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I’ve got the first three chapters out to two play-testers!

I thought people might be interested in this – on the inside front cover of the monograph I have a small section called inspirations.


There are many different forms of post apocalyptic stories each with their own flavor. Rubble and Ruin focuses on only one vision of the future – the following stories most closely capture the feel of the Rubble and Ruin world:

A Boy and His Dog (Film: 1975) or the original story by Harlan Ellison

Le Dernier combat (Film: 1983) [if you haven’t seen this film, don’t worry that the film is in “French”, it contains almost no dialog.]

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Film: 1985) [if you haven’t seen this movie, then this might not be the best game for you to play.]

The Postman (Book: 1985, David Brin) [The movie version of this story removed all the cyborgs and artificial intelligence that are central to Rubble and Ruin.]

Dhalgren (Book: 1974, Samuel Delany) [The social elements of this story greatly influenced the fluid gang-structure of the rubble, even though the autumnal city is very different from the one presented here.]


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I just read A Boy and HIs Dog last week. Great story. I was wondering how the film would treat it, especially considering the rape scene perpetrated by the protagonist.

Look forward to seeing your monograph. Does it allow telephathic dogs as sidekicks, too?


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From memory, the film of A Boy and His Dog was very true to the book and didn't gloss over things. It's still a teenager trying to get laid, helped by his telepathic dog and avoiding being killed in the wastelands.

If Rubble and Ruin is anything like this it should be good.

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