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Midnight on the Writing Line



So having brought up Clark Ashton Smith the other day, some of the comments have been peculating in the back of my mind. I have been very focused on Skaerune' and the focus is paying off in a big way. I solved my Strike Rank / Initiative issue tonight AND have turned my new attribute Aura into a very potent and useful bit (where before it was on the verge of being out). So this makes me happy.

So, having accomplished a huge amount of work on the design doc, I prepared to log off and was letting my mind toy with other ideas when it hit me.

I am enjoying Return of the Sorcerer and I was imagining where a Sorcerer might return from? How might that be interesting? What if the battle between all the forces stretched not just through time, but through space as well? What is there was an Earth unknown to use that had been destroyed by these forces? And what if in the late 1930s these people co-opted fascism and used events to their own purpose? And what if there is a future where instead of allowing humanity to expand, Wormholes and advanced tech reveal themselves to be more easily corrupted and leads to a hopeless diaspora where colony worlds are feeding grounds for dark alien gods?

Two potential names come to mind: Princes of Earth & Time; A Tale of Three Earths. A GM could focus on one setting, but a character could exist in all three and even perhaps campaigns could swing from time to time to time. It might be wonky but it could be an interesting take on some CAS work mixed with too little Mt. Dew tonight.

I probably should not devote any time to this tonight. (Grabs notebook).


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