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  1. Probably, yes. Life - Death - Undead for those Aldryami brought back. Some cultures have souls that are reborn. I think Uz do, but I am not sure. I remember reading that souls wait in the Otherworld until they are reborn.
  2. soltakss


    Only if they could show descent, through the male line, from Yelm. Also, they need to be descended from Yelm. However, that isn't a problem as Grazelanders are usually descended from Yelm. Yelmalio is worshipped when they want a sun god like Yelm that anyone can join. I would say yes, but not perhaps for the reason you think. Elmal might not have been at the Hill of Gold, or he might have been, depending on your mythology. However, Elmali performing the Hill of Gold HeroQuest as Yelmalio gain the same benefits as Yelmalians do and have the same risks. If they win the encounter with Zorak Zoran, they gain some Fire Magic, or at least gain the ability to use Fire Magic. If they lose against Zorak Zoran, they lose all Fire Magic and the ability to use Fire Magic. I would also say that they lose the Fire/Sky rune completely.
  3. Wahay! May I say a very big "Thank You" to you excellent folks at Chaosium? Thank You! Now, for your next trick - The Gloranthan RQ3 Supplements! 😧
  4. Yes, of course, they are living, after all. I have them mating with Elves and producing a seed that is planted. Alternatively, a dryad could just spontaneously appear in a tree, in effect awakening the tree. Probably just a Lhankor Mhy Temple Guardian spirit. Perhaps the wyter just takes the form of the library itself, or is just a random collection of books, or a face appearing in a book, or a ghostly librarian, or a ghostly orangutan.
  5. Who is supposed to get such references Just got Joerg's joke, little slow today. Bolded for those as slow as me ...
  6. In practice, people normally have some kind of armour. Having played someone without a damage bonus and someone with a damage bonus, we much preferred with a damage bonus. If we had spare capacity for STR that gave the chance of a damage bonus in future we generally tried to train up STR to get that damage bonus. If not, we cast Strength to boost STR to get the damage bonus.
  7. Looks good, but is a bit hard to read. Could you put lines around the cells in the table, please? it might be useful to all the spirit Magic spells together and the Divine spells together. Ah, you might be doing that but in categories.
  8. Maybe that's where Eurmal and Humakt went when they entered the Underworld in search of Death.
  9. Orlanth was feeling tired but couldn't get to sleep. He tried fighting all his thanes to tire himself out, but that didn't work. He blew himself across to all the mountains and back, but that didn't work. He dallied with all of his concubines, but that didn't work. Eventually, Eurmal suggested that he count the clouds in the sky, as counting above 5 always tired himself out, well maybe to 10, or 11. Orlanth counted and counted, but this didn't help, but Heler parted the clouds and revealed the sheep within. Orlanth counted the sheep instead and felt himself becoming drowsy, but the drowsier he felt the closer the sheep came, until they crowded around him. Orlanth put his head on the sheep as a pillow and gathered them around him as a blanket, sleeping soundly in their embrace. When he woke up, he found Voriof clutched in his arms and gave him the task of counting sheep.
  10. Wait until you meet trolls, giants or dragons with buckets of D6s as damage bonuses. A +1D4 or +1D6 Damage Bonus really is nothing. Against someone with armour, you might do damage or might not. If they parry, then you rarely do damage. Magic has far more effect than Damage Bonus for normal humans.
  11. All from memory, Basko was a Sun God who thought he could become Emperor after Aether Primolt retired. So he dressed in fish tails and waited to challenge Yelm when Yelm came to be Emperor. However, he was so overwhelmed by the glory of Yelm that he soiled himself and fell over, so that Yelm didn't even see him as he passed by. Basko then dried up in shame and became a little seed that was forgotten. In the Lesser Darkness, the people of the Land of Ignorance found the seed and worshipped it, revealing the Black Sun, which may be a shadow of Yelm. The Blood Sun is more of a sacrificial way of feeding power to the Black Sun, I think, but I could be wrong there. The Trolls of the Kingdom of Ignorance fed power to the Black sun, as he was a Solar god of Darkness. When the Kralori kicked a load of people out, they went to the Kingdom of Ignorance and resettled it. they might even have kicked the trolls out and forced them further north towards Valind's Glacier. So, the people of the Kingdom of Ignorance worship the Black Sun and the Blood Sun. They give blood sacrifice to the Blood sun to strengthen it and it has become a greedy god, wanting ever more sacrifices. As such, they have a Mesoamerican feel, sort of like the Aztecs, with pyramids with Priests atop them, ripping out hearts and draining blood down the sides. I think that Elder Secrets had some information about the Kingdom of Ignorance and the Black/Bloody Suns. Peter has given a reference from the RuneQuest Companion. The Guide to Glorantha probably has a lot more information, but I might have skipped over that. Interestingly, the Red Emperor HeroQuests as Basko when he opposes Sheng Seleris's nephews when they try to become Emperor. He dresses in fish scales and kills them. this is important because the Red Emperor knew the myth and changed the outcome, so instead of soiling himself and escaping Yelm's attention, he killed the opponents. He could do this, of course, because he was the Emperor, so he was Yelm and could win the contest. HeroQuesting is fun.
  12. In my last campaign, I had an idea that the PCs could go back into The Void and find, or make, the Young Elemental of Storm. This would give the Lunars a way into the Orlanthi and the Orlanthi a way into the Lunars. The campaign ended before it could happen, though.
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