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  1. In the same campaign, the Lord General of Death wanted to question Derak the Dark Troll, as he showed suspicious behaviour for a Death Lord of Zorak Zoran, for example going adventuring with humans. so, he invited Derak to his castle in the Throne and brandished a Detect Law matrix and a Detect Chaos matrix. When questioned about the legality of having Detect Law, a Krarsht ability, he simply said "We use any tool in the fight against chaos". He cast Detect Law and rolled 100, a fumble, so the spell just didn't go off. Then he cast Detect Chaos and rolled 100, another fumble, so that didn't go
  2. In our RQ2 campaign, one of the GMs gave out a Detect Mountain matrix on an ENC 50 Boulder, but it only had a range of 5m. They took it around with them on a cart. They had the last laugh, though, when the same GM ran a scenario around a cursed mountain that was perpetually covered in fog and was poison to touch, but they had to find a hermit's cave. They simply carried the boulder on a sylph and kept it at 4m away by poking a long spear at the mountain, until the spell did not detect mountain, due to the cave being there. The GM was not best pleased, but saw the funny side of it.
  3. I can't remember seeing any EWF architecture in supplements. Most of it will be in ruins now, anyway. EWF society was mainly Second Age Orlanthi, although I would say urban Orlanthi, instead of the hillbilly Orlanthi that we know and love. Sure, there was a veneer of Dragon-worshippers at the top, with the mystics, but the majority was Orlanth-based. Orlanth the Dragon and Ernalda the Serpent had some influence and definitely changed some of their worshippers. There night have been some fashion changes, for example wearing clothing that resembled that of dragonewts, or w
  4. Absolutely not, but my thinking was twofold: firstly, the Orlanthi are more likely to be accepting of a chaos tainted person as it's more of an occupational hazard around there, and secondly, that bonus STR is going to be really handy against some of the horrors there. And thirdly it's a great place to go out in a blaze of glory. And fourthly there's material published there to go play. I like the fourthly ...
  5. But what if it's chocolate coated? Miracle Max would disagree.
  6. I buy all the Jonstown Compendium supplements, so you are guaranteed at least one sale. Seriously, you won't know what people are prepared to buy until you produce something. I would go with finishing a thing, although that is easier said than done. I have 3 supplements that I am working on and two more than I am sketching out, so I am the last person to comment on finishing things. Don't bother too much thinking about what people will want to buy. If you don't think it will sell many copies, be careful with how much you spend making it. Cut down on artwork costs, use st
  7. People HeroQuest very early in my campaigns, so it is quite common for newbies to save the day. For me, HeroQuesting is dangerous and scary, but is eminently doable. Other people disagree, reserving it for powerful heroes, but why should they have all the fun? The be honest, the HeroQuest system doesn't have a lot to do with HeroQuesting, both in the rules presented and the scenarios published. You can do HeroQuesting as easily using the RuneQuest rules as with the HeroQuest rules. In my Glorantha, HeroQuests are relatively common.
  8. Easy solution: Write Jonstown Compendium supplements and use them to pay for other RQ supplements.
  9. Looks Ok to me. I'd have a -30 malus for each extra multiple attack, rather than a straight 50/50 split, as that rewards high-skilled combatants better, same for subsequent parries. To be honest, combat is, for me, the least important part of a SciFi game.
  10. I just use the NPC Stats in the Classic modules. If I need a Rune, I'll just invent one, same with Passions. But, basically, if I ran the Cradle, I would use the stat blocks that are present in the Cradle. as Rune Magic uses a rune pool and Spirit Magic uses CHA, some of the NPCs in RuneMasters don't correspond exactly to what is in RQG, but again I just handwave those and use what is in RuneMasters.
  11. Ask away anyway, we don't mind. Someone might be able to point you to other, similar threads as well. As a percentile, since that is RQ through and through: RQ2/RQ Classic: 90% Compatible (Just reduce treasure by a factor of 10, remember that some skills are renamed and NPCs won't have Runes or Passions) RQ3: 80% Compatible (Just reduce treasure by a factor of 5, remember that some skills are renamed, NPCs won't have Runes or Passions and will have odd Strike Ranks, Hit Locations and Hit Points, I just use the stats in the books and let the Players tell me the location they
  12. Paolo became ill but is slowly recovering. Projects are continuing, I believe.
  13. That is a shame. Are you going to keep the audio files available to download or are you going to delete them?
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