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yah i may have what your looking for



if your looking for specific creature stats, or other things not in the cthulhu, or brp books send me a email odds are i have something.

Ok i have some of the Terminator BRP completed so far scale comparison and some paper minis. the terminator stats are in text files. I am not sure how to upload i am new to this . So all i have is a album of images scale comparisons and paper minis 25mm scale. also t-800 fan art by me.

anyways i hope you like it. check out my terminator brp album, to see .

Also i have a Cthulhu paper minis albumb nothing special just silhouettes.

other projects: Resident evil, tradition mythological earth Gods with write ups and stats,examples: egyptian,greek,roman ,norse,native american indian,aztec,myan. etc. Also in the work some marvel comics heros such as wolverine,xmen, etc.

my deviant art page link http://therawfruityninja.deviantart.com/

oh and yes i do character schetchs for a fee,

also i have a paypal acount : rlabow@twcny.rr.com


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