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50 sub special! Giveaway!



You ever wanted to try Call of Cthulhu? Now you can, as I'm going to be giving away a PDF of my Call of Cthulhu scenario!
Dethstrok9 has just hit 50 subscribers! As a result, I have decided to do a live stream giveaway, where the prize is a free PDF of my scenario, "The Raid of Area 51", and a shout out in my next video.
Here's the plan! First you are only eligible to win if you have subscribed to my channel. We are going to make a game out of it, where we play a sort pf bingo. The idea is that you will choose 5 numbers from 1 to 20, and then I will roll numbers with a D20. The first viewer to have all five of their numbers rolled will win it all, and it's possible to have more than one winner!
Thank you guys so much for all your support, Cthulhu is so happy, he wants to devour you! Also, be prepared for our upcoming live-stream of Call of Cthulhu seventh edition game-play.
Giveaway Details! Time: 6:30-7:30 Date: 2/12/2020 Place: Dethstrok9 YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/02h3t9_hhq8

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