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Rubble and Ruin is getting better!



Rubble and Ruin is getting better! I can say this because I am getting help where I need it the most. Puck from this forum has agreed to contribute some artwork – and it is great! (At least, I like it.) He has captured my image of rubble and ruin – wasted and formless scraps of our world inhabited by rough and tumble individuals. And he thinks he can get me a laser tank for the Bestiary! Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it is the fact that I am writing up “my game” but any game with robotic laser tanks in the bestiary can’t be all bad.

Further, a very good friend of mine, and one of the original Rubble and Ruin players from back in the 1980’s has agreed to edit the manuscript. He is currently a English professor at one of the larger state universities in Thailand, and he is a longtime Runequest/C of C GM.

I just thought the world should know.

p.s. Four out of five chapters are written!


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