQuest or Mythras, as they are not OGL.
  11. RuneQuestey or HeroQuest, probably, I'm too old to learn a game which wouldn't live up to my expectations.
  12. So, we've got mile long dragons, a giant bat that flies and people are wondering about the physics of using a lance?
  13. soltakss

    Runequest, Legend, Mythras, etc.

    Mythras is not OGL and, I expect, never will be. As Loz and Pete span Mythras from RuneQuest 6, it is a very different beast from Legend, which was spawned from RuneQuest 5. I am sure they will tell you why Mythras is better than Legend. The beauty of Legend is that it is OGL and you can write scenarios and supplements using it, without asking for permission from anyone. Mythras has a different licencing model and you must ask TDM for permission to publish a Mythras supplement. Again, I am sure that Loz or Pete will explain the difference and why they have, quite reasonably, gone along that particular line. I am not a Moderator (Too much like hard work and nobody would trust me to do it anyway), but I wouldn't be surprised if the thread was closed, just because Mythras is not OGL and this would be better in the Legend forum.
  14. soltakss

    Legend, Open Content, how to continue.

    Yes, as my Signature says, I am Simon Phipp and have been around for, well, a while. I first played RuneQuest in 1982 and, up to last week, played regularly. Hope to resume again very shortly. I wrote the Land of Ice and Stone supplement for Mongoose. Unfortunately, very few people seem to be interested in Old Stone Age roleplaying, which is a shame. I also wrote Merrie England supplements for Alephtar games (RuneQuest, BRP and Revolution, not Legend) and a few things in fanzines and so on. Not a lot, but enough to get started. Mongoose RuneQuest I (MRQI) was released as an OGL set of rules. All subsequent OGL d100 games are based on that OGL offering. In theory, Legend was based on Mongoose RuneQuest II (MRQII), which wasn't itself OGL, but Legend was released as OGL. So, OpenQuest, GORE, Renaissance and Revolution are all based on the MRQI OGL offering. Now, there may be some people who say that Mongoose was not entitled to release either MRQI or Legend under OGL, but it has happened and various games and supplements have been written for d100 OGL games. As for PI and Open Content, you do have to be very careful. I always check which parts of a supplement/rules book has been declared Open Content and which has not. I also am really careful over using certain terms, as terms like "Broo" were not covered under Open Content, so I wouldn;t produce stats for Broo under an OGL, I'd use Chaos Beastmen instead.
  15. soltakss

    Legend, Open Content, how to continue.

    In a nutshell, yes. As Legend is OGL, you can use it, or parts of it, or whatever, in another OGL supplement. In fact, you should be able to use bits from various OGL works together, as long as you keep the various acknowledgments. You do not need to ask anyone for permisison to use the Legend rules in a supplement, whether Loz or Pete, Matt from Mongoose or whomever. All you need to do is to include the OGL wording and the relevant copyright wording and you are good to go. It's a shame that Mongoose have not continued with Legend, as I think it's a cracking set of rules.